12 Nov 2020
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[비 오리지널] 여자친구 'MAGO'
스춤에서 더욱 짜릿해진 여자친구표 디스코💃
여섯 마녀들에게 확 빠질 수 밖에 없는 마법🔮
여치니들 얼굴이 이미 서사 완벽한 동화잖아
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    still heyastill heya8 jam yang lalu
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    Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget17 jam yang lalu
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  • Not a fan of them but this song is sooo good

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  • My Favs Line by Member 💙 : 6960 Magic dancing toes go crazy - 0:25 (Umji) Every dos & donts they all bore me - 0:32 (Yerin) Dont be afraid I wont get hurt - 0:41 (Sowon) In the midnight in this midnight - 2:24 (SinB) In the blessed flame I fly reborn - 2:32 (Eunha) My life is waiting for you - 0:47 (Yuju)

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  • Why this song isn't spotify anymore?

    Javier Maldonado ArosJavier Maldonado Aros22 jam yang lalu
    • Oh thats sad, but thank you sm for your answer

      Javier Maldonado ArosJavier Maldonado Aros4 jam yang lalu
    • All GFriend songs under the KAKAO M license (Melon), so they remove all GFriend songs from Spotify. Including all the kpop songs with licensed by KAKAO M (Melon).

      Irfan AkbarIrfan Akbar18 jam yang lalu
    • spotify is dumb

      A Z R AA Z R A20 jam yang lalu
  • Además de hacer stream a el MV y este, hagan a los live de mago que tienen 700k y lleguen a 1M. ♡VAMOS BUDDYS! ♡

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  • [Eng] FIGHTING , WE ARE CLOSE! [ES] tamos cerca de los 10M vamos !

    Master of puppetsMaster of puppetsHari Yang lalu
  • Mago is never getting older one of the best song in 2020 👌

    Golden Visual Kim SowonGolden Visual Kim SowonHari Yang lalu
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