Would you make Federico Valverde’s red card tackle in Real Madrid’s Super Cup win? | Extra Time

12 Jan 2020
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ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley, Dan Thomas, Frank Leboeuf and Gab Marcotti take on the best questions of the day in Extra Time, including:
(0:00) Who would they bet on scoring a goal in a big match between Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku and Juventus’ Gonzalo Higuaín
(0:55) Which country has better cuisine between France and Italy
(2:44) Has Craig ever played as poorly as Danny Drinkwater did on his Aston Villa debut vs. Manchester City
(4:35) Would Frank make the red card tackle that Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde made on Atletico Madrid’s Álvaro Morata in the Spanish Super Cup final
(5:37) How good was Thibaut Courtois in the match
(6:04) And will France win this summer’s European Championship with Olivier Giroud, or should Didier Deschamps recall Karim Benzema?
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  • If you wouldn’t do this you’re a liar blud

    KobiKobiBulan Yang lalu
  • Knowing morata we all knew he’d miss 😂

    Playboy AdrexPlayboy Adrex3 bulan yang lalu
  • Valverde is just a trash. He forgotten after 2 years.

    I'm Penaldo. I eat penalties for breakfast.I'm Penaldo. I eat penalties for breakfast.5 bulan yang lalu
  • Who is here after lukaku is tearing it apart

    Oteng GyimahOteng Gyimah6 bulan yang lalu
  • I would have done that In each and every game

    amiti deb barmanamiti deb barman7 bulan yang lalu
  • The only way this is dirty is if the ref doesn’t call the foul or he doesn’t get sent off. Otherwise, it’s a masterful play.

    eldiego68eldiego6810 bulan yang lalu
  • Absolutely ... if he didn’t make that tackle Morata would’ve scored people can make jokes about him flopping in front of goal but you can’t take that risk .

    P 1P 111 bulan yang lalu
    • P 1 Well look at Liverpool defense didn’t stop Llorente and Morata.

      Mantra ProMantra Pro11 bulan yang lalu
  • 🔥 *how much excitement there is* 1:22 💝🧡 👇👇👇👇🔥

    Uriah FullerUriah FullerTahun Yang lalu
  • Morota: THIS IS IT BOIS Valverde: I’m abouta ruin you’re whole career

    _2hxp_2hxpTahun Yang lalu
  • First first question..just remember the 2014 final.

    A GA GTahun Yang lalu
  • Why not its a trophy winning challenge

    Khay AmoahKhay AmoahTahun Yang lalu
  • As a Atletico fan, it had to be done.

    CaliforniaBoy7559CaliforniaBoy7559Tahun Yang lalu
  • 5:35 The tweet is misspelled "Moratta"

    AxelyzAxelyzTahun Yang lalu
    • @MPSkillz lol we do🤣 what a coincidence

      AxelyzAxelyzTahun Yang lalu
    • Axelyz we have the same logo

      MPSkillzMPSkillzTahun Yang lalu
  • Yes si

    JoshandAlex PlaysJoshandAlex PlaysTahun Yang lalu
  • Real just got lucky

    ericktwelve11ericktwelve11Tahun Yang lalu
  • 100% I would’ve made the tackle. Clear through on goal, it’s extra time. Don’t give him a chance at all. You know you’re going to get a red. But the fact that if he scores, you might lose, versus penalties... I’m taking him down no question.

    Kory LeungKory LeungTahun Yang lalu
  • I wouldve grabbed the shirt to make sure I didnt injure him but yes, smart decision for the team to tap him lightly before reaching the area

    Rene TreurRene TreurTahun Yang lalu
  • morata :im not gonna be a flop im a hero real madrid:im about to end this mans whole career

    The Fat nekruThe Fat nekruTahun Yang lalu
  • 4:35

    Charlie TraversCharlie TraversTahun Yang lalu
  • It took over 25years for alex Ferguson, to win 2 champion league. Frauds.

    Max ZMax ZTahun Yang lalu
  • If you wouldn't do it for your team, then you belong to a different team.

    MaxpowerAF7MaxpowerAF7Tahun Yang lalu

    toto maxwelltoto maxwellTahun Yang lalu
  • No red card in referees pocket

    Lamphang JyrwaLamphang JyrwaTahun Yang lalu
  • I would have fouled him by way of pulling the jersey rather than kicking his legs.

    Sydney ShumbaSydney ShumbaTahun Yang lalu
  • Puerco!!!

    Rene MorfinRene MorfinTahun Yang lalu
  • Craig would have passed the ball to Morata

    elninoelninoTahun Yang lalu
  • Italian food>french food every day of th week

    Jorge MancillaJorge MancillaTahun Yang lalu
  • Morata is probably thanking valverde by saving him from the embarrassment of missing the shot

    Luis PinoLuis PinoTahun Yang lalu
  • Yes. But looking at the replay, I don’t know if morata would’ve even got a chance to shoot. He dribbled the ball pretty far from himself I would think to even have a chance to get to it

    Chris AyalaChris AyalaTahun Yang lalu
  • Be careful he’s a hero. He sacrificed himself for the sake of the team.

    PedritoooPedritoooTahun Yang lalu
  • Better tackle than son's

    Blu BrinBlu BrinTahun Yang lalu
  • This is what an experienced Marcelo in the 2017 Bernabéu clasico couldn’t do to sergi Roberto to prevent a last minute goal. Amazing talent Valverde🔥🔥

    Mauricio BlancoMauricio BlancoTahun Yang lalu
    • Mauricio Blanco absolutely, i still remember Cr7 saying why didn’t anyone make a tackle/foul. It’s all about tactic, valverde showed what needed to be done.

      Akash PoeranAkash PoeranTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde should have let him go, he was gonna miss anyway Don't forget, it's Morata🤷‍♂️

    zhabiz 515zhabiz 515Tahun Yang lalu
  • These plays are bullshit they should be a red and penalty 50/50 chance morata would have scored and Atletico would have won

    Luis DelgadoLuis DelgadoTahun Yang lalu
  • Lukaku all the way because Higuain missed that pivotal chance in World cup 2014 final that chance alone beats everything else hands down

    Troy HanesTroy HanesTahun Yang lalu
  • Yes I would. I do it on FIFA all the time 😳

    Honest TruthHonest TruthTahun Yang lalu
  • It was a great call on valverde tactical foul

    David EspinozaDavid EspinozaTahun Yang lalu
  • you spend like 5 min on food and only like 30 secs on the title question. be better

    Daniel BlackDaniel BlackTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde did it perfectly imo. Stopped the player cleanly with no chance of injury. Professional foul.

    Hank StormHank StormTahun Yang lalu
  • I don’t know why a national team is not allowing a player with such immense talent of play making and a great finisher to be in the squad because of the issues player had with the manager?? Literally the nation comes first.. role comes first and Benzema Literally is the best No.9 right now for France but their ego is making them to play Giroud who won’t even get to the team sheet of Albania... they are not even considering Lacazet,, don’t know what comes first to the French Footballing Federation first.. Nationality or their egos,, Benzema in this French Squad can literally make the whole team even better and players like Griezman and Mbappe will get more chances to score but they have is a fucking Giroud who didn’t had a single shot on target in the whole World Cup

    Harsh Preet SinghHarsh Preet SinghTahun Yang lalu
  • No my slide tackles are terrible

    POOR BOIZPOOR BOIZTahun Yang lalu
  • Yes

    Adrian FonsecaAdrian FonsecaTahun Yang lalu
  • Morata was just lucky it wasn’t Ramos or Pepe

    Ruben LeonRuben LeonTahun Yang lalu
  • ESPN FC :Would you have done the same as Valverde Me:6 times in FIFA

    Antoine AbelAntoine AbelTahun Yang lalu
  • No because I would’ve wait a little man re to get closer to the player then a would make that tackle to avoid the red card

    Evelyn MartinezEvelyn MartinezTahun Yang lalu
  • the punishment should be atleast 10 games suspension. another similar red card, ban for lfe.

    Yesudhason XavierYesudhason XavierTahun Yang lalu
  • Ramos taught this kid well

    Shemaiah GazaShemaiah GazaTahun Yang lalu
  • Nobody finds that weirdo Ale funny

    HallelujahHallelujahTahun Yang lalu
  • Full of your mouth comments!!!! Valverde did WRONG!!! Period ! You don't do that!!! You can even harm the player for life!!!.....

    Edgar Del AguilaEdgar Del AguilaTahun Yang lalu
  • So this guy is a hero for making a dirty tackle and getting a red card? Real Madrid fans proud for this ? 😂

    RandomGuitarNoteRandomGuitarNoteTahun Yang lalu
  • Ramos had tears in his eyes because he wished he made the Tackle.. Me? I'd make the Tackle plus another Tackle..

    Marvel OkontaMarvel OkontaTahun Yang lalu
  • Jose Mourinho will buy you a house and give you his daughter for that kind of Life Saving Foul..Good Decision Fede

  • As a madrid fan. The tackle could have hurt Morata and deserved the red. Great game though!!

    Rixx KumarRixx KumarTahun Yang lalu
  • Ganar como sea, bajar al que sea, a Salah, ahora a otro, y recurrir al golpe artero, y vaya, Zidane, ya lleva 2 champion "ganadas" por el arbitraje, y dos campeonatos ganados a base de golpear al contrario, por los "defensas", que de judiciales, no la harían nada mal. Así hasta mi abuelita ganaría 90 copas seguiditas. PD1.- Aclaro: Ni le voy al Barza, y menos al Madrid, de ambos solo llego a ver a veces los resúmenes que dan en los noticieros deportivos, ya que se me hace idiota ir a ver una competición donde NO HAY COMPETICIÓN, ya que el fútbol español, es como ir a ver las luchas entre un gorila, contra puros changuitos, y otro gorila que por ahí anda, haciendo lo mismo que el otro gorila, y eso son el Barza y el Madrid, son dos gorilas que se "enfrentan" y "compiten", contra puros changuitos flacos y desnutridos, es pendejo ir a ver una cosa así, es como tomarse un vaso con el 95% agua y el 5% de leche, y decir que ESE VASO ES LA MEJOR LECHE DEL MUNDO, o una de las mejores ligas de fútbol del mundo, cuando lo que hay NO ES COMPETICIÓN, sino ABUSO, PREPOTENCIA, ALEVOSÍA, VENTAJA Y DESIGUALDAD DESMEDIDA, que son todas las agravantes que castiga la ley en los ilícitos y actividades que hacen los delincuentes. El Barza y el Madrid, son como los hermanos mayores ABUSIVOS, que golpean como se les pega su gana a sus hermanos menores, e ir a ver eso, se necesita estar mal de la cabeza de dos formas, una es por parte de los que les van a esos equipos GORILAS, sus vidas han de estar necesitadísimas de tener algo en que se realicen y se hagan tontos, creyendo que son felices cuando ganan esos equipos. Y los más enfermos son los que les van a los equipos changuitos, flacos y desnutridos, y hasta menores de edad, que creen que algún día serán campeones en esa liga TAN INMORAL EN EL DEPORTE, PORQUE AHÍ NO HAY ESPÍRITU DEPORTIVO ALGUNO, ahí solo hay prepotencia y abuso de ese par de equipos GORILAS. Los equipos changuitos, viven de la vez aquella que le ganaron a alguno de esos equipos gorilas, porque ese día llegaron todos, o casi todos, los del equipo gorila por supuesto, directo del burdel a la cancha, y por eso les ganaron, pero NO PORQUE SEAN MEJORES DEPORTIVAMENTE. PD2.- La definición de DEPORTE, debe ser actualizada, y se le debe quitar el número de virtudes que LE INVENTAN, porque NO las tiene. Además, esa forma de ganar en el marcador, como lo dirige Zidane, por medio de árbitros parciales a favor de su equipo, y por medio de golpear a los contrarios, como lo hacen especialmente sus defensas centrales, ya se dice por los "expertos" en ese "deporte", que UNA COSA ES EL PLANO MORAL, Y OTRA COSA ES EL PLANO DEPORTIVO, y que todos los que ha jugado ese deporte, HABRÍAN HECHO LO MISMO QUE LES ORDENA ZIDANE, A SUS DIRIGIDOS, pero a ver: ¿Qué creen que EN LA MENTE DE LOS NIÑOS están sembrando esos comentaristas deportivos "expertos" de la ESPN, ya que a esos se los escuche?. Supongo que esos comentaristas tienen hijos, o hijas, y sí juegan fútbol, pues YA LES ENTENDIERON SUS PROPIOS HIJOS E HIJAS, y bien les pueden responder algo así: "SÍ PAPI, YA TE ENTENDÍ, SÍ ES NECESARIO GOLPEAR, PARA QUE GANE MI EQUIPO, LO HARÉ CON MUCHO GUSTO, NO TE PREOCUPES, PATEARE AL CONTRARIO LO MEJOR QUE PUEDA, SIN IMPORTAR QUE SEA MI HERMANO, MI PRIMO, MI NOVIO, U OTRO SER HUMANO, TAL VEZ MEJOR QUE YO". Y luego estos mismos "expertos" en ese "deporte", se quejan de la violencia QUE ELLOS MISMOS PROMUEVEN Y PUBLICITAN, SIN SENTIRSE CULPABLES DE NADA, IGUALITOS QUE ESE DEFENSA DEL MADRID, ESTOS SON LOS "TRIUNFADORES" ACTUALES.

    Raul SetneidepxeRaul SetneidepxeTahun Yang lalu
  • Dude Allie is the WORST pundit and i cant stress this enough, he is so clueless and the way he speaks and acts is shambels!

    ehavehavTahun Yang lalu
  • Comments are back where they should be, just as I get used to them where they were moved to. Still better, but it was utterly pointless🤦‍♂️

    Seán KirkSeán KirkTahun Yang lalu
  • If i were Morata Next time, just wait thé chance in dying minutes to break His legs into pieces, Thats what FIFA encouraging... Revenge is sweeter 👊👊👊😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Kermiki PdangKermiki PdangTahun Yang lalu
  • The law needs to be change. Nobody wants to see such football. If a player does a cynical faul without even trying to win a ball while being a last player then that player's team needs to be penalized with a red card plus a penalty regardless when the faul is made. It's a sport not a war, there's no need to win at all cost. Win with dignity and respect

    Laziz NuridinLaziz NuridinTahun Yang lalu
  • It’s only the super cup

    VinceVinceTahun Yang lalu
  • Knowing garbage morata he would had never scored that

    Gargola18Gargola18Tahun Yang lalu
  • Why is Valverdes tackle to Morrata being talked about like if he killed the guy !??? We know that’s the last resort a player has before they score on his team ... we all have done it when we play FIFA !!!!! 😂😜😜

    Jose CalderonJose CalderonTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde es una bestia💪🏼⚽️ Hala Madrid

    Samuel AmadorSamuel AmadorTahun Yang lalu
  • Morata:I'm going to score Valverde:l'm going to end this career.

    Alejandro SepulvedaAlejandro SepulvedaTahun Yang lalu
  • This type of intentional false to stop à clear goal opportunités , must be put a player on a band list for 1 year, Otherwise everybody Will do thé same

    Kermiki PdangKermiki PdangTahun Yang lalu
  • Again sick gameplay from real Madrid bullys

    shouvikshouvikTahun Yang lalu
  • I’m 13 years old and I cant tackle Morata because my feet isn’t strong so the best way is to pull his pants 👌

    No HomoNo HomoTahun Yang lalu
  • Honestly, that red card is clutch. The are very few plays where red card is the best option. Like suarez in the World Cup

    JesAgJesAgTahun Yang lalu
  • Aye you gotta do what you gotta do

    Evan JEvan JTahun Yang lalu
  • There's something called. GARRA CHARRÚA Valverde show it to the whole World

    Lawndale MetroLawndale MetroTahun Yang lalu
  • Madrid always plays dirty and that's their stragety ..fair play please

    Naga Red armyNaga Red armyTahun Yang lalu
  • Yes he saved Madrid it was the only way he had to do it and I would do the same

    Angel CabreraAngel CabreraTahun Yang lalu
  • the beautiful thing in this games was the tackle of valverde he give the win

    AMR13AMR13Tahun Yang lalu
  • Would've got up and slapped him

    jack jonesjack jonesTahun Yang lalu
  • If I were in a final I would

    Amadou WaneAmadou WaneTahun Yang lalu
  • I bet Zidane high fived Valverde after they won the game for making that tackle.

    ThanosThanosTahun Yang lalu
  • Everybody know it was a must tackle! Coming from a Barcelona fan

    Daniel LopezDaniel LopezTahun Yang lalu
  • Italian. Not even close.

    whitey 604whitey 604Tahun Yang lalu
  • I don't know what it is but I just don't like Craig Burley.

    Janp TeyagJanp TeyagTahun Yang lalu
  • Lol 😂 literally said that during the game “oh! That’s were danny drinkwater went”

    Javier MejiaJavier MejiaTahun Yang lalu
  • Clearly, ESPN doesn't like RM AND just can't accept that Real Madrid won the supercup Had RM lost the game, ESPN would've talked for hours about why RM can't win Champions League and LaLiga, ManCity being the best team in the world, Messi...

    Manoj KumarManoj KumarTahun Yang lalu
  • Courtois wasn't just good, he was great. What is the man talking about? And he’s been good for a solid two months now. This isn’t entirely new.

    R RR RTahun Yang lalu
  • When they are on a breakaway in fifa but it’s the 85th minute and you are up by 1 in fut champs

    Bilal ShohateeBilal ShohateeTahun Yang lalu
  • In the end real madrid always gets the last laugh against atletico

    Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube ChannelClash Of The Horns Official Ytube ChannelTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde the hero of madrid

    Clash Of The Horns Official Ytube ChannelClash Of The Horns Official Ytube ChannelTahun Yang lalu
  • Strategic foul

    misfitmisfitTahun Yang lalu
  • I’m a Real Madrid fan and yes he did win us the game, but it was unfair and unsportsmanlike.

    HuzimustHuzimustTahun Yang lalu
  • It’s morata not ronaldo He will never score even if there no goalkeeper

    Leo MLeo MTahun Yang lalu

    JBWKZ_JOSE01JBWKZ_JOSE01Tahun Yang lalu
  • Morata: hehehe I’m going to score Valverde:I’m going to end this mans career

    OnlyRonzzOnlyRonzzTahun Yang lalu
  • any day of the week i would. fede is a g for sure. he knows what hes doing at all times. young master of the game

    daniel hernandezdaniel hernandezTahun Yang lalu
  • That’s what Marcelo should have done to Messi in that 2-3 match in the last second..

    Afdeling SkillzAfdeling SkillzTahun Yang lalu
    • You mean to Sergi Roberto

      UnfunnyUnfunnyTahun Yang lalu
  • He did what needed to be done.

    Karim BekkoucheKarim BekkoucheTahun Yang lalu
  • Tackle was disgraceful, but I would still make the tackle.

    eh9eh9Tahun Yang lalu
  • Duh. If you're a pro and a good player, obviously, without a doubt!

    Fausta CastanedaFausta CastanedaTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde with the ultimate sacrifice

    Zaccz__Zaccz__Tahun Yang lalu
  • Its sad to see the only way Real can win is by cheating

    Du deDu deTahun Yang lalu
  • Italian all the way 1million percent anyone who disagrees is french

    Jake CJake CTahun Yang lalu
  • He shouldn't have tackled him, knowing Morata he would've missed it anyway.

    chris yakochris yakoTahun Yang lalu
  • Morata would still miss it

    Paavo SandbergPaavo SandbergTahun Yang lalu