Celebrity Makeup Artist Transforms Me into Jennie & Chungha | K-beauty

1 Peb 2019
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Today I went to COMMENANA, one of the best makeup & hair salon in Seoul, Korea. This is where famous K-actors, actresses and singers come to get their glam on. It's also one of the same branch that BLACKPINK Jennie gets her makeup done! I also get my hair done, and designer Sohee shows us how to get the perfect wavy hair at home!
Follow these easy step by step so you can get the Soft daytime Jennie and Bold Nighttime Chungha Look!
안녕하세요 여러분~ 오늘은 제가 꼼나나 에서 메이크업와 해어를 예쁘게 해봤습니다~ 소프트한 블랙핑크 지니 와 걸크로쉬 청화 룩을 했어요! 여러분 어떤게 더 마음에 드세요??
서울 강남구 압구정로72길 19
Makeup Artist Lee Young Joo
Hair Designer SoHee
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  • omg my bare face in the beginning... :( follow @gebabyk on insta for the closeups !

    • Look 2 is perfect for you 😘

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    • Izin share ya kk.. Klo saya berhasil gunakan Vitaline softgel kk,bagus untuk kulit kusam, menghilangkan jerawat dan bekasnya.. aku share tempat belinya ya : s.lazada.co.id/s.czbri semoga bermanfaat kk 🙂

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  • I love you GRACE... I'm a huge fan of yours.... You literally have a very very kind side... I love the way who you are.... Just love urself... And do what you want to do in ur life.... Be happy and stay healthy... May god bless you and gives you all the happiness of the world.... Love you GRACE unnie 사랑해 💜💜💜😇😇😊😊😊 Keep it up! 화이팅 🙌✊😇🤗😊... You deserve more.... Bye bye have a good day/night unnie..... 😙😙😙💜💜💜😘😘👐👐✨✨✨✨

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  • No ones gg to talk abt how the stylist ACTUALLY looks like jennie at 11.45

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  • Thank you Grace for actually showing an female asian face how it REALLY looks, because people start to think they wake up in full makeup. However, you look fine af without any makeup. Everyone can look good with enough color, photoshop and tape in their face.

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  • The hair stylist herself looks a little like Jennie from the side

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  • Love your natural beauty 💕

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  • the makeup looks basically look exactly the same

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  • Hi I am from Pakistan and I like Korean can you please teach me how to apply Korean and which pencil lipstick should I can buy which colour

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  • Chungha make up looks amazing

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  • You're pretty already but you looked prettier and hot after make-up. Should get her if you have event to attend. She knows how to make your face look prettier.

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  • The hairstylist lowkey be looking like BLACKPINK Jennie tho

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  • This video is the best makeup and hair by celebrity makeup artist. I loved how she is showing little but very important techniques ❤️❤️❤️thank you grace for making this video love you ❤️

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  • Look 1

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  • Wow I really like her tips with contouring since I also have high cheekbones and I've always hated it, but then most western makeup artists likes to highlight high cheekbones with their contour so I never learned how to make them look smaller

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  • Koreans r known for makeup for a correct reason

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  • Thank you for inspiring me💕 please check my Korean makeup tutorial for morena in my channel and subscribe 💄☺️ idworlds.info/from/0tV1f8Oapo6beNU/video

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  • whenever i curl my hair, it tends to go back to my original hair. how do i keep it long lasting?

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  • I feel like the stylist was super nice! She must work a lot everyday. Respect. ✊

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  • I would love to see these makeup artists do makeup on people who have skin problems... Or people with moles..facial hair(no removing)..acne...sunken or hollow eyes..and such...want to see how they actually do it and not on people who already have clear skin which I think is easier to do in any level...I would be more impressed if they do that on people with actual darker skin pigments as well...grace looks fine with or without makeup by the way

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  • Thank you so much! So useful!! Subscribed right away!

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  • OMG! I'm so curious about that eyebrow pencil. I've seen it a lot on makeup artists in korea but i can't find tge specific name for that because i wanna buy it. Can someone help me find that kind of eyebrow pencil?

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