Jet Engine Thrust Test - Fuel Experiment (Jet-A vs Diesel vs BioDiesel vs HydroDiesel)

21 Jan 2021
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I test run four different fuels in my RC jet engine to see which one makes the most power. Jet A, Diesel, BioDiesel and HydroDiesel which contains 80% Diesel and 20% water.
I first build a jet dynamometer then I put all four fuels to the test with some intense full-throttle runs, the results are very surprising.
The test I run on each fuel is 2 straight 20-second Dyno pulls, this is much much longer than anybody would hold the throttle in the full power position under any use except for maybe a fighter
Chapter Markers Below:
00:00 Intro
00:27 Building Jet Dyno
02:52 Dyno Done
03:18 Fuels I'm Using
03:50 Ice In Fuel
04:58 Thrust Test JET A
07:56 Thrust Test DIESEL
12:03 Thrust Test BioDiesel
15:41 Thrust test HydroDiesel
18:52 Summary of Results
19:07 Sending to Project Farm

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Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka

  • What career path should I follow in college to manufacture aircraft turbines?

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    • Accounting class

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    • MMAE , masters in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

      Mr. AtrophyMr. Atrophy2 hari yang lalu
    • It's heavily dependent on which aspect of the engine production process you're interested in. If you would specifically like to manufacture engine components, I would go with either mechanical engineering or materials science & engineering since both manufacturing techniques and material selection very closely intertwined in turbine engine production. I would not go with aerospace engineering as others have suggested IF you are purely interesting in the manufacturing, since most aerospace engineering programs do not focus much on manufacturing/materials. Aerospace engineering would be a much more appropriate route if you were interested more the design of the engine, though much of the design process is also worked on by mechanical engineers as well. I work for a company as a research engineer, and I work with many people involved in blade design and combustion research (computational research mostly), and there's a pretty even ME/AE split there as well, since both majors can overlap a lot in that area. As a mechanical engineer I'm personally more biased towards ME since it is a little more of a catchall major, and you can work on most of not all of the areas of turbine engine design/manufacturing. If you would like to be more hands on with the engines (since we were assuming you wanted to do more design rather than repairing, rebuilding, etc.) then you would need to get an A&P license. Delta Air Lines has posted some videos about their MRO business if you're more interested in that. They do a very large amount of engine maintenance.

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  • My weekend project: Mow the lawn. This guy's wknd project: Build a jet engine and a dyno to test 4 different fuel types for rpms and foot pounds of thrust.

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  • Engine: trying to destroy eardrums Subtitles: MUSIC

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  • Run another test: how much of each of these fuels can the pump pump through the same length of line in a minute. I bet the pump moves more JetA1 followed by hydrodiesel followed by biodiesel and lastly diesel which is why we saw the results that we saw. I think If you heated the fuels they might all perform better as their viscocity decreases to a point... How do petrol or alcohol perform? what about bigger pump higher gauge fuel lines?

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  • Just a quick tip related to your waterjet: To prevent erosion damage to the nozzle/orifice head, make a sacrificial hard rubber washer about 3/8" thick that tightly fits over the nozzle so that during pierce operations the high pressure splashback spray of water and garnet doesn't damage the machine over time. I used to work as a waterjet operator on Flow machines running 94ksi intensifier pumps in an industrial production setting, and without the washer there, the orifice head would be toast after a day or two of nested parts... Protect those expensive parts! :)

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  • A tip: the majority of wear that turbines experience doesn’t occur during startup or when at 100% power... its during the shutdown and resulting cool down at zero rpm. Run a blower thru it to keep the rotor spinning (not high rpm enough to keep it moving) until temps are reduced.

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  • Hello Awesome test! I believe a key fact about Jet-A is the RPMs... in jet engines, the thrust is not linear, therefore, in those few thousand rpms differences you may have the thrust differences as well. Another test could be the torque that the fuel generates. Maybe, the diesel-like fuels can create more torque using less duel and less rpms given the higher BTUs? I enjoyed watching your experiment. Cheers!

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