Two Cats Attack Each Other And Move Their Paws In Sync - 1186456

3 Apr 2021
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  • this is proof that they have no thoughts, we shall eat all other animals and die from our own power

    Марко РакићМарко Ракић6 menit yang lalu
  • That was one intense game of patty cake

    IcalasariIcalasari12 menit yang lalu
  • Kakashi vs zabura 2.0

    G.D. KightG.D. Kight13 menit yang lalu
  • Kakashi vs zabura 2.0

    G.D. KightG.D. Kight13 menit yang lalu
  • I have never seen so many witty comments on a video. I loved the comments almost as much as the video.

    Renee R. GreenRenee R. Green24 menit yang lalu
  • It's like Lucy and Harpo

    Super KyleSuper Kyle49 menit yang lalu
  • Just a little game called patty cat

    Christopher StrubleChristopher StrubleJam Yang lalu
  • Lol looks like a cat and a mirror.

    Gary RizzaGary Rizza2 jam yang lalu
  • Now now you two, perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything.

    RanaldRanald2 jam yang lalu
  • Cool video, the slo-mo really showed what was happening...

    Thor2021 IshereThor2021 Ishere2 jam yang lalu
  • "you thought you could attack me? I can block your every move, consider this your last warning before I strike"

    BadLuckCharm !BadLuckCharm !2 jam yang lalu

    nvm now dud ahanvm now dud aha2 jam yang lalu
  • The catrix

    Willfight4foodWillfight4food3 jam yang lalu
  • Both of you, dance like you want to win!

    Eddy EikdalEddy Eikdal3 jam yang lalu
  • Almost looks like one cat fighting a mirror

    8Dark Knight48Dark Knight44 jam yang lalu
  • your kung is no match for my fu

    ZombycowZombycow4 jam yang lalu
  • I call it a draw

    Waclaw JarzabekWaclaw Jarzabek4 jam yang lalu
  • Cats: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can....

    Em JayEm Jay4 jam yang lalu
  • Hey I know this one .their doing sticky hands technique

    Raleigh KellycRaleigh Kellyc6 jam yang lalu
  • Maybe they're just playing Patty - Cake.

    David TaylorDavid Taylor6 jam yang lalu
  • Not fighting, That’s how cats play patty cake.

    Prairie ClimberPrairie Climber6 jam yang lalu
  • It's feline pat a cake

    Gary KGary K6 jam yang lalu
  • They trained hard with a mirror before

    Mi6anja MMi6anja M6 jam yang lalu
  • Hello everyone this is yooooour daily dose of internet, I can hear it already...

    Hilarius Ubaldias ArinarindraHilarius Ubaldias Arinarindra6 jam yang lalu
  • Miss Katie is a Kung Fu Master predicting her enemies moves

    Minako HiashiMinako Hiashi7 jam yang lalu
  • When u discover patty cake...

    Chuwi KittenChuwi Kitten8 jam yang lalu
  • High five ✋

    Jessie JonesJessie Jones8 jam yang lalu
  • How dare you show up in the same outfit as me?! Trial by dance-off duel!

    ObsoletePowerCorruptsObsoletePowerCorrupts8 jam yang lalu
  • That was much better than "CATS" I wanna see it again and again. 8-)

    Richard FlemingRichard Fleming9 jam yang lalu
  • They’re playing Patty Cake, Patty Cake bakers man bake me a cake as fast as you can music 🎵 🎶

    JennJenn9 jam yang lalu
  • Oh that’s not fighting they playing patty cake

    Duke NukemDuke Nukem9 jam yang lalu
  • They’re clearly playing patty cake

    Abbigale BlakeAbbigale Blake9 jam yang lalu
  • I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, their just doing a secret handshake

    Koenigsegg manKoenigsegg man9 jam yang lalu
  • I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, their just dancing

    Koenigsegg manKoenigsegg man9 jam yang lalu
  • Slap boxing

    Madhana GopalMadhana Gopal9 jam yang lalu
  • he is the one.

    blazednlovinitblazednlovinit10 jam yang lalu
  • Aao khelo sillo salo Kachha dhaaga race lagalo

    SATYAM KUMARSATYAM KUMAR10 jam yang lalu
  • “Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-San

    SOUL RAGESOUL RAGE10 jam yang lalu
  • Wing chun

    Nagita SlavinaNagita Slavina10 jam yang lalu
  • they both attacked at the same time and both gave up at the same time

    Lethal_SpoonLethal_Spoon10 jam yang lalu
  • IP Man( IP cat)? Looks like they doing a Wing Chun demonstration :P

    T KmanT Kman10 jam yang lalu
  • Cats fighting Now both cats: OH WOW MIRROR YAY

    Mhyad MhdmutasimMhyad Mhdmutasim10 jam yang lalu
  • Rare footage of a cat actually angry

    The PhantomThe Phantom12 jam yang lalu
  • Mirror Dimension 🐾🐱

    Vicky SamVicky Sam12 jam yang lalu
  • Even as a cat I can't tell if they are dancing or high fiving

    CatCat12 jam yang lalu
  • When both of them have ultra instinct

    KK 47KK 4712 jam yang lalu
  • Patty cake, patty cake, bakers man, bake me a cake as fast as you can.

    Karl SteffenKarl Steffen12 jam yang lalu
  • This is why cats don’t trust mirrors.

    WertsirWertsir12 jam yang lalu
  • Ampar ampar pisang, pisangku belum matang

    Annisa RamadinaAnnisa Ramadina13 jam yang lalu
  • Star platinum Vs The world

    QuestQuest13 jam yang lalu
  • If they also did that with their back leg, they might walk up to the ceiling

    Ben SilvABen SilvA13 jam yang lalu
  • Every elementary school gang's handshake.

    random_ exerandom_ exe13 jam yang lalu
  • "Patty cake, patty cake bake me a cake."

    Three FunThree Fun14 jam yang lalu
  • fighting scenes between two powerful characters in any anime:

    ZachariahZachariah14 jam yang lalu
  • this can't be! he's anticipating my every move!

    Hectic1 TechHectic1 Tech14 jam yang lalu
  • They are fighting like mirror❤️😂😀

    Saleem KhanSaleem Khan14 jam yang lalu
  • They're practicing wingchun

    Ritchael Ch.Ritchael Ch.14 jam yang lalu
  • Patty cake patty cake-

    Cool TellowCool Tellow15 jam yang lalu
  • Patty cake patty cake bakers man

    nataliaosipovafannataliaosipovafan15 jam yang lalu
  • Awe they're playing "catty" cake.

    z3r0t0l3r4nsz3r0t0l3r4ns15 jam yang lalu
  • You have achieved synchronization

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions15 jam yang lalu
  • There is a mirror in between hoomans can't see

    I am InevitableI am Inevitable15 jam yang lalu
  • Cats have the best reflex action

    Garishav BasraGarishav Basra15 jam yang lalu
  • They aren't attacking each other, they are playing

    LeandroLeandro15 jam yang lalu
  • They are actually practicing fake kung-fu like friends.

    DevDev16 jam yang lalu
  • When u unlock sharingan

    What if WhatWhat if What16 jam yang lalu
  • Patty cake patty cake Bakers man

    Okay CookOkay Cook17 jam yang lalu
  • Looks like both cats possess Ultra Instinct

    Ace CashmanAce Cashman17 jam yang lalu
  • From the makers of *Patty Cake* comes a brand new game called *Catty Cake!!!* Ahem, I'm sorry. I'll be going now.. 🏃

    Sick Game SquadSick Game Squad17 jam yang lalu
  • They are evenly matched

    Chizza1Chizza117 jam yang lalu

    DeathZieDeathZie18 jam yang lalu
  • It’s like a kung-fu movie

    Daniel ReviewsDaniel Reviews18 jam yang lalu
  • For the unsuspecting, it looks like 2 cats fighting. In reality this is Tai Chi training.

    Kim GongKim Gong18 jam yang lalu
  • This is not a fight. This is cat yoga.

    8box12 Israel8box12 Israel19 jam yang lalu
  • I can't beat these moves!

    steven ramroddsteven ramrodd19 jam yang lalu
  • Are they siblings??? Only siblings could fight in sync like that q🤣💕

    Pamela GrimesPamela Grimes19 jam yang lalu
  • hey...howyou doin longtime no see hug ❤secret cats handshake.

    Adnie photAdnie phot19 jam yang lalu
  • Brings to mind "spit rounds like a gun range"

    three wheelathree wheela19 jam yang lalu
  • I would have been better if you added MUDAMUDAMUDA

    Music 4 LifeMusic 4 Life19 jam yang lalu
  • Cattycake

    M BradleyM Bradley19 jam yang lalu
  • So this shows up on my youtube feed and I'm like "why not"

    Aman SemwalAman Semwal20 jam yang lalu
  • That’s the most aesthetic cat fight I have ever seen

    The RE: BrandThe RE: Brand20 jam yang lalu
  • hello daily does of internet

    Hassan BakhshHassan Bakhsh20 jam yang lalu
  • When you try to step around someone but they step the same way

    BlotbotBlotbot20 jam yang lalu
  • 😆😅🤣🥰👍

    Marilyn GeneralMarilyn General20 jam yang lalu
  • they didnt stop because they got tired, they acquired mutual respect for each other

    Laundry Sauce 2Laundry Sauce 221 jam yang lalu
  • Those cat reflexs are just over the roof.

    Aarya GathaniAarya Gathani21 jam yang lalu
  • Don't worry the mirror is only lagging for a bit

    Falling AvalancheFalling Avalanche21 jam yang lalu
  • pattie cake, pattie cake, bakers make lol 🎵

    Love DoveLove Dove21 jam yang lalu
  • Well, i mean-- They do look like twins tho-

    《Eclipse Lycan》《Eclipse Lycan》21 jam yang lalu
  • (This is Mike's daughter btw) like boxing but for cats

    Mike GratzMike Gratz22 jam yang lalu
  • Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can

    ZunliteZunlite22 jam yang lalu
  • Just like fighting in front of the mirror.

    Winengku SasmitoWinengku Sasmito22 jam yang lalu
  • Blocking the jabs 🤣

    Rah RaRah Ra22 jam yang lalu
  • When the bad guy in the movie is just as good at fighting as the good guy.

    LucifeastLucifeast22 jam yang lalu
  • Its like patty cake.

    Vinson BuiVinson Bui22 jam yang lalu
  • They are eachothers equals

    DoomPlague57DoomPlague5722 jam yang lalu
  • They just practicing Wing Chun folks. Master IP would be proud.

    Mowgli KhanMowgli Khan22 jam yang lalu
  • "He's beginning to believe"

    Billonator117Billonator11722 jam yang lalu
    • Whoa.

      LucifeastLucifeast22 jam yang lalu