LEGO AMONG US Animation, If All CREWMATES are Food - Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR Funny Videos

15 Nov 2020
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AMONG US Logic in Lego, gameplay In real life : After finding crewmate, "Stop Motion Cooking" kill all players to make breakfast. Impostor is me 😈😈. I hope you enjoy this funny video. Don't forget to wear headphones for a better experience.
👉 Warning: This is not real, just a stop motion video. Don't try at home! All performances are scripted content. All stunts or acts have performed in a professional and controlled environment where no one is injured.
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Producer & Director - Anh Ngoc
Scriptwriter - Hoa Dieu
Animator - Long Dao
Editor & Sound designer - Thanh Tran
Production Designer - Xuan Dat
System Developer - Phuoc Chu
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