RACE CAUSES LEGO CITY DESTRUCTION! - Brick Rigs Multiplayer Gameplay

25 Okt 2020
362 080 Ditonton

Race causes Lego City destruction in this Brick Rigs multiplayer gameplay. Can SpyCakes win this Lego city racing challenge or will everyone argue and cause a complete City Destruction in Brick Rigs? This is a Brick Rigs roleplay & race episode!
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About Brick Rigs:
"A lego sandbox building game that allows you to build many kinds of vehicles in a Lego city including cars & planes! From a variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving physics in a sandbox environment even in multiplayer gameplay! Test vehicles and do many different challenge including stunts, Cops and Robbers, police roleplay and more gameplay. You can even use a tank!"
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    • drag rasing olso best vid thums up and alredy subd

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    • among us

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    • Trucks more trucks

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    • Ummm a robot fight

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  • 0:08 brick blvert that was funny XD

    hammodi your budhammodi your bud12 jam yang lalu
  • Those are not formula 1 cars

    Max CowlingMax CowlingHari Yang lalu
  • not OB win at all

    Karen RaybouldKaren Raybould2 hari yang lalu
  • I hate pink

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  • The ghost blunters

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  • me having a good day playing brick rigs my fRieNdS:8:09

    Rey Xian JacaRey Xian Jaca2 hari yang lalu
  • OB is poop

    Joemel QuichoJoemel Quicho2 hari yang lalu
  • Hey spy I have brick rigs and it's really fun

    bepsis dogo 1bepsis dogo 12 hari yang lalu
  • O. B won

    abraham alexanderabraham alexander3 hari yang lalu
  • Spy won the secen lap

    Karina HernandezKarina Hernandez4 hari yang lalu
  • spy won

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  • Not ob Comodo gaming and spycakes

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  • I have watched your video for 99 days

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  • Hi spy! You make epic vids that are awesome

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  • Ob

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  • Spy won

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  • yes

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  • Were does ob get the little yikes

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  • Spy

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  • I want you to do a zombie video

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  • spy plz jone me

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  • Pertend you are not in there video and kill them in brick rigs.

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  • Ob ob ob One

    Fnaf WeebFnaf Weeb13 hari yang lalu
  • Spy kart good ob cart CRAZY AND RAD

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  • I like spy cake

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  • Spy won

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  • Spy won

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  • More derbies

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  • How did I go from watching these videos everyday to stuff like McNasty and Fitz

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  • Cakes

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  • police

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  • Make more

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  • i watched spy when the dinosaurs live not joking 🤣🤣🤣 👇

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  • you won 2nd time and burger guy won 1st ob Never won and I am :D because of that

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  • Maybe a mad max race or a demo derby

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  • BLUE

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  • You mean ghost bluster

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  • spy those weren’t f1 cars, those were Formula E cars, stands for electric

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    S MS M20 hari yang lalu
  • Ho did you danload

    Jonathan RamireezJonathan Ramireez21 hari yang lalu
    • Ho did you danload brick bricks

      Jonathan RamireezJonathan Ramireez21 hari yang lalu
  • OB lost😂

    Melissa KrebsMelissa Krebs21 hari yang lalu
  • spycakes won 1 komode won 2 ob won 3 and spycakes your my favorite IDworldsr and keep up the goood contact i try to like all the videos I can and I sub :)

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  • I love you spycakes i sub and like

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  • spy wins

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  • abc song

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  • i been watching you for 3 years

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  • Comodo won the first race spy one second race

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  • can you play subnautica i know its pretty old but also really fun theres also multiplayer you you can play with ob camodo and brandon

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  • Pizza time

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  • Hi

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  • the cookie won the race

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  • 8:56 WOAH

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  • Hi spycakes

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  • ob GOSTS me no its just a glitch ob I WILL DELEAT YOU LITTLE YIKES

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  • I gotta pizza piea Ready to kill yah

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  • Spy win

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  • Do more Ylands plz.

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  • Well I've been watching all your videos for 10years

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  • 8 year ago spy cakes 😎😎😎😎😎😎

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  • Can you play baby in yellow?

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  • Red. Wow

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  • Not 2 mil 101 mil is it gooooood????????

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  • What game is this I want to down load it

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  • Sypcakes won

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  • Camodo won

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  • There is 8 wheels on happy mad car

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  • Spy and comodo gameing

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  • Spy win not ob

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  • I only like red and blue

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  • Bruhhh tjid channel grownms fast when i first watched his vids it was still not even near 100k

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  • Thanks spycakes and camodo gaming won

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  • Spy and cmodo

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  • Spy it’s not a technique it’s a “Pro Gamer Move”

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  • At the start ob said Rafael and that’s my brothers name lol 😂

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  • I,ve been watched you for 3 years

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  • Hey spycakes can you tell Toby that he's a big Whip and jerk he's fat and he's a big meanie I hate on me always tells people that is always it's always like what is it called opposite day that's stupid

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  • Me too

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  • Destroy the city

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  • Those 'F1' cars are formula E cars

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  • 6

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  • Godzilla Movies

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