I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice

29 Okt 2020
30 408 901 Ditonton

i borderline went crazy about 17 hours in...
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    • Hey mr beast can you spend a few nights in the best hotel it’s a 7 star hotel the best hotel in the world it’s name is the burj al Arab,

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    • Bless up from Jamaica bro🇯🇲 would be great if you can Mentor me as a young IDworldsr I'm your biggggest Fan✊🏾😩

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  • wait he could have taken the pancakes that weren't covered in syrup and pulled his head and the pancakes in his sweatshirt to make a heated area

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  • i'm just WATCHING this now!!???😑

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  • I sub where’s my 1m dollars mrbeast

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  • Who are the sickest people in

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  • mrbeastmy boy thats a friend watches you he loves you and i think your pretty cool

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  • "Go to a children's hospital and pay random people's medical bills." Copy to make it happen

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  • MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Chandler’s Island And Surprising him With A Country.

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  • Come too ireland

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  • It's that dream I'm a fan

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  • its sooo cold that when i talk you CANNOT see my breath..thats really cold..how did he ever last

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    • “for my pinky”?

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  • He could have worn more than a sweater lmao

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    Christian games, Vlogs, and more!Christian games, Vlogs, and more!2 jam yang lalu

    Christian games, Vlogs, and more!Christian games, Vlogs, and more!2 jam yang lalu
  • "Go to a children’s hospital and pay random people’s medical bills.”

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    • Comment is underated

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  • Edit:YEhA

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  • Why did Jimmy only go in a hoodie

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  • Dude you risked your life for your viewers :/ YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD MAN

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  • OH NOOOO you must be so coldd

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  • “for my pinky”?

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  • Whoa

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  • PLOT twist: His wife is elsa

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  • Mrbeast: I don't even have anywhere to sit *Says that while sitting*

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  • Cold

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  • I’m literally sick right now and ur videos are helping me mr.Beast

  • MrBeast when he runs put of ideas: "Selling my friend's organs and buying them back"

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  • Pee TM

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  • Thought ICE Was a Drug..

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  • "Go to a childrens hospital and pay random peoples medical bills" copy to make it happen

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  • U mad Bro?

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  • Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills. Copy to make it happen.

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  • i don't know

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  • “Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills.” Copy to make it happen

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  • He for sure got hemorrhoids after sitting on that block of ice 😳

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  • 6:16 isn't Mr beast

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  • 8:16 Meet the pyro

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  • jimmy what did u do about your car situation after

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  • 24h

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  • I think he was suppost to edit the green screen

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  • "Go to a children’s hospital and pay random people’s medical bills.” Copy to make it happen

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  • Aftermath or what could of happend after this challenge Hypothermia Sickness Frostbite Or very high resistance to the cold

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  • $75,000

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  • Beast: "We're going to celebrate with a yee-haw, on 1, 2, 3" Karl: " *YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* " Beast: "...I didn't actually think you would do it"

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  • 3:40 = [Insert ??? noise here]

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  • Lets just Respect the editor even He forget to Delete the green screen 10:49

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  • What’s next. SPENDING 24 HOURS IN A BUNKER!? ...wait

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  • Karl's thinks he is the Mr Beast, you need to kick him out man... Always on the camera trying to be funny

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  • i feel bad for jimmy

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  • Jimmy stoop!!!!!!!!

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