Fresh Drama

Fresh Drama

Huashi TV Fresh Drama channel gives you the best Chinese dramas with ENG SUB. On this channel, you will find Chinese fantasy, romance, Chinese ancient, modern dramas. Subscribe to see more HIT dramas on your feed!

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《Always have Always will》
《Twisted Fate of Love》
《The Legend of Zu 2》

---Top suggestions for Drama Lovers 👀---

《Love in Time》
《Across the Ocean See You》
《Knock on the Happiness Door》
《My Neighbour Can't Sleep》
《Sweet Tai Chi》
《Star April》
《To Dear Myself》
《Love of Thousand Years》
《Love Better Than Immortality》
《The Twin Flower Legend》
《Ming Dynasty》
《Novoland: Eagle Flag》
《Blossom in Heart》
《Royal Nirvana》
《Mu Guiying Command》