Motorcycling Across America (US) - EP2 - WA to LA

27 Apr 2020
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In September 2019, I left Brooklyn to travel the country alone on my 2008 Triumph Bonneville. Upon leaving, I could never have anticipated everything that I’d encounter over the next month. These videos do little justice to the feeling of driving alone into an endless horizon, the relief of a stranger helping you out of an impossible situation, the suppressing heat of a desert sun on a leather jacket, the desperation of hoping for a gas station around the next corner, the warmth of a motel room after a 7 hour drive through the rain, the conversations had, the loneliness felt, and the joy of completing the last of 9,275 miles. Even so, I hope these glimpses will serve as inspiration for someone to dive headfirst into the unknown and unfamiliar, and for myself to look back and be reminded of the adventure of a lifetime.
For anyone looking for more details on this trip, I had the honor of talking about it on my friend Kyle's podcast:

  • Love ur travel videos. It keeps me on the road and on my bike most of the time :)

    GoneIn SixtySecondsGoneIn SixtySeconds6 jam yang lalu
  • Hey, Amigo ! What gear did you use to film the trip?! The video is amazing and its not shaky as other touring videos in youtube.

    M/v Ocean Star PacificM/v Ocean Star Pacific11 jam yang lalu
  • Amazing !!! Bravo 👏👏👏!!! Loved the mountains!!!

    Χάρης ΙωαννίδηςΧάρης ΙωαννίδηςHari Yang lalu
  • Are these camping sites common in america! Are they free?

    Adarsh V KAdarsh V K4 hari yang lalu
  • God life is amazing

    Anton KovalovAnton Kovalov5 hari yang lalu
  • My bucket list is getting longer. AWESOME!

    OZ D1983OZ D19836 hari yang lalu
  • When I was six, my father died in a motorcycle accident. My mother objected to getting a motorcycle license. However, I couldn't give up, and when I became an adult, I got my long-cherished motorcycle license, and I'm still a biker for more than 40 years. My dream was to cross the United States with my wife, but my wife passed away and I got cancer and it became an unfulfilled dream. But I will ride my favorite bike until I die. From different countries, I support young people's dreams and adventures.

    joe kajiojoe kajio6 hari yang lalu
  • WOW AMAZING , love u from vietnam

    hồng sơn tháihồng sơn thái6 hari yang lalu
  • a guy, his bike and great music whats more to say or need.....

    ArchArch7 hari yang lalu
  • After seeing this and how seem to enjoy the freedom of the road I can't understand how you can life in NYC?

    AxelAxel8 hari yang lalu
  • "are you 21" My god the states is stuck in the prohibition era still.

    gamer0099gamer00999 hari yang lalu
  • 👏👏👏

    Vintage MotorcyclesVintage Motorcycles9 hari yang lalu
  • no wayyyy haha that last cut was at a bar in dt noho arts district haha .. that's so awesome man..your vids are super inspiring. thank you for the road trip vid from east to west coast.

    Suhhh DudeSuhhh Dude10 hari yang lalu
  • wow !! pure freedom ! nice landscape ! perfect roads for a classic Triumph-Bike !!

    Klaus NonthaburiKlaus Nonthaburi16 hari yang lalu
  • Just bought a bike because I watched your video. Life's short. Well done, sir.

    DoroteoVillaDoroteoVilla16 hari yang lalu
  • Could please anyone tell me the name of 1st song? This series of video are incredible and amazing! The places, the music, the trip, the everything... i hope one day i’ll do the same

    Gabriele Giovanni GarzenaGabriele Giovanni Garzena21 hari yang lalu
  • Absolutely love the video!! Really inspires me to make the cross Canada trip I’ve been dreaming about ☺️ if you dont mind me asking, how did you decide when to go camping vs motels? I was thinking of trying to camp it the whole way to save money, but not sure. Also, did you eat out the whole way, or grocery shop?

    LaibaLaiba21 hari yang lalu
  • These videos are great. I rode cross country on backroads back in 2013 and hate that I didn't record it. This will be great to have in the future. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    Chris HolohanChris Holohan22 hari yang lalu
  • Brother, can i ask you? Is this T100 or T120? Respect from Malaysia 🇲🇾

    b u o n a p a r t e a s n a w ib u o n a p a r t e a s n a w i23 hari yang lalu
  • Trust me mate, You're gonna be a big youtuber someday soon. Love from India!

    Aashrit AkulaAashrit Akula27 hari yang lalu
  • Wow, thank you for sharing your journey with us. At 73, I haven't ridden much since selling my '08 HD Fatboy in 2014. It was set up for touring and motocamping. Prior to that I found an '81 Yamaha 850 Midnight Special in nice condition at a garage sale for $1000 and all that was needed were new tires and a brake job. Nelson Riggs bags including a tank bag similar to yours (magnetic) completed the bike for touring. Your journey reminded me of mine as I toured and camped from Phoenix, to the Grand Canyon, to Moab, to Durango, through New Mexico and back home, some 4000+ miles later. I overland camp in my Jeep but as one of the commenters wrote, "Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul."

    Alexander WeaverAlexander Weaver29 hari yang lalu
  • Great video great music I feel like jumping on my Bonnieville T120 and riding around Australia

    Jack ChristodoulouJack Christodoulou29 hari yang lalu

  • I love these video, you know I was amazed by this video it gives me a lot of lesson although it is edited but somehow in the roads and in the places that you've traveled, I can say that the world is just so Big that you don't have to worry anything. For me Bro I really appreciate your video, it is so nice, The feeling of Riding your motorcycle are just comfortable and the places are so beautiful and so astounding and all the friends that you have met are so nice. I really love this video, I hope you could travel in the PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 soon with your Bike/Motorcycle. Stay safe Man! God bless to your Trip!.

    Kip.joshua013 AyonayonKip.joshua013 AyonayonBulan Yang lalu
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  • Can you say the mucis name🙏🙏🙏🙏

    İsmail Gülerİsmail GülerBulan Yang lalu
  • 4:55 - This men looks like a Actor from the TV series "Yellowstone" - Casey 😄

    Senior FromSenior FromBulan Yang lalu
  • Is that Lands End in Cali on 5:50?

    Jlac_ Fit&MoreJlac_ Fit&MoreBulan Yang lalu
  • How'd you know where the public camping spots were when you needed to crash?

    2LiveNoob2LiveNoobBulan Yang lalu
  • How were you able to plan out where you'd camp or where'd you check-in at a motel? I really want to do something like this in the future and I'm doing as much research as I can now. thanks.

    Lemuel Gjannie CataquizLemuel Gjannie CataquizBulan Yang lalu
  • You should have taken 101 all the way down is a great ride. I live in Oregon and ride it all year round.

    Mike DoyleMike DoyleBulan Yang lalu
  • A free spirit buddy ;-)

    Gonzalo ruiz diazGonzalo ruiz diazBulan Yang lalu
  • Looking forward to doing this with the wife accross Canada, East to West back to East. Still got to figure which bikes to bring along.

    MortisDuxMortisDuxBulan Yang lalu
  • Jake should get in contact to Charly sinewan from Spain. He rides allover the world on his bmw gs850 i believe if am not wrong .his videos are allover on IDworlds

    Robert divanyRobert divanyBulan Yang lalu
  • wow! just wow! best motorcycle travel vid I have ever watched so far I've seen a lot but this is the best! Ride safe. Thanks for the ride.

    summer hazesummer hazeBulan Yang lalu
  • Unable to do this at the moment, but eternity is a long time. Imagine what’s before us. Ecclesiastes 3:11, eternity or time indefinite has been put in our hearts. So at some point my wife and I will do this

    dave palenkodave palenkoBulan Yang lalu
  • Great video man! Wish i could do something like that!

    Ninja RiderNinja RiderBulan Yang lalu
  • Bad ass rides , love the Music ? Who sings that song , videos and music match like a they are ment for each other,,

    Juan MaciasJuan MaciasBulan Yang lalu
  • The further south you go, the smaller the trees get.

    James AllenJames AllenBulan Yang lalu
  • Thanks for sharing mate

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  • A year ago, at 35 years old, I was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease in my right ankle. I had to give up on all of my outdoor hobbies, as they were far too brutal on my ankle bone. While recalibrating my life, I remembered a guy on a bike I spoke with ten years ago who had the same disease I have, but his had advanced to amputation. I had never ridden a motorcycle, but I realized that was the perfect redirect for jujitsu, skating, snowboarding, running, and racquetball. I bought a Ninja 650 before I even learned to ride it. But learn I did, and within six months of getting my motorcycle license I went on a 3000 mile ride through Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Wyoming. It was a depression miracle cure. My only regret is not getting a bike 15 years ago. If any of you are thinking "i want to do this, but I don't have the X (money, time, knowledge, etc), just do it. Buy an older japanese bike, take an MSF class, buy beginner gear, (it'll be about 500 bucks total), and go places.

    lovelessissimolovelessissimoBulan Yang lalu
    • @lovelessissimo Thank you!

      maistomaistoBulan Yang lalu
    • @maisto What? No, man. I'm not a therapist. Just go on a motorcycle ride.

      lovelessissimolovelessissimoBulan Yang lalu
    • @lovelessissimo ,thanks for the reply

      Robert divanyRobert divanyBulan Yang lalu
    • @Robert divany it was just food and gas. I didn't go around the world, as I live in the US. The whole trip cost about 800 bucks. Took about 10 days.

      lovelessissimolovelessissimoBulan Yang lalu
    • Lovelessissimo ,I have question do you or this guys who do this around the world save enough $$$ to afford this trips ? Thats my question?

      Robert divanyRobert divanyBulan Yang lalu
  • How did you charge your batteries?

    CBW0314CBW0314Bulan Yang lalu
  • Been dreaming California and riding like this..

    살세도나베간떼살세도나베간떼Bulan Yang lalu
  • Sir, I consider your playlist as the ultimate biking playlist. It's awesome ✨ Excellent vlog

    Mirza BaigMirza BaigBulan Yang lalu
  • Been jonesin' to do this exact thing for years.

    Motorcycle MenMotorcycle MenBulan Yang lalu
  • 10 years ago we rode Baltimore Md to Yellowstone and back on Harleys.

    Andrew GiordanoAndrew GiordanoBulan Yang lalu
  • Glad you made a return video/s. Love bikes. Love journeys. Love Triumphs. Love what you did here.

  • thanks for awersome video and songs.

    Green HungGreen HungBulan Yang lalu
  • Just watching this straight after the first one, it feels like I'm riding along with you! I used to do similar to this years ago, back in the 90's, I'm English so had to settle for England, Wales and Scotland but I still got to see far more of my country than most British ever do. It's an exhilaration that cannot be explained to someone who doesn't ride. Thanks for sharing, I think your'e influencing many people to think of doing their own trips!

    bushmanpmbushmanpmBulan Yang lalu
  • This episode is as good as the first.It remembers me my honeymoon travel from Frisco to LA then Vegas,death Valley and back to SF.This was in 1991.Iam 68yo now but still riding the Triumph.(i had many blkes before).Cheers from France.

    Vincent VelazquezVincent VelazquezBulan Yang lalu
  • Thanks for the introduction to Greg Holden. Great music still exist, but you have to search for it :)

  • 11 haters for now. Who are they? But why bothering? Just 11 freaks :)

    Evgeniy BeschastnovEvgeniy BeschastnovBulan Yang lalu
  • I did a road trip from Seattle to LA spring 2019. I looped back around through Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Idaho. It will probably always be one of my fondest memories. Thanks for letting me relive it for a few minutes.

    NYC LurkerNYC LurkerBulan Yang lalu
    • @Andy Newcom nice man I did it with my brother as well. The whole drive was about 2 weeks. We spent a few days in SF and LA each and couple in Utah because there is so much around there (grand canyon, dead horse point, monument valley, etc. Btw when you drive from SF to LA you MUST take the coastal highway. The scenery is unreal.

      NYC LurkerNYC LurkerBulan Yang lalu
    • My brother and I are thinking on doing the same trip. About how long of a journey was it for you?

      Andy NewcomAndy NewcomBulan Yang lalu
  • What saddle bags do you use?

    marcus saylormarcus saylorBulan Yang lalu
  • wow! ... so many beautiful places! ... SALUTE!

    motorbiKing AustriamotorbiKing AustriaBulan Yang lalu
  • 5:05 Tegridy!

    Brian AlvarezBrian AlvarezBulan Yang lalu
  • Mantap bang... impian semua peturing nih..👍😊🙏

  • I wish i'll have a chance to ride across ur beautiful country before i get to old :) Thanks for sharing, Cheers from France

    Jean-Christophe DuchateauJean-Christophe DuchateauBulan Yang lalu
  • Awesome video

    Steve SSteve SBulan Yang lalu
  • Jake, love this video mate. I brings my memories back. I used to travel around my country with my Honda Cub C90.

    b u o n a p a r t e a s n a w ib u o n a p a r t e a s n a w iBulan Yang lalu
  • Jake, what an incredible journey; physically, mentally and spiritually. I've been riding motorcycles for 25 years. I am thankful to have seen much of this country. In 2000, I made a life changing decision and hopped on a bicycle and rode from Seattle to Washington, DC. There are not enough words to describe the feelings and thoughts one has during a trek like ones we've had. Thank you for such great editing and musical choices. I definitely got lost in the moment and found myself daydreaming about traveling the country again. Cheers.

    castle228castle228Bulan Yang lalu
  • Dude you are such a great creator! Editing, spot on. Soundtrack is friggin perfect! I’m really into these vids and living vicariously through them 🤙

    mang313mang313Bulan Yang lalu
  • Love ❤from india... Which triumph model, cc and bhp power ⚡and how much torque? Give full details

    pankaj kumarpankaj kumarBulan Yang lalu
  • As in Episode 1, great to be along on the ride from your point of view. I really think Triumph needs to buy these vids from you and show them on their site, and at their corporate meetings. What you are doing IS the dream of most riders, and you're doing it on their bike. Sadly much of the ride in this video is charred and smoky landscape now. You are so lucky you did this when you did.

    Chris MaggioChris Maggio2 bulan yang lalu
  • 😊👍

    Солнечный КроликСолнечный Кролик2 bulan yang lalu
  • I dont thumbs ups a lot of video's but this whole serie got one. Not only because you and these video's are worth it but Also to hopefully boost this on IDworlds More People deserve to see this awesome Road trip

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    • Thanks so much man

      Jake BollesJake BollesBulan Yang lalu
  • These roads look incredible. Endless opportunities for adventure. Love from New Zealand!

    Harry HodgmanHarry Hodgman2 bulan yang lalu
  • I'm from Argentina. In 1979 I went to Chicago to visit my uncles and cousins. I bought there a Suzuki GS 425N and made two trips. One to the west, Colorado, and the other to the east, New Hampshire near the Canadian border. Including turnarounds the total mileage was over 6500. Jake, your videos make me remember those wonderful times I spent in the U.S. We both share that feeling of riding alone into and endless horizon.

    Red Five51Red Five512 bulan yang lalu
  • Woooooohoooooooo👍👍

    Somnath MisraSomnath Misra2 bulan yang lalu
  • Hey Jake, great video just got back from a tour in the european alps(germany, austria, switzerland and Italy)- watching your viedeo makes me wanna pack my stuff an hop on the bike. Forget about rain, longing for the next gas station etc. ,enjoy what makes the trip special and learn your lessons in order to have an even better trip next time . We can't travel all the roads but we should try anyways... Keep on riding! Chris from germany

    Chris AguilaChris Aguila2 bulan yang lalu
  • This video deserves a million views.

    Genos 86Genos 862 bulan yang lalu
  • Just finished binge-watching your adventures. Brilliant filming of the scenery and fantastic music, both of which are new to me. Many thanks and best wishes for your future travels 👍👍👍

    C CooperC Cooper2 bulan yang lalu
  • Awesome video, trip and bike. Music choice made it difficult to watch though...

    Ren VRen V2 bulan yang lalu
  • proof you don't need an expensive machine to tour across America on, just use what you have.

    ThePleasanthillThePleasanthill2 bulan yang lalu
  • Hi Jake, I’ve watch the three videos of your trip. You have beautiful captured the feel of this wonderful adventure. The filming, editing and music are beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

    Linda YorkeLinda Yorke2 bulan yang lalu
  • This is awesome, man. Great trip. You rode right past me, btw! Surprising seeing your commute in a video, haha

    Adam SAdam S2 bulan yang lalu
  • One day im goig to do this with my wife :D

    Omar CuencaOmar Cuenca2 bulan yang lalu
  • Man thank you for the amazing video ! Such lovely places and a lovely edit 👋

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  • Another excellent video .....very nice

    HHK Wandrer & ExplorerHHK Wandrer & Explorer2 bulan yang lalu
  • took roadtrip from GA to WA and back. gonna do it on a bike the next go round

    smilinjoe23smilinjoe232 bulan yang lalu
  • Nice. It’s remembered my trip to from Alberta Canada to all over USA with my 2009 Yamaha Royal Star Venture. Beautiful.

    Dushy SomasundrarajahDushy Somasundrarajah2 bulan yang lalu
  • Inspirational videos buddy,wonderful country and great music. Best wishes from sunny Scotland.

    Alex RobertsAlex Roberts2 bulan yang lalu
  • Coming to watch this right after your EP1. This is so calming. I traveled to many states in America, but I never took the NY - WA route. Glacier National Park is still my dream destination.

    Yunpeng SunYunpeng Sun2 bulan yang lalu
  • Awesome, from India

    Rajesh RajanRajesh Rajan2 bulan yang lalu
  • Could you tell me where u are @12:23 so I can add it to my list of places to visit ?? Great video btw . Thanks

    Rex4x4Rex4x42 bulan yang lalu
    • Yosemite.

      Sierra ScramblerSierra ScramblerBulan Yang lalu
  • thank you for sharing such a amazing video....wish you good luck for next ride...

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  • wow, an amazing video. what brand is your tank bag?

    Karelia RosenauKarelia Rosenau2 bulan yang lalu
    • I think it's Givi.

      b u o n a p a r t e a s n a w ib u o n a p a r t e a s n a w iBulan Yang lalu
  • Good stuff.

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  • Great Video and Cut ... thanks 👍

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  • nice video bro

  • What an epic trip!

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  • Just so you know, LA is Louisiana. Los Angeles is L.A.

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  • Amazing.

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  • Jake - nailed it again. Your music selection is perfect! Blessed and a blessing

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  • @jakebolles did you happen to stop in Trinidad, CA on your way down #hwy101?

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  • Great video. Thank you for sharing. I was wondering. Do you have a list of the equipment you have used? The camping gear ..cameras etc?! Also....what kind of memory to record so much footage...?! Thank you for your answer!

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  • Hi Jake you took me a wonderful ride that I enjoyed the most with soul touching music

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