Plane Debris Falls Near Denver After Engine Failure on United Flight to Honolulu

20 Peb 2021
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Credit: Chad Schnell via Storyful
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  • I booked a ticket of plane for my first air journey and tomorrow is my first flight. And today, IDworlds is recommending this to me.

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  • Thank god.They landed safely

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  • This is so scaring

  • Oh my God, I hope all passengers and crew can land safely 🙏

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  • Did this flight have only male passengers?? I dnt hear any1 screaming and panicing the fuck out

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  • I watch such kinda videos n then start getting phobia while flying

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  • That's god... all r safe. Hats off to the captain

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  • Everyone died inside and outside too👍

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  • 'tis but a scratch

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  • It was Trumps fault, he clearly incited this engine to fail 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Imagine the state of passengers looking at this ! Glad all landed safely

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  • Looks like a Boeing 🤣🤠

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  • Never want to see flames coming from the reverse thrust outlets, R. I. P.

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  • Imagine you are sitting in the window seat & suddenly this!

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  • Glad they landed safley

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  • passenger: God forgive my sins

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  • Must be Covid related.

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  • Boeing, again!

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  • To Honolulu???? Ehhhhhhhhhh best not risk it.

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  • The Silence in the Plane was the Fear of Death Sound

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  • impressionante esse motor mesmo o fogo comendo tudo por dentro continua funcionando, é obvio que o outro motor que fez todo o serviço e mesmo sendo o motor que não foi avariado esse também fez um bom trabalho, situação rara essa que todos se salvarão porque o avião estava muito alto ainda parabéns aos pilotos pelo sangue frio.

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  • Amazing

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  • Captain Howling Mad Murdock: "Ladies and gentlemen if you look to the right of the plane, you can see that our right engine is on fire"

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  • Thank God they landed safely after the occupants have confessed their since and said final player's.

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  • No worries plane can fly with only one engine working.

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    • unless the second engine falls ... in this case the plane is unbalanced and you die

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  • Isn't the engine supposed to be turned off and fuel be cut off?

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  • I'm not expert but there is something wrong with that engine.

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  • That 777 was the 5th one ever built

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  • It looks pretty solid to me, they could give a try...

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  • Ah its not that bad

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  • This strikes a nerve because I always sit next to the wing with a view of one of the engines. Yikes!!!

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  • That's why flying car is not safe option 🤐

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  • Nothing to worry about, unless Engine 2 is no longer on Fire :3 - Air Penguin

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  • Final Destination 😂

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  • That thing flew about a mile north of me... scary stuff man. Glad all are ok!

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  • From parking for so long after the rediculous lock down?

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  • I would be having a PANIC attack!!

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