Mi 11 Ultra -Global - Full Review - A real camera beast! [Xiaomify]

3 Apr 2021
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Triple-50 MP cameras, A 120Hz WQHD+ Display, a 1.1" rear AMOLED display, 67W wired-AND Wireless Charging? YES! This is it; the Mi 11 Ultra! -A real camera beast, which I have just looked at a few days ago, but how is the global version of this phone after trying it for over 10 days now? Let's find out!
Xiaomi has outdone themselves with this phone. Sure it’s got that same Snapdragon 888, the same display, the same front-facing camera, and the same Harman Kardon speakers as on the Mi 11… But there’s more on the Ultra.
At first, I was surprised it didn’t have the same 108-megapixel main camera but instead had a 50-megapixel main camera. But as it turns out the sharpness is better on the Mi 11 Ultra, and the two additional 48 megapixel lenses are really great to have. Finally, we have a much higher resolution ultra-wide angle lens. That is super nice to have. But even better is the 48-megapixel telephoto lens. This lens has such an incredible focal length, giving you almost DSLR-like results.
The photos I have taken with the ultra, both during the day and at night, really blow so many phones completely away. Especially the 5x telephoto lens has given me truly amazing results. -The squeeze, the field of view, and the feeling of depth is unlike anything I have seen on a phone before.
The video on the ultra is amazing as well. I have done a lot of 8K shoots, as all 3 lenses shoot in 8K. But that’s where I made a misjudgment in my photo and video review… As it turns out the video stabilization at night is incredible when using the 4K resolution. The weird thing is that there is no difference in a crop of field-of-view between the 8K and 4K video.
So I made the wrong call in saying that the night videos have pretty bad stabilization, as in 4K it's really really good.
The other notable feature on the Mi 11 ultra is sure that 1.1” rear display. At first, it might look a little bit of a gimmick, but as it gives you a live view of the camera when taking selfie photos, it is actually quite cool. Sure, I would have loved for it to do the same with 50megapixel photos and especially with video, but perhaps that is just a firmware update away. (Maybe?)
The little display is also quite nice to see time, battery and if there’s a new notification as well, and when playing music it will allow you to pause or skip a song from there as well. And why not!
So the Mi 11 ultra surely has a lot of similar features when comparing it to the Mi 11, but that camera… That camera makes it 100% worth it to consider getting the Mi 11 Ultra over the ‘regular’ Mi 11…
00:00 intro
00:27 Tech specs
01:11 Camera specs
01:55 Other features
02:42 Camera tests
02:51 Photo with Mi 11 Ultra
03:30 Night photos
03:59 Video with Mi 11 Ultra
04:30 Night video
05:05 Switching lenses real time
05:41 Other camera features
05:58 1920 fps slow motion
06:21 Selfie camera
06:35 Shooting RAW and LOG
06:35 Rear display options
07:58 Rear display settings
08:48 Daily performance
09:31 Playing games?
09:56 Audio examples
10:44 What do I think of the Mi 11 Ultra?
11:54 Why pick the Ultra over the Mi 11?
12:31 What do you think?
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  • I really wish they had good software support like iPhone. Then I would even ignore that ugly glossy back and switch. But until they have 4-5 years of updates, I’ll unfortunately pass. Even though it’s an amazing phone.

    fxamanfxamanHari Yang lalu
  • Question: Any idea when the global version will be launching and if someone from Canada could get their hands on this? I would love this phone, but so far the only one that is available is the Chinese version from a variety of websites. I have been told it may launch later this month, but I don't know :s Any help is appreciated!

    SSP GamingSSP GamingHari Yang lalu
  • I'm quite curious about the sound quality in video mode in a loud environment. The 9 sucked while recording concerts or parties.

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  • So how does someone from Canada get their hands on the global version? I see the Chinese version being sold all over the place, is the global version just not available yet? I bought a Huawei phone in China once and honestly I didn't have a great experience because of all the Chinese apps installed that I couldn't understand despite the language being said to English. I really want this phone but I would only want to get it in the English global version, haven't been able to find it anywhere though

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  • I find the photos to be lacking dynamic range. This is a common theme with Xiaomi phone even when they use huge sensor. The dynamic range is very low and unable to capture hidden details. The best dynamic range goes to Google pixel hands down.

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  • do i have to become a youtuber to have a Mi 11 Ultra global version lol ?

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    • @xiaomify i've actually pre-order a CN version of the phone but i cancelled after i found out there a smart view thingy page only for China, like DiDi..etc..etc... not going to China soon and will be in Canada for my rest of my life. best off to get a global version as possible lol. great vid review btw

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    • haha at this early stage, yeah 😂 I think it should probably be out soon though

      xiaomifyxiaomify3 hari yang lalu
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  • Great review. You've got a new subscriber here. I'm very tempted to get one of these, but I have a couple of questions though: - Does it support an external mic when recording video? - Have you heard anymore about the rear display being utilised for when you're recoding video?

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    • @xiaomify thanks for the reply man! Phone is awesome

      Edison RiosEdison Rios3 hari yang lalu
    • Until the actual global version is up for sale I would wait a few days/weeks. The models that are currently sold are most likely the Chinese models. (I expect global to start selling quite soon though) I'll post an update if they do :)

      xiaomifyxiaomify3 hari yang lalu
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  • Hey, thanks for this very interesting review of the Mi 11 Ultra. For me, as a non native english speaking person (I am from Austria), what I like best, is your very clear and easy to understand english. Thanks

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    • Totally agree! I would love to see a slightly smaller phone come out from Xiaomi as well.. All of their phones have pretty much been the exact same size over the last 1.5 years. A smaller one would be welcome

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    • yeah it sure is!

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    • yeah a rugged case is VERY welcome!

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  • The Mi 11 Ultra will be launching in Hong Kong for HK$8,499 or about US$1,090, with the launch date to be confirmed

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    • No it doesn't have an SD card slot. (I believe Xiaomi never does that on their higher end phones, only on their mid- and lower-tier phones, kinda strange in a way....)

      xiaomifyxiaomify3 hari yang lalu
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    • I think it's going to be around 1100 / 1200 USD but I am not sure. (I haven't seen a confirmed price just yet, probably one of these days...)

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  • They could use this huge island on the back to make bigger screen for selfie camera (using main camera setup) and get rid of the selfie camera on the front, that would be great - no hole in the main screen and all would look slick and clean. Also they could give us back the Headphone Jack. I am not into bluetooth speakers, they are overrated, overpriced and you have to charge it every 2-3hrs. Pointless. Shame.

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    • @Carpe Diem🙏 I really hope you are wrong :)

      Hubert JHubert J4 hari yang lalu
    • @Hubert J Almost everyone did . In 2-3 years no company will use it . Get ready for that .

      Carpe Diem🙏Carpe Diem🙏4 hari yang lalu
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      Hubert JHubert J4 hari yang lalu
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    • @Carpe Diem🙏 Well, yes, that's true, in general, but I am not doing any video calls, so I don't need it :)

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    • I believe this one will come with the USB-C -to- headphone jack adapter in the box. (Mi 11 came with one) But if you really need that headphone jack on the phone itself, yeah than I guess you'll have to skip it :)

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    • yeah there's certain malls where I will still have to wear one here. So I am bringing it in case I decide to go into any of these places :)

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  • S21ULTRA still has better picture quality which is funny

    HarryVlogsHarryVlogs4 hari yang lalu
    • Well that is a bit up for debate. I guess some of it is the color rendering is slightly different on both, so that's really depending on your taste. I have done a 'non scientific comparison' in the Samsung store, which was quite funny. In the end the staff member that was helping me ended up going in a 'photo battle' with me to prove the S21 Ultra was better. Some shots of the wide angle and the ultra wide angle were very nice on both, but the 5x zoom was hard to compare. So I had punched it in to 10x (with 2x digital zoom on the telephoto lens) and the guy that I was 'up against' actually ended up defeatedly saying he liked the Mi 11 Ultra photos better.. Again, these are some subtle differences, but the 10x came out better looking on the Mi 11 Ultra. I couldn't really film the Samsung store, but it was kinda fun. In the end they both shoot very good photos and it comes down to other nuances as well. Which color rendering do you like better, which OS do you like better, and which out-of-the-box performance do you like better.. To each their own.

      xiaomifyxiaomify3 hari yang lalu
    • @HarryVlogs its normal zoom its better as it has a better zoom lens , dedicated one . If zoom is better for you , pick it . Xiaomi won photo and video , daytime and nightime . Thats all what matters for 90 % of users , if not more . Remember Xiaomi has to get lots of updated aswell and it just been released , Samsung is 3 months old .End of story , the rest is just useless talking . Samsung its a great brand but you must accept companies advance more and more . Xiaomi just made a better phone ,as Samsung had hundreds of better phones than Xiaomi had . end of story .

      Carpe Diem🙏Carpe Diem🙏4 hari yang lalu
    • @Carpe Diem🙏 IDworldsrs are professional and have been reviewing smartphones for longer an s21ultra score lower than S20 ultra which is a giveaway seeing as s21ultra has better quality. And you can't deny s21ultra has better quality zoom than mi 11 ultra

      HarryVlogsHarryVlogs4 hari yang lalu
    • @HarryVlogs Do you know they take money ? You filmed them ? Jesus , some of you guys ... You got all the samples over there , what do you want more than that ? Do you think they rig photos of other devices just to make xiaomi look better ? My god ... You can see all the details over there ... How can you trust youtubers over a professional team who only does that ? Jesus ... I really dont understand some of you . Basically you trust anybody who can be me , you , your neighbor ... Over a team who does that intensively for years and years ... Whatever , forget it man ...

      Carpe Diem🙏Carpe Diem🙏4 hari yang lalu
    • @Carpe Diem🙏 dxomark are completely untrustworthy and just take money and no one trusts them. Anyway this was the s21ultra Snapdragon. And the s21ultra zoom is still better don't deny that

      HarryVlogsHarryVlogs4 hari yang lalu
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    • IT's a flydigi controller

      xiaomifyxiaomify3 hari yang lalu
  • Xiaomi Germany say the release is in the first quarter of 2021here in Germany. This can be between 1.04. or 30.06.. Should I wait so long? Maybe it gives me the time to get a look at the P50 pro...

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