Shawn Mendes - Wonder

1 Okt 2020
34 963 500 Ditonton

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Directed by Matty Peacock
Written by Shawn Mendes, Matty Peacock, Connor Brashier
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Produced by Andrew Gertler, Kim Dellara
Head of Production Casey Wooden
Production Company Caviar
Creative Direction by Connor Brashier

Director of Photography Larkin Seiple
Production Design JC Molina
Editor Isaac Hagy
Visual Effects by Ingenuity Studios
Color by Alex Bickel @ Color Collective
Sound Design Human Worldwide

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I wonder
if I’m being real do I speak my truth or do I filter to how I feel
I wonder
Wouldn’t it be nice to live inside a world that isn’t black and white
I wonder
What it’s like to be my friends
Hope that they don’t think I forget about them
I wonder
I wonder

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder what it’s like to be loved

I wonder
Why I’m so afraid of saying something wrong and never said I was a saint
I wonder when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man
And I wonder if some day you’ll be by my side and tell me that the world will end up alright
I wonder
I wonder

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
I wonder what it’s like to be loved

Right before I close my eyes
The only thing that’s on my mind
Been dreaming that you feel it too
I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

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  • hello everyone i am here promoting my new song it will be released at 10 am tomorrow i hope you all enjoy it’s my debut song and i will not be earning profit i just am doing it for fun i hope you all enjoy and comment what you think of it love you all ❤️

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  • The Notebook and The Polar Express movies all put into one that is what it reminded me of

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  • Te amooo

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  • Is no one gonna talk about how this cinematography is genius

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  • I wonder what it's like to be loved by you🖤

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  • Wonder

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  • Most underrated artist he’s one of the best song writers of this generation and he’s got one of the most powerful voices aswell

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  • Wonder

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  • He look like is a very tall man. Really I'm wonder🌲🌲🌲

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  • I dreaming that one day Shawn will be on the stage in #Angkorsiemreap the busiest tourist in Asean.

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  • This song reminds me: Harry potter, The Hunger games, Abraham Lincoln movie. Who's else?

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  • Why does this only 34 mil????

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  • I’ve never heard a song where everything about it is special. Shawn you are one of a kind, I swear 😭

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  • Quanto mais eu ouço, mais eu amo. Socorro. Me tirem desse loop. Mentira, não me tirem, não.

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  • Why does the first clip remind me of the Hogwarts Express.

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  • That’s his come out video clip.

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  • Jesus Christ this is some next level shit right here I’ve never really been a fan but this has full on converted me hahah

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  • 0:55 me still alive in 2020 and trying to enjoy everything as well

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  • Loo burdada ben varım

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  • Thinking of parents' love. That is the purest form of love. For a moment I have put myself in the shoes of my orphaned friends

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  • Je t'aime Shawn Mendes 😘😍😍💕

    • We love you sooooo much from Africa in Kenya

  • Wonder's song translated beautifully with different lyrics and voice Come in and support me if you want ❤❤❤🎶🔥

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  • Starting a petition to have a 15 minute long version of this masterpiece!

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  • I literally have no words

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  • I wonder if canada doesn't exist Hollywood music wouldn't be this great I mean the weeknd,justin bieber, Shawn mendes,drake all this big artists r from canada❤️😘

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  • this dude did a cover on counting stars, 7 years ago, lol. i watched that and now he is famous. xDDD

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  • I love u too much, really ❣️ Me encantas, amo todo de ti, ni yo me lo creo. AHHHH ESTÁ CANCIÓN ES ARTE, thank u so much, mi amor 🥺❤️ No lo voy a superar nunca.

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  • Shawn Mendes : *Exist* Me : Yup, I'm definitely Bi

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  • Is he with Camilla a couple not anymore?

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  • You're so cute Shawn:)

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  • good song eh?

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  • i used to be a fan before of shawnmendes since 2015❤️🥰 and now he have a new song this 2020 i really love it

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  • the starting giving me a movie vibe

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  • Only people who hasn't done the TikTok dance can like this comment.

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  • This is incredible. The integration of the animation is almost flawless. Must be using the sensors on the real dancers' bodies to capture and animate the more dangerous parts of the video. I agree with a few other comments that it felt more like I was watching a movie! Again, incredible Shawn!

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  • 1:51 Wolverine

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  • When I listen to this song I imagine being in a movie and when the beat drops when me and my crush kiss in the rain and are walking around the city and it’s light up with lights and it’s so pretty

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  • Y

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  • After getting some attention its gonna blow up

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  • The people you disliked the video are just jealous that they can’t sing

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  • wowo i love this song amazingly creative

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  • Si solo una persona lee esto, honestamente me alegrará el día. Me encantaria trabajar contigo! Soy un compositor pianista y guitarista y hago todas mis canciones y mis videos solo y hago un nuevo video musical cada mes en un país diferente. Si una persona pudiera apoyarme, estara un paso más cerca de ayudar a que los sueños de un músico se hagan realidad. No te decepcionarás. Solo da una oportunidad y 3 minutos de tu tiempo. Gracias 🙏

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    • Wow! Me encanta tu trabajo! Me suscribi

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  • without defect 🤧😱😍❤️❤️🇧🇷

  • This song makes me feel like I’m in a coming of age movie where I finally realize something important then I go scream at the top of my lungs with my arms spread wide on the top of a cliff overlooking a river. But also a coming of age movie in scene where my love interest and I finally connect during a euphoria-esque high school dance and we lock eyes from across the room then slowly walk to each other and passionately kiss while the rest of the world seems to spin around.

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  • I can't wait for your documentary movie! Kyaahhh! ❤️

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  • Eres el mejor. Te amo. Wonder

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  • God: I don’t remember making someone this powerful!

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