MUST SEE! TWO COOL LADIES piloting HEAVY MD-11F ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE [AirClips full flight series]

19 Jul 2019
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At it’s all about YOU! Thank you for being with us and for your loyalty. It’d great to have you on board! Now fasten your seat belts, please… was exclusively invited to join Captain Inge and First Officer Claudia on their Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F rotation from Frankfurt to Mumbai (India), Hongkong, Novosibirsk (Russia) and back to Frankfurt. Every leg of this rotation will be published as a separate FULL ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE over time. This is the first full film about the flight from Frankfurt to Mumbai (India), Welcome aboard - it's all for free!

  • Hello girls, super keep it up👍👍👍💋💋💋

    Вячеслав ИдимешевВячеслав Идимешев3 hari yang lalu
  • Thoroughly enjoyed that. Very informative and entertaining. Go girls! ❤️

    Joanne KirkmanJoanne Kirkman12 hari yang lalu
  • thanks for teaching & explaining many things.wish you both good success.

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  • Enjoyed the entire flight start to finish. These two pilot’s confidence & professionalism was exemplary. Thanks for the honest personal stories about how you became pilots it very interesting indeed. The 1 hour & 48 minutes with you ladies just “flew” by.

    Pauline DavisPauline Davis19 hari yang lalu
  • Hello, i flew plane, not as a pilot, just as a traveler. I have a lot fear of flying in a plane. What does keap me calm, is a nice dinner and a beer. That is totaly important for me. I will never, never have the power, to pilot any plane. I wona say thank you especialy to the people, who serve food in our planes, i flew Singapoor Airlines, Qantas, Air New Zealand, Luft Hansa, Ansett, Tui, British Airways, Edelweiss and i will say thank you to all the people, who serve the travelers such good food. I relly don t like u friendly travelers in the back of any plane, telling the news paper, the food was digusting. Big respwct to the whole crew!!!

    David RuflinDavid Ruflin21 hari yang lalu
  • Thank you so much, both of you make me feel that to pilot a huge aircraft is that easy, God bless you and keep you safe at all time.

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  • An excellent insight on what is going on before, during and after flight. So human, so natural, excelent filming, great explanations of the diferente flight procedures, enjoyed it so much. Have seen the videos for Frankfurt/Mumbai, Mumbai/Hong Kong and Hong Kong/Novosibirsk, but couldn't find the last one for Novosibirsk/Frankfurt. If anybody can help... ?

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  • Does anyone know? Now that LH Cargo is retiring all its MD-11 Cargo from the fleet, will all pilots get a training and recertification for the B777F that is replacing the MD-11s?

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  • Thank you, Inge & Claudia! Its nice to always learn more of what goes on prior to flight and learn a little bit about the technicalities of an aircraft. Danke!

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    • I did cockpit function tests as Im a pilot so could probably land an MD11.

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    • @interflug88 may be the best news I’ve heard all day... still a lovely big bird, only two engines, but they are bigger :-) safe flights!

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    • Nope - we get trained on the 777. all good :)

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