DREAM BUILD MTB - Santa Cruz Bronson

1 Mei 2020
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Since starting the Dream Build series on my IDworlds channel over two years ago I've been fortunate to feature numerous special bikes but for this one I wanted to create something unique and totally different from anything else.
I'd seen the incredible designs and painted helmets/bikes which Image Design Custom has worked on over the last few years for a variety of special projects and I knew those guys were the people for the job.
Taking inspiration from the Porsche 917 hypercar concept I worked with Image Design Custom to create a completely 1 of 1 design for the 2020 Santa Cruz Bronson based around four main colours. Incorporating the highly recognisable ‘boxxer red' Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate forks into the overall bike design whilst also featuring flowing chrome pinstripes and logos to compliment the chrome decals on the forks.
The bike is specified with a variety of components which were all individually chosen for both their performance characteristics and to match the colour scheme of the frame design in order to create a bike which is just as stunning to look at as it is to ride.
Invisiframe provides essential frame protection to this stunning and unique paint design to keep things looking fresh for many years to come. Stealth black Truvative Descendent cranks, bars and stem provided the main contact points for the bike paired with equally subtle Sram XX1 gearing for faultless and precision shifting. Zipp 3zero Moto rims laced with bladed spokes onto Industry 9 red anodised hydra hubs created a enduro wheelset worthy of the Dream Build title when paired with Pirelli Scorpion front and rear specific tyres.
A Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT rear shock and Rockshox Lyrik ultimate forks alongside a Rockshox Reverb 150mm dropper post make up the suspension and Sram G2 ultimate brakes with rainbow titanium bolts provide ample stopping power in a lightweight and visually striking package.
Finishing details are what make a bike into a true Dream Build, I worked with Acros to create a custom Dream Build top cap to compliment their headset. Silver Muc-Off tubeless valves mirror the chrome found elsewhere on the bike. A Fabric scoop saddle with carbon rails and a red underside continues the red theme and finishes off what is the most unique Dream Build I’ve ever created.

I'd like to thank the following companies for their involvement in the project!
Image Design Custom
Sram / Rockshox / Zipp
Industry Nine
Acros Components
Santa Cruz UK
The DREAM BUILD webstore is now LIVE and you can now purchase clothing featuring bespoke Dream Build designs!
I'm proud to say that I'm a Muc-Off Ambassador for the next year! Bringing their awesome products into the Dream Build workshop and exclusive Muc-Off paint job Dream Builds!
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  • The DREAM BUILD webstore is now LIVE and you can now purchase clothing featuring bespoke Dream Build designs! www.dreambuildstore.com

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