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  • Dude, they comeback in secret fun eps 6, PLEASE REACTION AGAIN THE NEW OF THEM, 😊

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    • @Loly thank you dear 💖

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    • On my list 😊😊 be up soon! 😊😊 so excited to see it! 😊

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  • Loly, this duo is back!! Secret fun ep.6 I hope you watch that

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    • On the way 😊

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  • Thank you Loly don't forget to vote SECRET NUMBER at TTA (Top Ten Awards) ❤

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  • They try to change the sound from low notes to high notes (Dita), from high notes to low notes (voice exchange). they all have voice full range

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  • Thankyou for you reaction i'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩

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  • thank you for your reaction and don't forget to always support secret numbers

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  • Terima kasih for support secret number

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  • Lets vote secret number as rookie of the years in seoul music awards..🥰

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  • Thanks you for react. Let's see my queen I found full version Denise song

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  • Please do also reaction on K/DA VILLAIN ft Madison beer and also on K/DA , POP/Stars live worlds 2018 opening ceremony please reaction on this also and also on blackpink crazy over you song 🙏🙏🥰🥰😊😊

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    • Ill put it on my list 😊 Crazy over You is one of my favs. off the Album so Iv already heard it! 😊

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  • Wow looking very great dita 👌👌❤❤😍😍🥰🥰

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  • please reac to them on 4th november pleaseee🥰

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  • On the way to secret number comeback sister.... 11/4/2020.. I hope you can react live first MV comeback them.. 🥰🙏

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  • Our princess👑❤️

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  • Please reaction Hanging out with Secret Number (시크릿넘버) - Edward Avila

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  • Thanks for reaction❤

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    • Thanks for watching 😊

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  • Hi reaction marion jola favorit sin

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  • Congratulations to SECRET NUMBER for the award many times, new arrivals 5 hours after debut being watched by 5 million viewers, 10 days watched by 10 million viewers, winning at IDOLPICK (SECRET NUMBER Best Rookie) & IDOL CHAMP (Dita as the best dancer), VLIVE (30 , 5 million viewers during a live broadcast) & just received the TOPTEN AWARD WOW trophy. it's not wrong SECRET NUMBER will be crowned Rookie Monster 2020.

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  • YASH SN🥰

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  • Please reaction B.A.P MV - One Shot

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  • Hahaha everybody react so surprised at denise low voicee .. And this sound Q is like asmr .. Love it

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  • Gosh...!!!

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    • Yes! 💜💜💜

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  • Love secret number forever

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  • Hi i'm your New subscriber, n really like your reaction video... can you please react to secret number in Tokopedia show

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    • Thanks and welcome! Sure! 😊

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  • Please check this out and please reaction this new performance of Secret Number x Tokopedia. Holiday: & Who dis: (note: this is new cool and look sexy black and white outfit! Best outfit so far! This performance at Tokopedia TV show of Secret Number you will like that! 😁😁😁)

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  • please support SECRET NUMBER in the global top ten award (TTA), your help is very meaningful. 

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  • Number 1 - BOA dance practice

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  • Thanks loly never tired to this. Alright lets go back to TTA and vote for them

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  • Please voted secret number in TTA

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  • Next wird genius , SWEET SCAR X prince husein , thank !!

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  • Secret number as disney princess

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  • Love princess Dita and prince Denise

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  • SN princess

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  • Hi guys, please vote Secret Number on Top Ten Award. Link : Thanks

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  • Secret Number - Who Dis perform at korea baseball

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  • Hey guys. Kita lg ada rencana mau bikin grup wa baru fans SN. If you're interested, ping me: 081345900569 Buat seru²an aja. Buat yg punya channel, ijin numpang yaa 😀

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  • Princess Dita 😍😍

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  • _i see the Ditapunzel and Denise...where is her_

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  • Hi.

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  • Hi please Reaction to starbe bye Bye Drama 🙏

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  • 2010 ------- 2020 😭

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  • Hi im from Indonesia🖐️

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  • Secret fun ep#5 is special because they give us 3 surprising talent at once time - Dita doing voice act (dubbing) excellently - Dita sing in soft high voice beautifully - Denise sing in unexpected deep low voice, which is beautiful.

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  • Vote secret number top ten awards 2020

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  • [ROCK + VIOLIN] Secret Number - I See The Light enjoy to watch this leave a tumb up

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  • I cried every time hearing this song, plus dita sings it ;-;

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  • ILY💖😭😢

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  • WoW...

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  • Please Alisa Supronova My string-reaction Россия

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  • Don't forget about Denise voice low to she's the best toi

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  • The harmony is such beautiful angelic, show us more your secret talents SN ♥️

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  • ok but like your voice is relaxing😩❤️

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  • Dita & Denise (D&d) Harmonization.. Best Day Ever.. 💗 Ditapunzel.. 🤗 Next React : Dita Calling Family on NADOL Channel.. Please Support Secret Number On The Top Ten Award (TTA).. Thanks for Reaction.. 👏

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  • Thanks I Love You SN

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  • Dita and denis

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  • love princes dita :)

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  • I love Dita

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  • their voice are well blended... amazing!😊

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  • dita so cute & denise so cool ... 💖💖😍😍

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  • Come on vote secret number in TTA

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  • Nice reaction. Even though Dita is same country with me. but for me, dita is not my bias in secret number. but dita is my true love. I fell in love with her

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  • Thnks you Loly 💗💙

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  • Aku lihat SN aku klik

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  • Malam fans SN minta bantuanya untuk VOTE SN di TTA karena sekarang di posisi 2,tolong bantuanya

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  • I like secret number♡♡

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  • Dita, being told to dance can, told to sing can, the voice of dita, the voice of angels, the dita singing gives me chills. I ❤ Dita. 👌👌

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  • Thanks for your reaction, i love you ..

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