GoPro Inside a CAR TIRE (TIRE vs NAILS)

26 Sep 2020
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AWESOME EXPERIMENT! We mounted a GoPro inside a CAR TIRE and tried to run over a NAIL BED!
You won’t believe what it looks like from inside!
Lensko - Let’s Go [NCS Release]
Kevin Macleod
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  • Do this on a 37 inch big fat off road mud/rock tire and put in on a lifted up Jeep and go off reading. It be cool to see how much tire flex from the inside.

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  • Плагиат у гараж54

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  • Please try this with puncture sealing liquid inside the tyre

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  • MTC Car

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  • Sick

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  • Muito boa a idéia de colocar a câmera dentro do pneu . Gostei

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  • 04:03 spider

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  • 4:02 fokus di velg ada semut lewat

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  • 5:46 a storm is beging and a lot of q Smoke is in the wheel

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  • 4:32 : it look like you are inside a bridge in the Internet and a virus just infect the bridge

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  • 1:17 it look like the go pro is in a dimensional bridge (sorry for the error im french)

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  • 4:03 spider say :shit im trapped here

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  • Dwo nie stunkan nie bite xd

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  • The momment the nails got in: NARUTO HAKU

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  • Imagine your gopro was in your tire then someone steals your car then drive at high speeds XD rip your Go Pro

  • This is why I stay up past 3:00AM....

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  • wow amazing .like the post

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  • Nice video

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  • why didnt that bottle break ?

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  • Creí que el aire era invisible 😂😂

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  • it feels like on a snake stomach

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  • Toż to Lanos z Zawiercia... moje miasto :D

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  • não foi nada se você prestar atenção tem uma hora que dentro do pneu aparece uma Aranha viva.

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  • 0:55 Are you from Poland? 0:55 Czy ty jesteś z Polski?

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  • Tire vs spider

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  • With 10X looks like anightmare 4:30

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  • Wow Polish people know how to entertain you for sleepless nights

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  • 4:03 spider man

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  • Fake why didn't the camera rotated when the tire rotated everyone think

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  • Hand 4

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  • you did a great job we can see the air

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  • very interesting

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  • Me at the tire shop I work at "wow god another nail in a tire I don't want to patch this" Me watching IDworlds videos "wow nails puncturing a tire let me watch this entire video"

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  • The number of comments was 666vi had to change it

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  • it turns out that this experiment is only to save one small spider Good creator Yasalam

  • Imagine how dizzy the spider would feel after a drive

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  • In this video no spooders we're harmed Spooder=spider

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  • Fake Go pro should move as tire move

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  • Now we finally get to know what a tyre has to go through

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  • Pneu lá deve ser muito barato ne

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  • Is any 1 notice insect inside the tyre 4:03 sec

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    • Dat a spyder

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  • A little spider can withstand such a high pressure...

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  • There is a spider inside your tire

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  • Imagine the nails hitting the go pro

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  • Interessante. Primeira vez que vejo algo assim.

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  • Why do i feel pain in my soul watching this?

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  • Why camera isnt spinning ?

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  • fake video 9 steel nails on wood and inside the wheel only 8 steel nails show

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  • 4:03 spider

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  • That’s soo great to watch

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  • pov : ur in a snakes stomach

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  • The tire didn't get punctured the first and second time because the force is distributed

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