Who is 21 year old Federico Valverde?

7 Nov 2019
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Hello football fans -welcome back to Goalside!
When a top team falls apart, suffers a catastrophic drop inform, watches their most loyal manager leave or their best player is sold to another club, how are they supposed to get back on track?
There are many different theories and approaches surrounding this -after all, it’s what Directors of Football get paidto do, among other important figures at these types of clubs -so it’s no surprise that hundreds of different solutions have been attempted.
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    GOALSIDE!GOALSIDE!Tahun Yang lalu
    • its not luka modrik , its luka modrić (ć=ch ( like chelsea, not kelsea)). in any language except english c is not same as k, ok? totally different letters. if you see c, ć or č in someones last name do not say k, when we want k, we write k ( like in Kane...K)

      sasatalic85sasatalic85Tahun Yang lalu
    • @stunnymega I think Its because I now understand the whole arguement you propose and see no discrepancy whatsoever with it. You outdid yourself by being much clearer now.

      BurnRoddyBurnRoddyTahun Yang lalu
    • @BurnRoddy Well ok if you look at my first comment i said "a cf role for ronaldo and bale". A clear example is the bayern munich match 4-0 in 2014. You are saying everything i'm saying so I have no idea why you criticised my first comment... bizarre

      stunnymegastunnymegaTahun Yang lalu
    • @stunnymega I'm not Spanish but South American. Benzema played an old role called Centre Forward which is a version of False 9 that predated CAM and was popular during the first half of the XX Century up until the 1940s. The role of Benzema you're speaking of while indeed rare its not entirely unheard of, IE Benzema's role was the same role as Diego Forlan had for Uruguay in at the 2010 World Cup.

      BurnRoddyBurnRoddyTahun Yang lalu
    • @BurnRoddy Firstly I replying to goalside. My topic was they're talking rubbish about Benzema. It doesn't matter if he is Uruguayan or not. The video stated Benzema isn't carrying his team enough and that is FALSE. It doesn't matter the position regarding the Ronaldinho comment. I was talking about the technical side of Benzema (his touch and control). Plus big benz played a kinda CAM role (2014-2018) if you bothered to read my comment. Finally the fact you are calling benzema fat means you're not using your eyes at all. If you look at him he's slimmer than Suarez... so Dear God to you. (I'm spanish and judging by your name I can tell your just as american as the narrator of this video. So forgive me if your judgement on football is not respected as much due to ur countries naivety and fresherness to the sport.

      stunnymegastunnymegaTahun Yang lalu
  • Next Yaya toure

    Ritez TamangRitez Tamang4 bulan yang lalu
  • Didn't come from the RM academy tho.

    Juan Manuel BarrenecheJuan Manuel BarrenecheTahun Yang lalu
  • Much better Federico Valverde to muuuchhh

    Carlos Rodriguez LarretaCarlos Rodriguez LarretaTahun Yang lalu
  • Luka modriq ? I’m done.

    Upash KatwalUpash KatwalTahun Yang lalu
  • who is pogba?

    Jan BentleyJan BentleyTahun Yang lalu
  • Federico th best Young player

    Ahali hausa tvAhali hausa tvTahun Yang lalu
  • The narrator has enough trouble pronouncing English words to stop him butchering the Spanish and especially Arabic words /names but I guess it's to be expected from a person who thinks he knows enough about football to make videos about it...

    holistic chaosholistic chaosTahun Yang lalu
  • Man didn’t mention guti..... benzema is second in la liga in goal maybe you should watch MORE Madrid games

    Kev ClipsKev ClipsTahun Yang lalu
  • Real Madrid must take care of this boy properly; otherise, they will regrete sooner or later. He reminds me of how much Barcelona have taken care of Leonel Messi? of coures, Valverde is not something like Messi, but he deserves it in Real Madrid. ____

    Navuth LayNavuth LayTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde ! The best 👍👌☝️

    Fabian AcostaFabian AcostaTahun Yang lalu
  • The boy is good

    Ebson EbbyEbson EbbyTahun Yang lalu
  • Nope.... He's real madrid's fede valverde

    lone Wolflone WolfTahun Yang lalu
  • In fede valverde we trust.

    sino7sino7Tahun Yang lalu
  • Listening to Americans talk about football is painful.

    Chris CartwrightChris CartwrightTahun Yang lalu
  • man you butcher almost everyone’s names

    themestizokidthemestizokidTahun Yang lalu

    Ivan Lin YangIvan Lin YangTahun Yang lalu
  • Who needs pogba,eriksen and mpabbe if you have valverde

    T-2000T-2000Tahun Yang lalu
  • How can you sleep on Benzema when he is a top 3 player in the league this season.. this is embarrassing for you 😂

    Brage EllingvågBrage EllingvågTahun Yang lalu
  • Don't say stupidities. Benzema is at his best

    Siby AbrahamSiby AbrahamTahun Yang lalu
  • ZidAYNE!?

    Robert LahmanRobert LahmanTahun Yang lalu
  • "Guti am I a joke to you"

    Colin ColinColin ColinTahun Yang lalu
  • Someone shut this American up 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Reinhard GayleReinhard GayleTahun Yang lalu
  • Hakim Mastour is not a well respected player today.

    Jony TMJony TMTahun Yang lalu
  • Haha way better than pogba.. he’s the most stunning player to Zidan

    Mahmudul RafiMahmudul RafiTahun Yang lalu
  • To be honest Madrid is strong without pogba we have valverde we even have James he may not be playing now but those who watch every match knows that James has been a magician everytime he plays the replacement for our old midfielders are already ready

    Dilip DebbarmaDilip DebbarmaTahun Yang lalu
  • Did he say 75million€??? Lol, that doesn't even pay for 1 week of salaries

    BertuccioBertuccioTahun Yang lalu
  • 2:05 Zidain? LOL.

    Fahrein SallehFahrein SallehTahun Yang lalu
    • Fahrein Salleh the way he said it hahaha , if u can't say Zidane correctly don't make a football video please

      Yousef AlkanderiYousef AlkanderiTahun Yang lalu
  • Arsenal almost signed everyone

    Al SonAl SonTahun Yang lalu
  • Impressive how you manage to say nearly every name wrong

    Manuel GodoyManuel GodoyTahun Yang lalu
    • Zinedine ZidAIINE

      Lucas JorgensenLucas JorgensenTahun Yang lalu
    • He said “lopete GOOEY”

      AlemanAlemanTahun Yang lalu
  • This guy is going to be something, that football history has never seen yet.... So many things in a player 👍👍👍

    Md FayajMd FayajTahun Yang lalu
  • But Joáo Félix ,is next level

    Ben YaminBen YaminTahun Yang lalu
  • Que insulto hacia valverde por dios

    diego Barcelonadiego BarcelonaTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde is a fucking BEAST!! he will EASILY be one of the best midfielders ever if he plays his cards right at real madrid, There is no doubt that the player is a galactico player.

    S MalmoeS MalmoeTahun Yang lalu
  • wait Benzema not leading anymore?????? WHAAAAAATT

    Pramod GPramod GTahun Yang lalu
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    Jose' Manuel Da Costa DiogoJose' Manuel Da Costa DiogoTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde the Best!

    Balsa GuillermoBalsa GuillermoTahun Yang lalu
  • the fuck is blond-eh-or

    Pratyush DamPratyush DamTahun Yang lalu
  • this guy really knows dog shit about football, just stfu

    Gurgen SahakyanGurgen SahakyanTahun Yang lalu
  • Its “Carboneros” lmfao not ”Aguaneros” 🤦🏿‍♂️

    max floresmax floresTahun Yang lalu
    • Jajakkaka

      Ar. GaMAr. GaMTahun Yang lalu
    • Se habrá confundido con Aurinegros

      elgransickelgransickTahun Yang lalu
  • Come on, please don’t compare Valverde to that overrated piece of shit player

    Luis FunesLuis FunesTahun Yang lalu
  • He pronounces the names weird. Zidayne?

    Joyce JophyJoyce JophyTahun Yang lalu
  • barca paid 75 million for de jong. real paid 6. barca got fucked again

    Matin A-Matin A-Tahun Yang lalu
  • Sorry goalside but what do you mean benzema not leading the line anymore, hes literally the top scorer in laliga currently

    MORISSEY.MORISSEY.Tahun Yang lalu

    Francisco PerezFrancisco PerezTahun Yang lalu
  • Fede Valverde is a complete package!

    Yashwanth somayajulaYashwanth somayajulaTahun Yang lalu
  • Fuck you, benzema is still pulling his weight bitch🖕🏼

    Joseph GomezJoseph GomezTahun Yang lalu
  • As a loyal madrid fan i saw him play. He's full package player. not only can he pass, dribble, hold, shoot, he also got passion and plays like 30 yr old CM.

    JJCSJJCSTahun Yang lalu
    • Passing isnt his strong suit

      Duane JacobDuane JacobTahun Yang lalu
  • It is because of Benzema Real Madrid is shinning this year. He is the one scoring goals, and because of Benzema last year they finish 3rd. Benzema is aging like fine wine.

    M MarM MarTahun Yang lalu
  • Karim is better than ever by the way

    Tapping JunkieTapping JunkieTahun Yang lalu
  • Un crack 💪🏽

    Antonio Di CaterinaAntonio Di CaterinaTahun Yang lalu
  • Pogba Noooo:we don't need him anymore, almost 180 millions for the Real Madrid saved!Valverde is here!

    JoelJoelTahun Yang lalu
  • “Arseeeen Wenger,” “Zinadine Zidayne,” “Modrick.” This guy’s pronunciation is whack

    Tristan Dos RemendosTristan Dos RemendosTahun Yang lalu
  • How did age take kroos. He’s 29?

    Omar SalahOmar SalahTahun Yang lalu
  • Benzema not leading the line??? Are you joking or something? He's the pichichi of laliga ahead of Messi and Suarez. He's the main reason we finished 3rd last season. Well, anyway I must say that fede Valverde is probably the best young player I have seen in real madrid, imo he's even better than rodrygo and vinícius, who are also incredible

    LINKLINKTahun Yang lalu
  • VALVERDE > pogba

    den koden koTahun Yang lalu
    • @goodness jonathan pogba = overrated, im sorry my man

      jverheul2jverheul2Tahun Yang lalu
    • @NiDAL come on what the fuck?? An injured Pogba is 10x better than valverde ..did you watch pogba performance after the first injury against Newcastle and Watford?? Don't even do that

      goodness jonathangoodness jonathanTahun Yang lalu
    • At the current period

      NiDALNiDALTahun Yang lalu
    • @Khaleed Rafee ok

      goodness jonathangoodness jonathanTahun Yang lalu
    • @goodness jonathan he is better than Pogba and this the truth

      Khaleed RafeeKhaleed RafeeTahun Yang lalu
  • He's a guy way better then pogba

    David KattanDavid KattanTahun Yang lalu
  • "Lo-pe-te-guí" xD

    Oscar PinedaOscar PinedaTahun Yang lalu
    • He said “Zi-DAIN”

      AlemanAlemanTahun Yang lalu
  • Imagine a midfield of Arthur, De Jong, Odegaard and Valverde... Sadly we won’t see this ever!

    MSnn -MSnn -Tahun Yang lalu
    • Arthur is so overrated.

      The PlannerThe Planner11 bulan yang lalu
    • Arthur and ding dong? No thank youu

      T-2000T-2000Tahun Yang lalu
    • at real madrid m we will see odegaard and valverde, plus a shit tone of talent

      Matin A-Matin A-Tahun Yang lalu
  • Your pronunciation of names is perfect 👌

    Football InspiresFootball InspiresTahun Yang lalu
  • The next big thing

    Erwan EvansErwan EvansTahun Yang lalu
  • Luka modriQ and Zinadine Zidain?? Man, go talk about baseball, cuz you have no clue what you saying

    Michael MCMichael MCTahun Yang lalu
  • You didnt name guti😑wtf😑

    Soumyadip RejSoumyadip RejTahun Yang lalu
  • And Martin Odegaard is coming.

    Nishan AcharyaNishan AcharyaTahun Yang lalu
  • While we got Fred and Pereira in the middle of the Park

    Brenax QuinyBrenax QuinyTahun Yang lalu
  • Ever wondered why the rumours on Pogba coming to Madrid stopped ? It's because of this guy. Him and Ødegaard will be a joy to watch.

    Mashego MokabaneMashego MokabaneTahun Yang lalu
    • Seems like Pogba will be heading back to Juventus

      Brenax QuinyBrenax QuinyTahun Yang lalu
  • you forget best playmaker guti hernandes he was one of the best but madia dont see him like we see now

    safar calsafar calTahun Yang lalu
    • Guti is the stuff of legends, he is so underrated

      The PlannerThe Planner11 bulan yang lalu
    • safar cal actually it was his fault he had legendary talent but was to moody and not consistent

      Yousef AlkanderiYousef AlkanderiTahun Yang lalu
    • Yes ,gutti was very creative

      Rechwade RajeshRechwade RajeshTahun Yang lalu
    • Guti is one of the greats.

      The Best Name In The WorldThe Best Name In The WorldTahun Yang lalu
  • You're wrong, Valverde was made in Club Atlético Peñarol. One of the biggest team in the world.

    nicolas brunonicolas brunoTahun Yang lalu
    • @MAG9 Soul un abrazo del cubano más hincha de peñarol y la celeste.

      Alex Hernandez vegaAlex Hernandez vegaTahun Yang lalu
    • las champions league is great, but i would like to see those top players in Bolivia 300 meters above see level .south american football is the best,.greetings from cuba.

      Alex Hernandez vegaAlex Hernandez vegaTahun Yang lalu
    • @Alex Hernandez vega y dale alegria alegria a mi corazooooon!!! LA copa libertadores es mi obsesion!! tenes que dejar el alma y el corazoooon!! tenes que dejarlo todo por Penarooollll!!!! saludo alex querido carbonero!

      MAG9 SoulMAG9 SoulTahun Yang lalu
    • @CRACKSEMIRO not only you just got bitched back to your seat but @Nicolas Rudich gave you an absolute beast of a lesson on why you're ignorant! so your last comment was to correct his grammar , u know why? cos you are out of your depth mate, you have no clue .

      MAG9 SoulMAG9 SoulTahun Yang lalu
    • @MAG9 Soul peñarol no más,saludos desde cuba

      Alex Hernandez vegaAlex Hernandez vegaTahun Yang lalu
  • Wait in the intro he said Benzema is no longer leading the line....that’s far from the truth Benzema is the the reason why we finished 3rd last season

    • Yeah as soon as he said that I closed the video. Funny when people try to make an informative video about a topic they don't know shit about lol

      kelvin amayakelvin amayaTahun Yang lalu
    • Benzema made more goals in this season than Messi, but he's falling off? That's very wrong mister GOALSIDE. Please do research before talking. Real Madrid is one of the biggest club in world football (and in sports) and Benzema is a huge player who is extremely famous for over a decade now. At least search and find out if what you're saying is correct, because Benzema is currently having the best season of his life.

      AmsterdamAmsterdamTahun Yang lalu
    • He's the top scorer in La Liga this season, we know it won't finish that way, but still...

      The Best Name In The WorldThe Best Name In The WorldTahun Yang lalu
    • The fact that his still shining this season

      Ryo ZoRyo ZoTahun Yang lalu
  • he is not a new pogba... he is new varverde.

    • Correction He is the first fede valverde

      sasuke uchihasasuke uchihaTahun Yang lalu
  • Love the channel, your voice is gold, your pronunciation you need to work on. I don’t mind the accent but the pronunciation for Zidane and lopetegui can be improved certainly.

    ivan arriolaivan arriolaTahun Yang lalu
  • Very informative video man! Good job!

    PuffDaddyPuffDaddyTahun Yang lalu
  • It's crack

    Yostin PereiraYostin PereiraTahun Yang lalu
  • Great rising star. He conformed the midfield of Uruguay u20 with Rodrigo Bentancur which I think is even better than him, bright future for Uruguay.

    Bruno LrBruno LrTahun Yang lalu
    • They are both great talents. But bentancur lacks in spirit...

      maurot16maurot16Tahun Yang lalu
    • MAG9 Soul true man, Valverde is very unique, a gem.

      Last TearzLast TearzTahun Yang lalu
    • Valverde is wayyyy more complete that Bentancur, they are both great players but Valverde is going to be something to reckon with. im from uruguay , i see both of them play often.

      MAG9 SoulMAG9 SoulTahun Yang lalu
  • I love how you say goooaaal siiiide. You got a new suscriber.

    Kendrick MeiKendrick MeiTahun Yang lalu
  • What r u on about! Benzema is better than he’s ever been

    • @Neohaggen a real Madrid striker capable of staying at Madrid doing nothing for 8 years?

      Anwar Taher NumanAnwar Taher NumanTahun Yang lalu
    • DIGITAL CTHULHU exactly bro like they just downplay led Benzema when he’s in top top form

    • Exactly

    • Neohaggen Shiro. Dude u have no idea what you are talking about! Benzema was a cornerstone in all Real Madrid trophies in this decade! And ya that includes 4 CL trophies. You would know this if u paid attention. Stop repeating what ignorant people say like a parrot.

    • only 2018 and 2019 he is doing good,but his other 8 years he do barely something...

      NeohaggenNeohaggenTahun Yang lalu
  • Fenómeno el uruguayo

    Raul FonsecaRaul FonsecaTahun Yang lalu
    • D1

      MateeMateeTahun Yang lalu
    • Si es puro portugues

      Raul FonsecaRaul FonsecaTahun Yang lalu
    • Somos de los pocos que hablamos español

      Yonaikel Jimenez UreñaYonaikel Jimenez UreñaTahun Yang lalu
  • It's not the one of the biggest.. it's the biggest

    Priyesh YadavPriyesh YadavTahun Yang lalu
  • it is "the biggest" club in the world

    BruvBruvTahun Yang lalu
    • You're right mate, should have been GREATEST.

      Oscar PinedaOscar PinedaTahun Yang lalu
    • No need for the quotation

      jcaleb23jcaleb23Tahun Yang lalu
    • Period.

  • Lopete guy lmao

    vaannebilimvaannebilimTahun Yang lalu
  • great video that guys potential has practically no limits. he can do anything kroos.modric and casemiro can do, and that says it all.

    mr. Jmr. JTahun Yang lalu
    • mr. J When he starts adding goals to his game, he will be perfect midfielder.

      lastking8923lastking8923Tahun Yang lalu
  • That guy’ stamina is unbelievable he was all over the pitch against Galatasaray no wonder Zidane gave him many matches to play

    Kнαlιl qσυмιKнαlιl qσυмιTahun Yang lalu
  • Not surprised Arsenal almost signed him

    John-ice #HalamadridJohn-ice #HalamadridTahun Yang lalu
    • Arsenal are in the race for every player

      ShadoX ZilShadoX Zil10 bulan yang lalu
    • @unstoppableExodia he has already claimed that...

      The Best Name In The WorldThe Best Name In The WorldTahun Yang lalu
    • The Best Name In The World I'll bet Wenger will claim he had the opportunity to sign Messi at one stage

      unstoppableExodiaunstoppableExodiaTahun Yang lalu
    • 2bad for them

      MateeMateeTahun Yang lalu
    • @unstoppableExodia you're not a great player until Arsenal try to sign you and fail. Lol.

      The Best Name In The WorldThe Best Name In The WorldTahun Yang lalu