These are the Features you NEED in your PC!

4 Apr 2021
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These are the features that you absolutely should have in your PC. These will make your life MUCH easier when it comes to maintaining and operating your computer.
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  • A quality power supply is a must.

    Robert FrischRobert Frisch28 menit yang lalu
  • I am so old I still remember beep codes

    Stefan AsmussenStefan AsmussenJam Yang lalu
  • A warning about modular PSU cables: They are NOT necessarily interchangeable between manufacturers! I replaced a dead EVGA PSU with a Seasonic one recently, and I figured I could save a little time by reusing the cables from the EVGA PSU. Everything fit just fine, but when I booted up my PC, I blew out the motherboard. It's likely that vcc and ground, or +5V & +12V were swapped on the CPU power cables, which fried the VRMs. Those cables aren't often branded either, so if you have a lot of them from different PSU manufacturers, label them or keep them separate. Don't make the mistake I did!

    Shmeh FlehShmeh FlehJam Yang lalu
  • 0:30 if we don't have this stuff we should just go buy new stuff, dammit everywhere is out of stock ;)

    ManLeeManLeeJam Yang lalu
  • Back in the good old days the mobo came with a PC speaker, and you got POST beeps and POST error beep codes. The best thing was that for a long time these beep codes were standardized.

    Franklin AllenFranklin Allen2 jam yang lalu
  • I could not live without the exceptionally clean audio the ROG series Asus motherboards have. I run the 8 analog channels out to a mixer. The mixer feeds four Crown XLS 1502 amps. That's my "desktop computer" audio system. Flight Sim 2020 never sounded so good. :-)

    PhillipZX3PhillipZX32 jam yang lalu
  • Hi Jay, for me as an IT PRO or GAMER it will not be the same as a usual user for sure. So Case smaller for a tight and neat casing for space or a casing for GAMER depending on the motherboard size. For the MB, i will go for the best as it is the one or most important component of the PC. Asus or MSI are my first choices. Then HD goes for the NVME naturally and for the graphics, its NVIDIA for sure mainly if it is for a gamer else integrated graphics are pretty cool nowdays for work. A bronze or silver PSU would be great also and here it is!

    Bradley AugustinBradley Augustin2 jam yang lalu
  • I was like why the hell is this idiot on... Unsubscribed after he told me too months ago and still have these stupid videos popping up.

    Taylor BertrimTaylor Bertrim3 jam yang lalu
  • the most basic readout is a bleeper

    DarkitzDarkitz4 jam yang lalu
  • Great info for me. Thank you.

    Russell BarbeeRussell Barbee5 jam yang lalu
  • At 3:40; On this table the "Q-Code" for problems, ie: "0E", "0F", etc... should have red text, for easy identification of issues. ;-)

    T'airn'KAT'airn'KA5 jam yang lalu
  • Power and reset is one thing that’s just an annoyance not to have...but how tf do they even make ones without a Q code reader?

    H SharmaH Sharma6 jam yang lalu
  • But I just spent 1.5k on building a new PC two weeks ago... COME ON!

    ZesticornZesticorn7 jam yang lalu
  • Dust filters are a must for any PC I build.

    Devon ScottDevon Scott8 jam yang lalu
  • I have the best feature ever in my PC. A new GPU.

    Abu HajaarAbu Hajaar9 jam yang lalu
  • At least 6-8 3,5" bays and at least one 5,25" bay. Also, they need to be cooled. And for the love of god, don't place buttons, PCIe ejector thingies and M.2 covers so that you have to take apart half the computer to access them. I'm talking to you, Asus. Especially when the sole reason is to look cool. Also, placing the chipset fan so that it is covered up when a GPU is installed in slot one? Uhm...

    kadajawikadajawi9 jam yang lalu
  • People should be aware that if they go the NVME route, depending on their mobo, to be remindful that NVME drives use 4x PCIe lanes. If you have a stacked system; a mobo with two NVME ports, 8x SATA ports, and several PCIe slots for GFX and/or Sound or other 1x PCIe slot usage....that in order to keep your 16x for your single graphics card, you can have only 2x NVME drives and up to 4 SATA drives plugged in. Of course the motherboard itself has separate PCIe lanes for USB ports; typically enough for all the slots on the given board plus any case ports. SO NVME's = awesome. But, also take away from potential PCIe lanes depending on what someone is doing with their system. Also first like minute of vid....LUL

    TickleSlipTickleSlip10 jam yang lalu
  • After 2 builds using aftermarket power cables and combs my next build will definitely have them.Also unless Mobo is High end a coolermaster 90 degree 24pin power adapter.:)

    ScotaneScotane10 jam yang lalu
  • Yeah, no normal user *needs* buttons for the stuff you can do by jumping two pins. You forgot to mention that you can get diagnostic information with a 60 c mobo speaker too. SSDs are great, but don't buy DRAM-less trash like a Kingston A400 (ask me how I know).

    CatcrumbsCatcrumbs14 jam yang lalu
  • Been building computers since 1989 and I've never needed 90% of these things. Especially all the motherboard features. That just seems like fluff for millennials who are scared of manuals. The only thing I'd agree with is SSD and maybe multiple fans on the GPU (but most of the time you're not gonna have any choice in the matter, so kind of pointless). Some of these tips seem to have come out of 2010 though. Who in 2021 is like "uhhh I don't want an SSD"? And the thing about when the graphics card isn't doing anything.. Must not be running any recent operating system then, since they are all constantly using the graphics card for animations and such.

    sphinx3rsphinx3r14 jam yang lalu
  • ''Hay CPU u there... Durrrhhhh '' my brain in the morning

    ThePogFellaThePogFella16 jam yang lalu
  • get a water cooled gpu or add water cooling to yours. Zero noise even at full load.

    jbn675478jbn67547816 jam yang lalu
  • This video stuff you really dont need.

    eric yeaderic yead17 jam yang lalu
  • what motherboard is he using in this video

    alec archalec arch17 jam yang lalu
  • Must have feature: obtainable parts 😜

    Dustin StackhouseDustin Stackhouse17 jam yang lalu
  • Am I the only one that really dislikes how motherboards are covered in plastic and shrouds now. It's like car engines too, you can't actually see the cool working parts any more. I don't need stickers/plastic/rgb... I want to see the raw pcb, the chips and the good stuff.

    doubleathemandoubleatheman18 jam yang lalu
  • Having destroyed some 30 or more kingston SSDs in just a few months of running on site, I would only recommend them to my enemies. 3000 or more intel SSDs behaved just fine for years!

    Blatantly Fake NameBlatantly Fake Name18 jam yang lalu
  • downside to either m.2 types is shared bus meaning you loose 2,3 or 4 pending on support levels sata .. the only downside to m.2 sata/nvme is the capping of upto 8TB storage... Yes you can make a custom windows bootloader with basics of basics, though something to consider not everyone is going to know how to make them, personally if i was going to make a pc today max out what you can afford to do and build to a proper spec rather than basic entry level add-in.. because basic install these the minimum requirement is roughly 2GB however I would say base the size of the c drive off 1/2-3/4 of the storage drive even if you install games on a second hdd/ssd something to note the portions of the game installs on the main boot drive... so you will likely need a lot of c drive space...

    Jason howeJason howe18 jam yang lalu
  • these are just features for comfort meaning NOT needed

    JokeryJokery19 jam yang lalu
  • Trassssh

    joe mcginnisjoe mcginnis19 jam yang lalu
  • The GPU Bios Flash tip is BS. Go for it if you have an igpu

    squadricsquadric19 jam yang lalu
  • Okay, I've gotta throw a like at the video just for the representation of the CPU

    GooseGoose20 jam yang lalu
  • i have my fingers in tech for over 20 years, i still watched this^^ my recom: dust filters on all intakes, or at least mesh with some "wool"foam stuff, looks and feels ly packaging foam, usually black

    majstealthmajstealth22 jam yang lalu
  • LTT: High end PC building Bitwit: midrange PC building RGinGD/Dawid: low end PC building J2C: comedy

    Kacper PaprockiKacper PaprockiHari Yang lalu
  • 2:36 :D

    ScitchyScitchyHari Yang lalu
  • I had to double check what you said during ad read... "no parts markup"... if they told you that, then they lied... $837 for a 3070... $999 for 3080...

    Tee GeeTee GeeHari Yang lalu
  • I had a pc I turned on with a screwdriver for months

    Matt FisherMatt FisherHari Yang lalu
  • 2:35 Why was that so fucking funny! Lol!!

    Irvine SpiegelIrvine SpiegelHari Yang lalu
  • Can we have a Jayz 2 cents corsair dominatrix line of parts?

    mrtempertantrummrtempertantrumHari Yang lalu
  • gamecard what els u need o yes 32 gb ofcouse

    Manfred KokManfred KokHari Yang lalu
  • ramm dimm does not shows up in my bios.

    Manfred KokManfred KokHari Yang lalu
  • i got a i3 medion pc fom the aldi ,what you talking about does not exist in this bios.

    Manfred KokManfred KokHari Yang lalu
  • Buying new mobo for new features if u have old caputer: - my caputer been running ok for centuries i dont need no fukin leds - i dont need no clear cmos button, bios always resets to safe settings after bad overclock - we plebs we aint bench testing shit, we put it in the case and work from there... dont need surface mounted power buttons - bios flashback is nice. - fan headers is based on ur case u dont need to buy a new mobo to add headers for non existent fans lmao Buying new gpu for new features if u have old caputer: - anything skylake era is 0db gpu, if you have something preskylake u should prob upgrade by now lmao - u can restore bricked bios gpus by plugging in another working gpu (or onboard) and running flash utility like normal... miners do it all the time Buying new gpu for new features if u have old caputer: - sata ssd are cheap as hell now, buy one if ur old powersupply is still working u dont need to buy a new one start downvoting, i spread truth around the land and will be youtube banned soon for how much truth i Spread.

    ronald wooferronald wooferHari Yang lalu
  • My must have feature is pretty simple. I just want a case that is at least a mid sized tower ATX. I don't like working around inside the mATX cases.

    Fishing AnglerFishing AnglerHari Yang lalu
  • My must have is Overclocking

    kskevinderkskevinderHari Yang lalu
  • Guys when will the GPU prices go down, cause I believe that's the most important part of a computer

    neon pinkneon pinkHari Yang lalu
  • You look like Dillon Francis

    KBrew300KBrew300Hari Yang lalu
  • So Jay is saying everyone should spend like 500 on a mobo. Those features are nice, yes and would come in handy but is it worth it to spend so much on a board to take away money for your other hardware? I don't think so. I mean the features are very nice but they're not even on 200 dollar boards. You have to go up quite a bit further on the mobo tier line to get this stuff and doing so cost a lot of money. Did Jay even think this one through?

    fade2black001fade2black001Hari Yang lalu
  • "I'm a computer!" What kind of computer are you? "Yeah!!" lmao

    Toothless RaiderToothless RaiderHari Yang lalu
  • One thing I always include is a motherboard POST speaker. One of my older motherboards came with one, and any time I get a new one I use it with the new one.

    DemonTekDigitalDemonTekDigitalHari Yang lalu
  • another thing to add is if an older motherboard doesnt have enough fan headers the user can buy a fan hub...i bought a 6 fan hub by phanteks when building my 6700k and using an MSI Z170 it saved my entire build...also have an NZXT 10 fan hub...they are cheap and work great....must have for older boards...

    mercflf8mercflf8Hari Yang lalu
  • what cant i live without in a gaming pc ? a monitor lol. yeah im in a funny mood today sue me

    Lee TaylorLee TaylorHari Yang lalu
  • wrong 3 times in one video jay wtf. you can normally recover a bricked bios 9 times out of 10. you boot using the internal gpu or another graphics card and more often than not you can choose the target card from command line tools and recover

    Lee TaylorLee TaylorHari Yang lalu
  • and technically they are USB-A holes lol so you got that right eventually :P

    Lee TaylorLee TaylorHari Yang lalu
  • not eeprom jay, flash memory, specifically SPI flash on new boards

    Lee TaylorLee TaylorHari Yang lalu

    KrissyBooKrissyBooHari Yang lalu
  • I can't live without a sound card

    JackeJackeHari Yang lalu
  • I hate you. Now I'm thinking about building a new computer...

    Rob CalhounRob CalhounHari Yang lalu
  • just connect RESET button to CLEAR_CMOS pins on ANY motherboard u welcome

  • *You should go buy new stuff so that you can have those features* Yeah, sure. Especially now during COVID when prices are inflated and $$$ is short across the globe.* Jerk.

    RantingGreekGamerRantingGreekGamerHari Yang lalu
  • I had an XFX motherboard that a friend bricked with a BIOS flash. It was a nForce chipset and he had somehow flashed the Intel variant's BIOS on to the AMD board (or vice versa, I can't remember). I had to desolder the chip and flash it with my eeprom programmer.

    John SwansonJohn SwansonHari Yang lalu
  • For multi GPU systems a must have feature is an extra PCIe power connector on the motherboard. In the futute with more NVMe SSD a must have feature will be PCIe slot running in x4x4x4x4 mode for nvme raid cards. Another future must have is IMPI, there are already consumer boards like Asus CSM/ Asrock DASH with support. Hopefully this will be available on gaming motherboards too.

    Martin KMartin KHari Yang lalu
  • BIOS flash via USB is no stress compared to when we had to flash a BIOS with an error prone floppy disk .... Especially towards the end of that era when the only time you actually used a floppy was to flash the BIOS and you didn't know if the thing even worked anymore .... There was a few year stretch where it seemed like every time I wanted to flash a new BIOS I'd have to go buy a new floppy drive because they seemed to just die from not being used since the last time you flashed the BIOS ....

    Long JohnLong JohnHari Yang lalu
  • It makes me sad how recently things like surface mount power and reset, and a small display to show error codes only show up on the "premium" motherboards. During the haswell era they were common on many midrange boards.

    NeoMasamuneNeoMasamuneHari Yang lalu

    Eric MorosEric MorosHari Yang lalu
  • The feature I want and needed is something thats gonna increase my fps from this crappy 1050ti.

    Maimai biriMaimai biriHari Yang lalu
  • A lot of MB don't seem to even come with the piezo speaker any more for the audio beep of a satisfactory post. But I'd say a PSU with a power switch is important. Those cheap PSU's without them are a pain, and I've seen one where something overloaded in a strange way that made the plastic melt off the wiring, and by virtue of a quick reaction averted a possible fire or worse. I'm guessing a switch would have helped, but pulling the plug thankfully did come to mind vs being shocked into inaction.

    l0g1cb0mbl0g1cb0mbHari Yang lalu
  • DVD BAY NEW case did not have one and I thought ok it the new thing HATE not having one 5.24 bay at least I would put a thermal controlling system in there at least if not dvd drive. And not talking an cheap fan board I mean thermal controlling system they tell you all Could ever want to know about heat thermals. talking multiple thermal probes 7 and up

    james bjames bHari Yang lalu
  • I remember the first PC I built, many years ago.... I started it by connecting the jumpers on the board... When it sparked it almost gave me a heart attack! On board power buttons should be a standard feature!

    Adam DaviesAdam DaviesHari Yang lalu
  • 0:30 Yeah, about that... I think I'll wait until graphics cards cost less than $1500

    GravianSGravianSHari Yang lalu
  • I love when he tells me to buy new stuff and I'm like with your 💰?

    technotechnoHari Yang lalu
  • No way we are still talking about having a hdd as a boot drive in 2021. A 120gb ssd is $20 used

    CalsiumCalsiumHari Yang lalu
  • Dude, I love you, lmao you’re funny af and so educating

    Yellow MellowYellow MellowHari Yang lalu
  • Ohh... that motherboard looks like idiot proof. Me like it.

    LX MediaLX MediaHari Yang lalu
  • USB HOLE, YOU ARE A US AHOLE PHILL. planned but perfect.

    morthimmorthimHari Yang lalu
  • Yeah u need all the troubleshooting features you can get after that GN smackdown OhhhHhHhhHhHhhHhhHhhHhHhhHhhhh

    ConcreteComaConcreteComaHari Yang lalu
  • 802.11ac wifi adapter card. USB C ports.

    C. D. JohnsonC. D. JohnsonHari Yang lalu
  • My must have feature is motherboards with CPU slots :P Never buy a motherboard without one!

    TharwTharwHari Yang lalu
  • I have an m.2 ssd and it is insane fast.

    ChaosMinecraftChaosMinecraftHari Yang lalu
  • Bios flashback should have been a standard future for all motherboards from the beginning, it would have saved lots of people from a failed bios flash, and its one less hassle for there warranty services, but of coarse, greedy idiots would lock necessities like that only to top tier motherboards cause high profit margins. Fucking bastards

    Z390Z390Hari Yang lalu
  • I could watch Jay pantomime with computer parts for at least a whole video here.

    John KellyJohn KellyHari Yang lalu
  • Power cable. No joke - when I built my PC for a first time I bought all parts in local computer shop. Got everything home, managed to put it together, happy like small kid in candy factory. And no power cable..

    Pienias PieniekPienias PieniekHari Yang lalu
  • I wish my motherboard had a clear CMOS button, but all I get are 2 tiny prongs underneath the gpu and it didn't come with a jumper so I need to use a screwdriver. It has a bios flash button though which is nice, but it takes ages.

    Mystical AppleMystical AppleHari Yang lalu
  • Mobo: Hey CPU, are you there?! CPU: ..iM a coMpuTeR!! 😂🤣

    BenieTheDragonBenieTheDragon2 hari yang lalu
  • A must have for me, is a kick ass motherboard.

    Frick eliciousFrick elicious2 hari yang lalu
  • Jay: The most basic being... Me: Beep code Jay: an LED readout Me: Wait, what?

    FeronanthusFeronanthus2 hari yang lalu
  • My own list of essential features. 1) SPDIF port, surprising how some motherboards don't have one but necessary for optical audio. 2) USB-C gen 2 port. These are becoming more and more essential especially for Quest VR, flight sim peripheral inputs, mobile phone connections, etc. 3) RGB - It's 2021, everyone knows RGB ram is better, and RGB motherboard heatsinks, RGB fans, and something like a Corsair Commander Pro is a must for aesthetics. 4) A magnetic windowed case. I use the Corsair Obsidian 500DSE with tinted glass doors that just magnetically close. Can't imagine having to fiddle with screws to get my case side panels off. 5) A second NVme game drive for games. I use a 1 TB boot NVme for Windows and another 2 TB NVme for games. Most prebuilt systems come with a small NVme drive for Windows and a useless HD for everything else, get a second NVme for games, it's worth it. As you're only using it for games, essentially archived storage any will do, even QLC, so just buy whatever is cheapest if you don't want to spend a lot. I got a Sabrent 2 TB TLC drive for not much money so that my games run fast. Only use an HD for backup and movies. 6) A separate powered USB hub for peripherals. If you plug lots of things into your computer, (I have flight sim and racing cockpits) a powered USB hub is a godsend. I have a 10 port Sabrent one that plugs into the mains and takes all my peripheral inputs and then just a single USB cable into my computer. No mess of wires and cables going into my PC.

    Kevin BrookKevin Brook2 hari yang lalu
  • Gen 4 = 7000 MB/s

    Rakugoth DajjalRakugoth Dajjal2 hari yang lalu
  • Everyone keeps forgetting that the most important things you need when building a PC are a table and a Swiss army knife.

    Omar GoodmanOmar Goodman2 hari yang lalu
  • I don't know. I love a lot of things - but can live without almost all of them... 10% price increase is something I can accept - if it will get me good (but not critical) things. But here where I am things are kind insane. The difference between a modular power supply and its identical sibling is about 30%. I will NOT pay 30% more on a power supply just to get this feature. It's nice and all, but not at this price increase.

    Marcelo RodriguesMarcelo Rodrigues2 hari yang lalu
  • A must have is a decent audio card. I've seen too much i11 86990ksx, rtx 8090super, 128tb ddr12 ram with bose's ultimate explosive crystalizer 999999999w gaming headphones plugged into the motherboard audio jack.

    Bruno CaradonnaBruno Caradonna2 hari yang lalu
  • I've had to remove the battery on the motherboard once to reset my bios... it wasn't fun...

    jrw0328jrw03282 hari yang lalu
  • Stuff like clear cmos button. Lcd code readout should be standard on even the cheapest of boards.

    Zachary koeppenZachary koeppen2 hari yang lalu
  • Semi modular power supplies are good too. The 24 pin and 8 pin cpu connector are required for most builds anyway and saves a couple $$

    Sam I amSam I am2 hari yang lalu
  • Shouldn't this be features you want to see on your motherboard?

    Eric CardosoEric Cardoso2 hari yang lalu
  • This may sound silly, but an on-board soundcard, with software that have EQ feature....I can't stand Flat EQ. Though chances are I may invest in a dedicated soundcard anyways.

    Eric TanEric Tan2 hari yang lalu
  • Nice job

    Christian BivensChristian Bivens2 hari yang lalu
  • what motherboards actually have these features for less than the price of the CPU? just to get the LCD diagnostic display seems to add about £250 to the price. is there actually a affordable motherboard worth its price that has these? i tend to use asus or gigabyte boards so maybe my pricing is skewed. asus seems to need you to go to a ROG maximus to get a simple q-code screen. am i wrong? is there a manufacturer that does at least some of these features on a board for a reasonable price?. for the extra £250 i would rather get a better cpu/gpu/more ram. as i couldnt give a *** about RBG and don't do crazy overclocking, and dont use onboard sound, the extra price of something like the maximus cannot be justified when the money could be better spent elsewhere

    Michael SeabrookMichael Seabrook2 hari yang lalu
  • My biggest thing that wasn't mentioned is a UPS. A small UPS can be picked up for around £100 and will protect against a whole host of power issues

    Bi0ha2a7d TTVBi0ha2a7d TTV2 hari yang lalu
  • Everyone in 2021: A GPU

    JanchoJancho2 hari yang lalu