🐹Hamster escapes the awesome maze for Pets in real life 🐹 in Hamster stories Part 2

26 Des 2020
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Hamster maze for Pets in real life. Today's story is sure to be very dynamic.
Above is Mr Hamster, he was imprisoned. The hamster police ignored him, he broke the sink, escaped several dangerous traps and ran away. Mr Humster was quick, brave and lucky. The Hamster police could not catch him.
#MisterHamster #MazeDIYTraps #HamsterPolice

  • Why my hamster in Jail ???

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  • Is español? Alguien abla el idioma español it cat soul plus is yes lol

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  • How long did it take you to build that????

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  • *When a hamster is smarter than I'll ever be-*

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  • But the hamster is really smart

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  • I guess the hamster was scared at the moment when you did this

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  • I love how the hamster just casually stops to clean itself on a chained platform hovering over lava.

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  • A lot of work. I don't like these stuff normally but I respect your patience and dedication.

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  • this is just wrong and rude if you didn't know the hamster in this video is scared to death right now he probably thinks its real and this hole thing looks like a hamster torture chamber

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  • I have a hamster 🐹 too David and daizy

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  • Dose any one think the hamster doesn’t like it he seems sad or a she

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  • Good work at making the Jail's and video&sound effects. Great details in the Jail's.

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  • So here at 4:19 i saw that this Hamster is not a normal Hamster 🐹

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  • Hamster rubbing face before doing any obstacle

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  • *Hamster:* Look what do I have to do to earn my food...

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  • This hamster is having the time of his life

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  • *1 month ago, 87,665,305 views*

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  • Not the hero we needed.. but the hero we wanted

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  • Never knew how smart hamsters actually are.. maybe I'll get one someday lol.

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  • Isn’t mr hamster a rabbit lol

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  • Forget cats. Hamsters are most definitely liquid.

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  • 2:23 hamster is literally over a lava pit but stopped and grooms himself, he has to look good.

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  • The one who made tis maze is aMAZEing

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  • So is nobody going to talk about how theirs a camera pointing At the Toilet🤨

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    • I think the prison guards made the camera point there intentionally.

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  • i know

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