펜타곤(PENTAGON) - 'DO or NOT' Official Music Video

15 Mar 2021
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펜타곤(PENTAGON) - 'DO or NOT' Official Music Video
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I don't care if you DO or NOT
상관없어 No matter what you say
말 좀 해봐 좀 DO or NOT
며칠째 또 또 또 똑같아
너의 말을 곱씹어 난
늘 그렇게 다음을 또
I don't care about you
밀어내지 또 Curling
And you look like The Rolling Stones
이랬다저랬다 근데 난 정했다가
아무것도 모르는 널 보면 못 믿겠어
난 그냥 덤덤 무뎌져 가 점점
Oh DO or NOT 네 맘대로 하세요
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
Do do hey not not
You say do do or not
좋다고 하든가 나랑 살든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
매일 난 빌었겠지 All day and night (All day)
늘 그렇게 아무도 안 부럽게 (Always)
I don't understand 아니면 뭐 어때?
I'm ok 갈 데까지 가
난 그래 더 더 무뎌져 가 점점
Oh DO or NOT 네 맘대로 하세요
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
Do do hey not not
You say do do or not
좋다고 하든가 나랑 살든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
떠나라고 너 잘 사나 보자고
있는 힘껏 널 지워보려고
가볍게 지워 가볍게 미워해
좋다고 하든가 아니면 말든가
딱 지금 정해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
나랑 살든가 아니면 말든가
네 맘대로 해 DO or NOT
So what? I don't care
So what? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
So what? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
So what? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
So what? I don't care
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    • Maybe this guide can help you :) and welcome ♡ idworlds.info/from/vtmbZZvRsoNoi7M/video

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    • Hi there baby Uni :) here are some time-stamps with a little bit of info: 0:03 the mans in front with the precious smile: Hui, leader, main vocal, composer (of this song and many others), musical actor, leader of trot group Superfive, genius, currently enlisted (will be freed in Nov '22) 0:34 pink hair dancing into your heart: Kino, main dancer, vocal, sub rapper, composer, choreographer, painter, florist?, 1/3 of maknae line, soundcloud: Knnovation 0:47 charming man with honey voice: Hongseok: main vocal (check out Hong Seasons on yt), actor, funny guy, muscle man (currently giving workout lessons on yt) 1:33 cheating basketball giant: Wooseok: main rapper, composer (of this song and many others), actor, lyricist, member of Duo Wooseok X Kuanlin, tallest + youngest of the maknaes 1:37 where is Waldo?: Yeo One: lead vocal, composer (Kaja, Hope, Her voice, Begin again, Todaktodak), actor, thinks he's funny, ASMR king 1:40 blue haired fairy increasing your heartbeat: Yanan: vocal, visual, Shanghai prince, actor, 1/2 of foreign members 1:44 guy who pulls off green, serves looks and vocals: Shinwon: vocal, self proclaimed visual (who's gonna argue?), composer, model (aka Godel), funny boi! 2:27 your crush on the motorcycle: Yuto: rapper, composer, 1/3 of maknae line, deeep voice, japanes (1/2 of foreign line), wears black every day all day, softie who looks fierce, soundcloud: Yuto not present in video: smollest man with biggest vocals: Jinho: main vocal, musical actor, composer, oldest, currently enlisted (will be freed Nov 21), vocal coach, vocal king (-> check out his Magazine Ho series) some general info: Pentagon are a 9 member self-produced group with a family-like bond. They also have the cutest relationship with Universe and literally spoil us with content! The three youngest were each born exactly 4 days apart, Jinho and Hongseok share a birthday, The oldest is the smallest, the youngest the tallest. They are a bunch of cry-babies and scaredy-cats and just full of love! recommended guide: Pentagon November 2020 edition. recommended variety: Mafia Dance, the recent fact in star, recent Weekly idol, Pentagon's Jackpod on dive studios Hope this helps you a little bit!

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  • Stream Do or Not mv.unis fighting

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  • Day 11: I got my first dose of the covid vaccine today! Remember to stay safe Unis 💙 wear a mask and get vaccinated when you can. The following videos are really close to 1m: -Daisy music video (1thek):

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    • Sunshine 85 that's nice. Half of American adults have also been vaccinated but it's really scattered where people have gotten it. they only just recently opened eligibility in my state to younger people to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, cases are still rising where I live :( it was really hard to find an appointment. Hopefully more people will get vaccinated here too so that things can go back to normal!

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    • @Megan Shaw in my country more than 50% were vaccinated, almost everything is back to normal.

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  • Universe, PENTAGON are the brand ambassadors of TIPCO juice. Please support it and give it lots of love. Tried it actually and i liked it (orange flavor) their are plenty of flavors as well. Enjoy with your DONUT! hihi

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  • Shine is the first song that ive heard by Pentagon, while Daisy is the song that make me stan them. And now this song, Do or Not is my first comeback with them i'm so happy that i stan them and call myself UNIVERSE.😭💙

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    • He is Yanan our Shanghai prince~

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