The Rise and Fall of the Tallest Mammal to Walk the Earth

19 Nov 2020
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It arose from rhino ancestors that were a lot smaller, but Paraceratherium would take a different evolutionary path. Believe it or not, it actually became so big that it probably got close to what scientists think might be the actual upper limit for a land mammal.
The illustration of Paraceratherium used in the thumbnail is by Dmitry Bogdanov!
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  • Paraceratherium’s extinction is a good reminder to what happens when you remove a giant animal’s food supply. The elephants caused the extinction for the giant rhinos, and now their the victims because of us destroying their food.

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  • The "Behemoth" mentioned in the book of Job was most likely this creature.

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  • Ehhh.... getting big pretty much is going out of style these days. Pretty well every large, non-domesticated mammal is gone or struggling since humans took over. It's mostly small animals like rats, pigeons, roaches, some sparrows, and rabbits that are really coping well with the changes we're making. Maybe we'll clean up our act in time for modern megafauna to rebound, though, or something new will come along once we're gone.

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  • After seeing other videos about speciation, your lesson is: keep it snappy, with useful diagrams. There is a YT contributor that I am subscribed to, out of a feeling that is almost pity, because oh dear he gets so bogged down in taxonomy, I sincerely wish he has a friend, because more than one would be too much to hope for.

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  • In Balochistan Pakistan, Cooper discovered bones of extra ordinary size. He suggested that the mammal was the size of a dinosaur and named it as Baluchitherium or 'the beast of Balochistan'. ... In 1997, Welcomme discovered the first finger of the Baluchitherium in a stony valley near Dera Bugti.

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