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26 Mar 2021
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The Sea Eagle - King of the Seas | Wildlife Documentary
Watch 'The Golden Eagle - Master of the Sky' here:
Spectacular pictures, from the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, where the Sea Eagles profit from the hunting success of orcas and hunchbacks and from the swamps in Finland, where the Sea Eagle moves with the wolves and bears in order to also profit from their prey. The documentary presents the different habitats of the Sea Eagle in Europe. Thanks to dedicated conservationists and foresters our forests are again a breeding place for more Sea Eagles than ever before.

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  • Spectacular pictures, from the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, where the sea eagles scavenge from whaling and the swamps in Finland, where the Sea Eagle moves with the wolves and ears to scavenge the remains of their prey. The documentary presents the different habitats of the sea eagle in Europe. Again, our thanks go to dedicated conservationists and foresters, who dedicate their lives to creatures like the Sea Eagle. Once again, the forests have become a safe breeding place for these magnificent creatures. Available worldwide except GST, Czech Republic, Qatar A Reminder: Fans and friends of the Most Dangerous Ways to School Series have been asking for a long time how they can donate to help these kids directly. All donations go directly to deserving children in Nepal #freedocumentary #nature

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    • Me again. According to Wikipedia, there are about 10 species of sea eagles in the world. I understand for simplicity you chose to label this one as The Sea Eagle (because it's the biggest one behind the Stellar's Sea Eagle?) but I think a more appropriate term would be Eurasian or white-tailed sea eagle.

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    • @Free Documentary - Nature: You claimed the location of the Golden Eagle documentary was northern Scandinavia. Did you confuse that documentary with this one?

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    • @Barrett Gianni Be gone, crook!!

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  • Thank you for the great nature video.

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  • Just stopped by to say "king of the air". Shark is king of the sea.

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  • We loved animals and took care of them and there needs. We did harvest or kill some deer , grouse , turkey , it’s called game management ,so

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  • Just so all you people out there no there is no such thing as a Seahawk no such thing at all. As in Seattle Seahawks no such animal. 😬👍

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  • Breve não haverá tão rande beleza, em sete anos! YAUH vai acabar tudo. Porque os ímpios são mais vizinhos. O anticristo já está agindo: EMMANUEL MACRON, O FILHO DA PERDIÇÃO. Acordem!!!

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  • Nature is like a new born child, so beautiful and brightly💕💕💕

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  • Beautiful documentary, Man! Love it.

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  • Why not just call it the Seagle?

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  • Remember that if these awful fishing industries are allowed to carry on, there won't be any birds left....

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  • Eagles aren’t “merciless”. They’re simply eagles, living true to their nature.

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    • They are merciless but isn’t because they are evil it is just their nature

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    • Lol I totally agree it just so happens that being 'merciless' is part of their nature 😁

    • True

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    • Well said.

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  • 0:12 ". . . two muscular claws with needle sharp talons." ? ? ? Right out of the gate? Really? (noun) A bird's talons are the sharp, hooked claws at the end of the toes. Birds have one talon on every toe, and they may differ in overall shape, curvature, and thickness depending on how the bird will use its talons and how worn individual talons may be.

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    • Calm down marv. It'll be ok. It's just a IDworlds video.

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  • I love all nature documentary videos.

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  • well, the "king" of the seas would be the Orca, yes?

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  • It's really amazing video Thank you so much my friend I love wildlife Anyone reading this for you 🌹✋

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    • I did.thanks 👍

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  • Hunters by Law are not allowed to leave an animal carcass to rot in the woods. If a wounded animal escapes and dies later this scenario of Lead poisoning could be a problem, same with lead shot for Duck Hunting. Alaska a USA State has thousands of Bald Eagles within the State and a lot of hunting takes place for all kinds of Game Animals and I have never heard of this problem from conservationists.

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  • I free fly my young macaw, its like falconry but without hunting, he turned a year old yesterday so jas a better chance to make it after surviving his first year, after covid thetes lots more vultures in Ireland ive even been seeing them scavenging in the rural town i live in..I needed to teach my bird as his parents would in the wild, I trained him to be able to spot the bigger birds and have him come straight back to me, I was so proud of him yesterday he saw them before I did and his training kicked straight in ..its a big relief to know he understands predictors and that I'm a safe place, the big carryon crows help me with that as they like to chase him..I need another as 2 flying can watch each others backs..its in the plans maybe this summer, covid is messing up my funds but if not definitely next spring summer...unless a bird needing rescue turned up..its harder to train older birds but not impossible if they want to after years stuck in a cage in someone's front room..ppl clip there flight feathers it's been found to have a horrible affect on birds mental id love to give a bird like that the gift of flight, mind it should not be that I have to gift them there birth roght that was stolen from sad..thetes a couple of shorts on my channel here on IDworlds of my macaw out enjoying spring, thetes more on tiktok @bigbiemacaw I follow all back as long as they post content regardless if its good or not its the effort that counts..come find us..

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  • Eagle attacks... white duck cleans feathers without being bothered... King of the sea...waits for dead fish to surface...

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  • FD: wow so majestic Editor: Slowmo? FD: yes

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  • Sea Eagles are cool But the Seahawks are better 🏈

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  • Damn hunters!! Leave the animals alone for christ sake!!

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  • Neway.. This is a very well made, high quality documentary with stunning camera work and gorgeous scenery. Very impressive. There have been some studies showing that by painting the blades on the wind generators a dark contrasting color, birds tend to not fly into them.. This needs to be looked at. The fact that wind generators are killing birds upsets me to no end. I'd rather have no electricity PERIOD than to have those monstrosities killing our birds. We cannot replace an extinct animal.

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  • Disinformation.. No hunters ever shoot game and just leave the animal laying in the forest. That is absolutely ridiculous.

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  • So by hunting down whales we are endangering the Eagle population

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  • Too bad man, a lot of times, messes the environment. I'm not a ultra environmentalist, but I hope that the authorites, can stem the tide of extinction of species.

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  • Can you dubbed hindi please please please

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  • 1:23 »...usually surrounded by a gang of ravens« 😂 Those are crows, though...

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    • @Joes Corner That doesn’t make ravens out of hooded crows...

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    • @Your Daddy Yes, the most common crow in Scandinavia! I think the English name is »caped crow«. For some reason, the black crow is relatively rare here. A raven is twice as large...

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    • @Hallands uh no they're not.

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    • Its a candian documentry lol

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  • Wonderful animal life and nature good👍❤❤❤

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  • Look im from America stop saying kilograms and meters can we get feet and pounds🤣got me in here doing the math in my head trying figure out how bug it is lol good documentary though

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    • @suryadi taufan 🤣🤣🤣

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    • well good luck on converting, like we, the rest of world, do for watching american movie lol

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    • School in America should teach kids both

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    • Kg and meter are the best

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  • Nice but there is no such bird as a Seagull.

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    • I guess you want to get technical huh? Yeah so technically no but colloquially that's what they're called.

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    • Really? WRONG!!

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  • King of Sky

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  • Those are may flowers not liver wart. lol. Who is this nimnoad?

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  • When since did talons become fangs, and hawks become buzzards?. Lol.. This guy doesn't know his birds or their parts. lol.

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    • Those are buzzards. Similar to Hawks in a lot of ways. Didn't you know that nowadays especially the past few years scientists and biologists have decided to refer to Talons as fangs? That's a well-known fact right Thurr. Where have you been?

      Your DaddyYour Daddy7 hari yang lalu
    • Buzzards are similar looking to hawks. You might be thinking vultures.

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    • He's calling hooded crows ravens too!

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  • Too much slow motion camera.

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  • Do you guys take requests? Can you make a video on Black vulture or the turkey vulture🙏

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  • I enjoyed your video. Thank you.

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  • This video is EPIC

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  • Superb documentary, really made my day. Thank you!

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  • Beautiful Nature👌

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  • In Swahili.. Tai

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  • I love watching Nature. Cute Birds over that water

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  • reqesting owls documentary

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    • WhO is? WHO i say.

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  • king of birds

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  • Go to Newfoundland and Labrador if you want to see eagles. Breathtaking. (And whales, icebergs, fjords etc.)

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  • To me this is a great documentary! Very educational, the excellent camera work with beautiful closeups and the landscapes that I have haven’t seen before! Thank you so much😊

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  • Held down by fangs ?

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  • Can u make a documentary on the red tailed hawk

    Eric Van der BeekEric Van der Beek15 hari yang lalu
    • There is a raptor rehab center in the USA, one of many, the one I'm thinking about has a YT channel and has had a number of stories about the red tailed hawk and rehabbing footage. It's located in the desert south west part of the country. You might enjoy the footage they show.

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    • @Christopher Ressler bald eagle. Golden eagle. American kestrel.

      Your DaddyYour Daddy7 hari yang lalu
    • Actually I would enjoy one for all.Just saying. "I know this cant be done in one video but you already have a started list"

      Epic ShadeEpic Shade14 hari yang lalu
    • Eric Van der Beek. THAT is an excellent suggestion . Red Tails are probably one of, if not THE most successful raptor in N. America .

      Christopher ResslerChristopher Ressler14 hari yang lalu
    • We will put it on our list!

      Free Documentary - NatureFree Documentary - Nature15 hari yang lalu
  • I like the eagle but that Swan is not to be messed with!!!

    sumlinteronnesumlinteronne15 hari yang lalu
    • @Free Documentary - Nature Between "ears" instead of Bears and "snows" for Swans, and in the first two comments no less, you gave me a laugh You might want to edit that, even if tickels your viewers. Lovely footage by the way.

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    • Oh snows can be nasty! They bite and hiss 😃

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  • Eagle a unique creature. Royal majestic look

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  • Golden Eagle : King of Skies Sea Eagle : King of seas.

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    • White Eagle: King of Heavens (clicked vid b/c learned that Jesus is holy White Eagle)

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  • I am in a generation that I am able to see Eagle. Proud to be an Eagle fan. Proud to be in this generation

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    • @Melissa Jousi amen

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    • AMEN!

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    Melissa JousiMelissa Jousi15 hari yang lalu
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