IMPOSTOR TAG TEAM (Among us Animation)

20 Nov 2020
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  • 0:42 I sell the button for I sell the button for 1like

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  • Dorime mantap aku bang warna putih

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  • Legend says if you say the name of the youtuber 3 times you get pinned

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  • Hey this is so cute all the little crewmares

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    • EYYYYYY I'm replying to my own comment

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  • Now how is this age ristrected

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  • Go yelloy was the impostor

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  • I like your video

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  • It wasn't age restricted before tf happened

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  • hold up how is this age restricted lol

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  • I think in the among us game when you refill the engines my among us character drink some oil

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  • Me gustan tus videos

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  • good

  • Why is the chad turn into a small one? Can you plss answer it

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  • The 2 rurn into a gang or not?

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  • Love that this is age restricted

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  • When yellow and white fake being dead body's

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  • Bom mas aí eu entro lá e quando eu prometo que eu quero que você bota 40 mil inscritos 60

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  • Bro coming back to watch this for like the 10th time, and there is an age restriction, it makes no sense but still amazing content keep it up amigo!

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  • Hola

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  • Xd esta fabuloso

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  • wow that was realy funny 😂😂

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  • 0:05 Background music please

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  • what the music что за музыка

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  • Brazil

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  • Кто то русский

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  • Very very funny

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  • I like the the one suka bliad

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  • what is and music do ri me

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  • Finally

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  • Magenta: *literally dying* Black: yellow and white kinda sus

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  • Este cel mai tare video

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  • Love among us

  • Там был русский мат или я ошибаюсь?!

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  • Wtf

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  • 0:04 Brazil

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  • Epic stuff Drinking gas WITH THEIR FACE Super strenght Vent teleportation Gei

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  • 0:42 русские поймут

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  • Why this is 18+ ?

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  • Pls tell me the songs u used

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  • To ja uvu

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    • Bro This Guy makes the Funniest Among us videos😂😂

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  • Why is this 19 years old!!!

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    • Bro This Guy makes the Funniest Among us videos😂😂

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  • Здарова я твой потпищек Саша я посмотрел этот ведос 100 раз и всё видел и слышал мне 9 лет

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  • This tag team like friends

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  • wtf why is it age-restricted

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  • Жду тупого и эпичного продолжения

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  • Кто русский братаны

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  • 2:07 when a first grader finds out 1+2 doesnt equal fish

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    • @SCP-049 c̵o̸r̷r̶u̸p̸t̴e̴d̴ 6

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  • eu fiz um time igual ao dele no among us ;-;

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  • White: lets drink for our victory.. Yellow: eat it instead Detective: WTF is this poison?!😱

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  • Lol It's DORIME and Bababooie

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  • 1:56 Thanks for planning that Chimaru, that feels extremely comfortable. 2:09 That too, thanks for that. Forgot to put this too, thanks for 2:03.

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  • Jusr yess

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  • Alguien me dice cuál es la canción con la que bailan los impostores

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  • iblove impostor

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  • Red just getting the fucking boots out to him lol

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  • Someone: saying cyka blyat The whole Russia: *We are coming, hi there, о ты тоже русский?*

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  • The song do

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  • Mulalalalmmulanula mula

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  • Yes ok and how is it for the day Yes ok and how is it Elyne I will

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  • It is so funny

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  • Eu sendo um impostor no among us Meu filho:ameno Chimaru: B R A S I L

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    • eu sou portugues basil

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  • Wtf it's

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  • This animado be very very cool

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  • Ого

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