Covid: Economic recovery will take a long time, Sunak warns @BBC News live 🔴 BBC

3 Mar 2021
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What did we learn from the chancellor's press conference?
Rishi Sunak's media briefing came after his Budget speech today.
He began by saying he wants to be "honest about the problems we face", and said and it will take "a long time" to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.
He repeated the headline policies from the Budget:
Continued support for the economy during the pandemic: the furlough scheme, help for the self-employed, business rates relief, and other grants for business
A freeze in the income tax standard and higher rate thresholds, and, from 2023, a corporation tax increase to 25%
Investment in infrastructure and skills, across the UK
In response to questions from journalists, Mr Sunak said:
He thought the government has a responsibility to control public borrowing after the time
He promised that no one's current take home pay will be affected by the freezing of the income tax thresholds
Despite the proposed increase, the UK's corporation tax will be lower than in many of its competitors. Mr Sunak insisted the government was "on the side of businesses" but said the pandemic had made some tax rises necessary
The Budget is intended to allow for flexibility in the government's roadmap for leaving lockdown in England
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Covid-19 update UK today, Rishi Sunak. With BSL signing.
Coronavirus: Government Downing Street briefings | BBC News | BBC
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  • Jesus help me You know everything about me Why doesn't one person help another? Jesus

    fahad nazirfahad nazir9 hari yang lalu
  • don't believe slither all he has done is throw around some helicopter money acting like a mere painkiller delaying the inevitable putting the entire nation in more debt and soon after the scam of furlough is over we will see a deluge of unemployment, mass repossessions and evictions when the damage could have easily been averted by offering loans of up to 5 million to UK registered companies regardless of status or 100% government backed provided they do not lay off any employees or seaze activities but I guess the while idea behind this mockery was to enslave the nation and put thr current generations and generations to come in more and more debt and no there is no money for innovation all that there is are grants for the rich companies who can afford only. i havr been working on a highly efficient green hydrogen from seawater solution that can make 🇬🇧 energy independent and provide tens of thousands of jobs but I can't get a penny in help or loans because I have been in R&D for the past 7 years I have mortgaged my only home and borrowed to provide this solution to the country but just like millions outhere been thrown under the bus and get repossessed soon so don't make the mistake these people do not have Britain's best interests at heart they do not work for Britain

    Mohammad HashemiMohammad Hashemi10 hari yang lalu
  • Sunak has been a disaster for UK economy

    Its TimeIts Time21 hari yang lalu
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    Somjit TechaleeSomjit TechaleeBulan Yang lalu
  • I’m no accounting wizz but their seems to be a handy £80-100 billion to be saved by scrapping HS2

    Derek WhyleDerek WhyleBulan Yang lalu
  • For that the British people thank you ,knowing about covid 19, since 2013 April/may ,stop lying to the people ,stop fooling the people and stop making a mockery of the country

    petra bachpetra bachBulan Yang lalu
  • Honest ?? Hahahahaha Honestly SACK HIM!!

    Marie None ya businessMarie None ya businessBulan Yang lalu
  • 1~~coronavirus originated from UK .UK mutant virus infects the world.(Made in uk, must be a boutique).The British are covering up the truth

    Entao LuEntao LuBulan Yang lalu
  • oh shut up printing money which will be worthless ...invest in bitcoin!!!

    Altab hussainAltab hussainBulan Yang lalu
  • economic recovery should take 200 years

    mike smithmike smithBulan Yang lalu
  • Dislike dishonesty ha ha ha good one pot kettle I think

    Me MeMe MeBulan Yang lalu
  • Yes your right as long as your family and Boris and Hancock exstracting millions in back handed deals we the public will have to pay loads so your future looks rich while ours looks poor...nice one sir i hope you feel really proud,o we all no your going to up the nhs wage rise just before the local election to catch votes this is what I've found out about over educated elite people they think everyone else is thick we are not,just find out in the next local election...

    Me MeMe MeBulan Yang lalu
  • UK Column News is wonderful..............................

    robin vincentrobin vincentBulan Yang lalu
  • How about instead of punishing us all with another 10 years of austerity you take it out on the people who tried to take advantage of this pandemic which was not our fault in the slightest, it is your failing and lack of transparency and logistical planning that has got us into this mess in the first place, you make yourselves look like angels and godsend during the pandemic like you've got our back then you do a complete u-turn and punish us all with tax increases and don't even get me started on the absolute insult of a 1% pay increase for NHS staff. Take it out on the people that can god damn handle it like the thousands of billionaires and millionaires in this country who avoid paying tax all together (looking at you Amazon!), it's outright disgusting how much wealth inequality there is in this country and a series of successive governments who won't do a damn thing about it because they've been brought and paid for by said people and corporations!

    ShaunShaunBulan Yang lalu
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    Shaf SeriousShaf SeriousBulan Yang lalu
  • Where are all the billions we saved with br-shit (ops brexit)? Why we don't use them instead of decreasing the benefit of the people who voted br-shit ?

    John InfieldJohn InfieldBulan Yang lalu
    • @Gianluca yes it is true. Europe was better off. Let's hope Scotland will join EU.

      Edmund CEdmund CBulan Yang lalu
    • We did not save anything. Everything is going to become more expensive now with br-shit !!!

      GianlucaGianlucaBulan Yang lalu
  • May I suggest a good way to better open your economy, not implementing new borders with nearly all your neighbors but of course economy is not the priority, sovereignty is the priority. It is a respectable choice but you should have the courage to endorse it. We made the choice of sovereignty it has an short and medium impact/ cost on our economy. If you add the impact of the pandemic we have to deal with that. Be honest...

    Jérôme HJérôme HBulan Yang lalu
  • UK is supportive of countries investing more in UK excepted Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and 17 others countries. It is a respectable choice but you can't put barriers on investements from 27 neighboring countries and at the same time claim your are focused on being more open. Be proud of your sovereignty first choice

    Jérôme HJérôme HBulan Yang lalu
  • I will be honest by not explaining that Brexit and Covid hit so harshly UK economy. Just remember our only economic problem is Covid not implementing a new border with 40% to 50% of our outside clients.

    Jérôme HJérôme HBulan Yang lalu
  • Ur plan to fix them? Economically we are screwed.... Basically yall make this virus having us here in virtual living how we gonna recover? How businesses gonna pay their rent? How Mothers father gonna feed their kids? Elderly left to dye alone separated from their loves ones I don't trust yall...... Guys live for the current don't wait on the future cos we do not have a future blame them

    Aquarius JazzTMAquarius JazzTMBulan Yang lalu
  • just imagining him taking a line of coke before every point he makes "three part plan, the first part is this;" *snorts intensely*

    s ss sBulan Yang lalu
  • its concerning how little this man blinks 🤔

    Callum SahanCallum SahanBulan Yang lalu
  • Obviously it's all corona virus. Brexit meant to make us all wealthy but big bad virus came and destroyed all of it.

    Kamil SKamil SBulan Yang lalu
  • fu and Albert Pike's Luciferian diabolical masonic vision the enslavement of the human race under a world totalitarian socialist government.

    Rico LanzRico LanzBulan Yang lalu
  • To me he is the least evil horseman of the apocalypse

    Rob MarenghiRob MarenghiBulan Yang lalu
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    the great peridotthe great peridotBulan Yang lalu
  • Anti-semitusm a ‘good thing’. Marxist platitude.

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  • Arrested Development by juju. Read the official Protocols of Zion.

    banjaxeguitars banjaxeguitarsbanjaxeguitars banjaxeguitarsBulan Yang lalu
  • Does anyone listen to these fools?

    Iseethrough ItallIseethrough ItallBulan Yang lalu
  • I want to be honest with you as I read a pre written script of a teleprompter who someone else wrote.

    Jed EyeJed EyeBulan Yang lalu
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  • If the government think we are not capable of reminding them who really can reset things, they are mistaken

    Steve HamiltonSteve HamiltonBulan Yang lalu
  • So ministers will get no pay increase this year since they only gave the hero’s (NHS) 1%? Good!

    LisaLisaBulan Yang lalu
  • welcome brexit ... ops br-shit.... where are the NHS money?

    Helen LewisHelen LewisBulan Yang lalu
  • this man running round with the red breifcase like its wwe money in the bank

    MalloyMalloyBulan Yang lalu
  • This dude is a joke as the rest of the minions in this government.... rip off the small working people as usual and give more money to their rich friends....what a bull drop on the barn floor... give back some money from your wife business, you and her don’t need billions....

    Stan HristovStan HristovBulan Yang lalu
  • Please reduce the salary of NHS workers especially nurses,they are large in number and we have paid them a lot with claps and praises infact we are overpaying them with these perks and benefits.

    cyril antocyril antoBulan Yang lalu
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  • once again the BBC'c thumbs up / thumbs down is way off the truth as all other vids the thumbs down are way higher - oh i forgot - BBC = Goverment owned

    Rob Stroud RKSRob Stroud RKSBulan Yang lalu
  • British public gone mad. 🥴😂

    luke englishluke englishBulan Yang lalu
  • No sh*t Sherlock!!!

    NemesisNemesisBulan Yang lalu
  • another globalist charlatan liar

    Roo RooRoo RooBulan Yang lalu
  • 'Economic recovery will take a long time' Well blow me down! Who saw that one coming?🤣 See 'UK Column News' for real information. Facts, not fiction.

    Truth PrevailsTruth PrevailsBulan Yang lalu
  • 1% for the Nurses , billions for their pals for non existent pandemic equipment contracts .

    Sam LeoSam LeoBulan Yang lalu
    • @mike smith but they did give 100s of millions into contracts to companies that have very strong links with the tory party. Thats simply a fact

      richard marriottrichard marriottBulan Yang lalu
    • Nurses are paid a lot of claps and are given painted rainbows free of cost.Are you blind that you don’t see all these appreciations?

      cyril antocyril antoBulan Yang lalu
    • they never gave their mates ppe contracts did they,this is a conspiracy theory like everything else

      mike smithmike smithBulan Yang lalu
  • People are still losing their lives true covid by letting more people going on public transport again and opening schools I think you lot are going to regret it when covid 19 stops killing people it over stay safe everyone don't listen to the government an dorris they are not telling us true story 😷😷😷 stay safe still keep your distance

    unknown Unknownunknown UnknownBulan Yang lalu
  • it'd be quicker if you and your co-workers took a well deserved pay cut

    james hackwoodjames hackwoodBulan Yang lalu
  • Haha, more and more farces about UK's economy will come this year

    Lingfeng GeLingfeng GeBulan Yang lalu
  • JRM moved 200 billion worth finance to Ireland. Since 2016 they have got there affaires in preset. Now it’s time to ruin the will of the English people. Brexit being blamed. Brexit was happening weather we wanted it or not. The EU we’re stopping or trying to stop tax havens. All there business interests have been looked free thanks why we’re still in the EU sort of.. Hancock broke the law but justify it. So basically the uk is a corrupt organisation. If you commit a crime your chargd. Believe you me I wasted years trying to get to the bottom of the police and the corruption what I’ve seen. I’ve emailed the home sec. no reply I’m involved with the high court now but I will not hold my breath. All I say is get on the movement move.. thy will not see or no it’s coming

    Nai UnitedNai UnitedBulan Yang lalu
  • In other news, homeless people don't have houses.

    ART3K2ART3K2Bulan Yang lalu
    • Can a homeless kid do homework?

      Vishal FarmaVishal FarmaBulan Yang lalu
  • Mother was, Sister was, Wife was a Nurse, Chancellor get off your Butt and find the money to pay em right.

    Robert MaceanruigRobert MaceanruigBulan Yang lalu
  • I knew there was a reason I never bothered watching the budget .... so after 8mins of waffle .... he’s raising corporate tax in two years ...glad he cleared that up

    Die GestiveDie GestiveBulan Yang lalu
  • Bin men... the forgotten work force... once we stop takeing your shit away, you're just gonna have to sit there in it. NHS poised to strike? ooooooo here comes that great collapse I theorized. will be like watching dominos fall.

    Rolie'O RileyRolie'O RileyBulan Yang lalu
  • How come all these mushrikeen are being given jobs in parliament

    Dawei LeeDawei LeeBulan Yang lalu
  • This guys a coke addict, his words not mine

    Dawei LeeDawei LeeBulan Yang lalu

    Tommy CoyleTommy CoyleBulan Yang lalu
  • Well this isn’t poggers

    PYTHPYTHBulan Yang lalu
  • He is in Parliament so he can improve his business earnings...but then who can blame him everyone would do same if they could...

    PikachuPikachuBulan Yang lalu
  • Sunak is trained in the Tory cycle of us 1st last and finish ! I've heard ducks like him fart b4 now ? In the 80' thatcher said the "we" word that means nowt like what she said and now another plum after those b4 him he's saying the same ? Tightening our belts means the under class and hatcher created as well as the poorest and worst off disabled and hungry ! During those years those like me and the others that's typically called ordinary will see that tightened belt stay put and will not ever be any different ? Listening 2 this manufactured Tory clone just absolutely angers and provokes me ? He's talking the usual claptrap and he's never once mentioned making the obscenely rich pay their share that was dropped when the country was on its arse according 2 the weasels that's Torys that's nigh on 11 years ago they've pulled in vast amounts of money ? That's how it works we pay they flay the tax man by consistently fiddling their own tax payments ! Proven by the paradise papers then bolstered by less tax %'s from the rich Tory government 2 the off the planet rich ! They should go they do nothing 4 this country and it's never been more obvious or clear as now ? Sunak can shut the door on this shit itdoesnt fool the older generation but the young people that voted 4 these rats will more than likely not live long enough 2 realise their pensions !!!! No doubt you'll die working as they the misers take you back ? That's the reality Dickensian times and workhouses as they the class distinctive feeds mean it !

    John MyersJohn MyersBulan Yang lalu
  • We haven't recover from last financial crisis from over decade ago..

    Tomasz BrzęczyszczykiewiczTomasz BrzęczyszczykiewiczBulan Yang lalu
  • Take a long time will it? That's rather convenient for a government that oversaw 10 years of failed austerity (admitted by the party itself), kneecapped the country with Brexit, and arguably presided over THEE worst pandemic response in the world. Propaganda. PR job. Nothing more, nothing less.

    beatsandthatbeatsandthatBulan Yang lalu
  • The Economy will recover you know what won’t? Everyone who has died due to the Torys handerling of the pandemic

    BoringstuffandtalksBoringstuffandtalksBulan Yang lalu
  • You lot voted for the Tories. Apart of voting always should keep in my that recessions come every 11 years or induced or not. Do you want a bunch of snotty nosed elites who all talk weirdly ruling over you during this time?

    David JohnsonDavid JohnsonBulan Yang lalu
    • It doesn't matter who you vote for, if you aren't a close friend of theirs, they aren't going to do shit to help you.

      J SteadmanJ SteadmanBulan Yang lalu
  • kukush barn

    NikNikBulan Yang lalu
  • 3 weeks to save the NHS... here we are. Still trust these rodents who work for us the people?

    Sal BSal BBulan Yang lalu
    • You mean our masters

      Shaf SeriousShaf SeriousBulan Yang lalu
  • Why not increase the tax from employers rather than the employees they work hard enough for low pay not make them work hard to be poor even more!

    fortnite ggfortnite ggBulan Yang lalu
  • If you lieing tyrants would not have put everyone in this ridiculous lockdown for reasons we will find out in the next year or two, we would not be in this mess.... also are these morons going to be held accountable for the manslaughter of the people who died because they could not get treatment?

    Ray NewlandRay NewlandBulan Yang lalu
  • Man like rishi poonak

    RedHotSauceRedHotSauceBulan Yang lalu
  • But we can't pay nurses better because we have to spend countless billions on a railway that nobody wants

    Phil BarnesPhil BarnesBulan Yang lalu
  • 2008 financial crash MK2. This time it's a virus. Another excuse to dismantle the state, suppress wages and whilst maintaining a totally unbalanced taxation system which benefits the rich. All under the guise of 'tightening the belt'. A narrative none of the media has ever challenged, even though austerity was a nonsense and has been an abject failure when it comes to achieving is supposed aims of 'lowering the national debt'.

    Lee JohnsonLee JohnsonBulan Yang lalu
  • Am I the only one who finds the signer really distracting? Surely there should be an option to watch without it...

    BenBenBulan Yang lalu
  • You lot have made FOOLS of us common people. I'm embarrassed to be English. Dear god help us common ones.

    Tilly TillyTilly TillyBulan Yang lalu
  • Diabolical. Shame on you. Your wife is a Billionaire. She pays her staff with furlough. Shame on this person. Never again will ivote Tory. Shameful

    Tilly TillyTilly TillyBulan Yang lalu
  • Mega rich piece of useless shit , all for his mates !!!!!

    Robert LeslieRobert LeslieBulan Yang lalu
  • he lookin like vikstar123 in his 50's

    Legendairy WaffleLegendairy WaffleBulan Yang lalu
    • if vikstar went into politics

      Legendairy WaffleLegendairy WaffleBulan Yang lalu
    • Innit literally vikstar if he was smart

      Shoto TodorokiShoto TodorokiBulan Yang lalu
    • 😂😂😂

      Glendolox 07Glendolox 07Bulan Yang lalu
    • Lmfao

      PYTHPYTHBulan Yang lalu
  • The MP's should take a 50 % pay reducution for a year after the mess and failures they have created for us all and give the nurses and doctor's in hospitals a 20 % increase. We have always thought that Governments are just a waste of our tax paying money and the last year has shown us that . How about they pay us back what we have lost in earning with the gold they hold in the Bank of England ,it's just sitting there doing nothing :-).

    sgt2liptonsgt2liptonBulan Yang lalu
    • thats the point of the gold you schmuck

      MystiqueDevMystiqueDevBulan Yang lalu
  • You Can't Fix A Broken Government... Incompetent The Word To Describe You & Your Government....

    Sofia CollinsSofia CollinsBulan Yang lalu
  • Where’s the flu gone thicko

    Danny ButtleDanny ButtleBulan Yang lalu
  • No shit Sherlock

    James HumfryJames HumfryBulan Yang lalu
  • Everyone cancel your licence fee. Don't fund marxist anti british propaganda.

    stubonesstubonesBulan Yang lalu
    • Neomarxist I believe)

      Cornelius AgrippaCornelius AgrippaBulan Yang lalu
  • Hey Ricky Dicky, it will take longer if you keep throwing money at it!

    MarkMarkBulan Yang lalu
  • The plan is to destroy all self employed and independent people so they create only dependent on the state zombies whom they can pull plug off on at any time they like for control and submission into their evil agendas, while the fat cats getting even richer!

    E GE GBulan Yang lalu
  • Sure people still spent money online so what's the difference, boooring.

    Gary Key holderGary Key holderBulan Yang lalu
  • Only low paid workers will suffer. We knew that was coming.

    Kill BillKill BillBulan Yang lalu
  • Biden ruined it already

    BruhbliqBruhbliqBulan Yang lalu
  • Good Man. Faithful. Clear. Optimism and inspiration is what is needed now. Not cynicism, suspicion or drunken rants. Unity. Onwards...

    Ashley ArtusAshley ArtusBulan Yang lalu
  • Excellent, it's like reverse colonialism, the UK is now ruled by those whom the British Empire engaged in. Waiting for the Hongkongers to buy over London👍

    kalm dwnkalm dwnBulan Yang lalu
  • OK calm down theres going to be a volcanic explosion

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
  • Im gonna get real angry in a minute

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
  • Whis this woman 👩

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
  • Very good Mr chancellor

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
  • Hes good keeps his calm

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
  • Faith my 💘

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
  • Don't believe comments u see

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
    • I only believe yours.

      Cornelius AgrippaCornelius AgrippaBulan Yang lalu
  • Trust is all I have left

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
    • My trust was flushed down the loo some time ago, it started when the TORIES said THEY wanted to Save the NHS.

      Cornelius AgrippaCornelius AgrippaBulan Yang lalu
  • Thats a powerful speech

    Sanni McgourtySanni McgourtyBulan Yang lalu
    • You are Fake as F.

      Cornelius AgrippaCornelius AgrippaBulan Yang lalu
  • Who told you that you can't short the US dollar? Fund raising, crowdfunding, investment and short the US dollar will become the most profitable project! Because the US dollar has reached the critical point of devaluation! Then the Federal Reserve will take action again to save the US dollar! We will get huge returns if we short the US dollar!

    jie lijie liBulan Yang lalu