17 Peb 2021
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TRI.BE(트라이비) '둠둠타(DOOM DOOM TA)' MV
TRI.BE 1st Single Album [TRI.BE Da Loca]
[Track List]
01. Loca
02. 둠둠타(DOOM DOOM TA)
#트라이비​ #TRI_BE​ #Debut​ #둠둠타​ #DOOMDOOMTA​
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  • Hello everyone! First of all, we are very thankful for all of the support and love that everybody is showing for our TRI.BE members ❤️. Thank you so much, 감사합니다! On a more sincere note, we’d like to carefully touch upon some conversations that have surfaced after TRI.BE’s debut. We would first like to politely but firmly state that no factor related to TRI.BE is meant to target or refer to any specific group whatsoever and we do not wish to offend anyone in any shape or form. The usage of triangles is only meant to represent TRI.BE’s identity and visual graphics as “TRI.BE” is a combination of the geometrically most perfect shape “Triangle” and the word “Being” for existence, thus we kindly request for excessive assumptions and misleading suggestions to be refrained from. TRI.BE aims to deliver the message of self-love through “We are Perfect as We are” and we would genuinely be happy to see everybody emit positive love for themselves as well as everyone around them 😊 Also, we wholeheartedly thank everybody who mentioned their concerns; you have helped TRI.BE in becoming a better group and have supported the bright energy we wish to give to people. Your love, support and interest are greatly appreciated by TRI.BE and make us wish to become even better and brighter so we can express our appreciation and give back the love. Thank you, sincerely, and we are grateful to have you join in on TRI.BE’s journey. Please continue to look forward to what TRI.BE has prepared and we love you all!

    TRI_BE 트라이비 Official ChannelTRI_BE 트라이비 Official Channel6 hari yang lalu
    • y

      Masya Devia ZahraMasya Devia Zahra17 jam yang lalu
    • oh

      Masya Devia ZahraMasya Devia Zahra17 jam yang lalu
    • ilih

      Masya Devia ZahraMasya Devia Zahra17 jam yang lalu
    • alah

      Masya Devia ZahraMasya Devia Zahra17 jam yang lalu
    • gelay

      Masya Devia ZahraMasya Devia Zahra17 jam yang lalu
  • They have the Illuminati symbol !!👁️

    Masiza ZahMasiza Zah31 menit yang lalu
    • Sadly, there are muslims who have been hypnotized by this group

      Army BTSArmy BTS28 menit yang lalu
  • Omg I just realize that they are more young than me !!!

    Omar MendozaOmar Mendoza45 menit yang lalu
  • It seems like that their music video it's similar to blackpink and Everglow... By the way, im not a basher.. Just sharing my thoughts..

    Julius EnolvaJulius EnolvaJam Yang lalu
  • as a muslim myself, i didn't get offended by any of this so keep ur spirit gurlss!!

    ShavvliaShavvliaJam Yang lalu
    • @ONCE ! Not you being a hero who likes your own comment. You don't even know the relationship lmao. Stop making me embarrassed

      Army BTSArmy BTS20 menit yang lalu
    • @Shavvlia Just ignore that little girl 😂

      ONCE !ONCE !21 menit yang lalu
    • @Shavvlia I'm just a normal muslim. I feel super embarrassed when you claim yourself as muslim. Please leave from our religion. We don't want you

      Army BTSArmy BTS23 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS im sorry but WhO r U?

      ShavvliaShavvlia26 menit yang lalu
    • Don't call yourself as a muslim. Allah and Prophet Muhammad SAW don't claim you

      Army BTSArmy BTS28 menit yang lalu
  • Whay y'all so mad about a triangle shape? This group has nothing to do with Illuminati. You guys are bringing religious matter into this video, like please it's just a damn song. Like what will happen if you stan an Illuminati group? You get punish by your God? Are you praising every group you stan?(Why i said that bcs they sounded like every kpop group are their religion and only TRI.BE is Illuminati so they hated them) Everyone shouldn't be dumb about a geometrical shape. If one day they made a statement that they're Illuminati, then unstan them! Easy. You don't need to be so obsessed. Have common sense. Plus, did your religion told you that it's good to throw a slander without any proof and made them look bad? No! If you have a strong faith for your religion you won't leave you religion. Even if Illuminati is real they're not gonna win and control us if we have a strong faith for our own religion. Spread positivity, not negativity. You're just adding your sins inside your 'sin jar'. We'll never know when our time will come😊, and throwing slanders, hateful statements and bringing religious matter is a very bad thing to do. If you think this group is bad then don't need to care/worry about them. Let them be.😊 If you're saying that triangle shape is an Illuminati shape, why won't you scold your Math teacher for teaching you geometrical shapes? Or even blaming the Mathematician who created triangular shapes because they created a logo for Illuminati? Come on don't be so dumb. This kind of mentality makes it easier for them to control us(if they're even real). Lets say if one day Illmuminati said people with black hairs are part of Illuminati, are you gonna trust them 100%?! NO my dear no, have common sense. ***Also I see some of you said it's that one specific K-pop group stan(I'm not going to put the name of the fandom) that threw many hateful comments about this group. THEY'RE JUST TROLLS, THEY'RE NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM! THEY MADE THIS TO MAKE BOTH SIDES LOOK BAD. IT'S A DOUBLE WIN FOR THEM! Please don't trust everything they said, because 'Haters Gonna Hate'. And I know this is a bad thing to say but, I honestly don't really like those young K-pop stans because SOME OF THEM(not all) are not even mature yet to think about good/bad things. Most of them are just like "I wanna be one of their haters because every K-pop group must have stans and haters" pls this kind of mentality🙄 but IT'S OK. Don't need to care about them or you're going to start a fanwar, if you argue with them you're just a part of them. If one day I become a K-pop idol, I won't even care about those haters, tbh K-pop idols feelings are so 'fragile'(I'm sorry for saying this but it's true). K-pop stans should learn how to ignore those haters. You're just making the real fandom looks bad. [My final notes for everyone, support them and spread positivities. If you hated them then leave them.]

    ꧁༻ѕhαdσw rαngєr༺꧂꧁༻ѕhαdσw rαngєr༺꧂Jam Yang lalu
  • Orang indo jangan malu maluin negara dong🙃

    dsky 77dsky 77Jam Yang lalu
  • Diss like

    Andhikakarasuno RustavikaAndhikakarasuno RustavikaJam Yang lalu
  • Did you know that illuminati was once a moon🌙 symbol? And malaysia flag is a moon so basically that country is illuminati so don't trust these people coming from that country.

    loonatheuniverseloonatheuniverse2 jam yang lalu
    • @Calvin C And I really hope that you are not muslim

      Army BTSArmy BTS42 menit yang lalu
    • @Calvin C I won't get outta here unless all my muslim homies have completely isolated themselves from illuminati. Idk how many times to repeat this sentence.... I won't hate the group if the group was not associated with illuminati

      Army BTSArmy BTS42 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS and if you're muslim go out in this video, don't spread a hate

      Calvin CCalvin C46 menit yang lalu
    • @Calvin C If you're not muslim, then you can go on supporting this group.

      Army BTSArmy BTS50 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS nope👀

      Calvin CCalvin C59 menit yang lalu
  • Malaysia people hey you ugly.. Shut just let people enjoy this don't drop hate comments...if you don't wanna listen this song just get away from here

    Emily TheCeoEmily TheCeo2 jam yang lalu
    • @WooJin x Twice Supremacy same

      koko powderkoko powder42 menit yang lalu
    • As a malaysian, I apologize on behalf of them. I feel second hand embarrassment.

      WooJin x Twice SupremacyWooJin x Twice SupremacyJam Yang lalu
  • why one other country hates this group so much, just because of its symbol. they are cool and talented, I can't stop thinking about that country, even though they are the country that likes kpop the most

    Asyahri Ar rachmanAsyahri Ar rachman2 jam yang lalu
    • @Patrick Kenyon Welcome. I hope you will have a nice day too...👍

      Army BTSArmy BTS41 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS Thank you for not being hateful. Have a happy day.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon46 menit yang lalu
    • @Patrick Kenyon I don't even know that campaign exists. This video comes in my recommendation and it gives me goosebumps when I watch it. I don't care if non-muslim people support this group because it doesn't affect my religion

      Army BTSArmy BTS51 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS What does Islam tell you about letting non-Muslims influence your actions? This whole hate campaign was started by a group of college students on Twitter. They are manipulating Muslim people and laughing about it.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon55 menit yang lalu
    • And me as a malaysian, I actually don't hate this group but y'all know that islam taught to stay away from the illuminati thing. I came here because I wanted to inform those muslims but sadly they have been hypnotized😔

      Army BTSArmy BTSJam Yang lalu
  • Full of illuminati...

    Ain IdrisAin Idris2 jam yang lalu
    • Your brain?

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon54 menit yang lalu
    • And you're satan

      Calvin CCalvin C2 jam yang lalu
  • wtf bro, some of the commentors have childish mindsets. Change that, you won't grow up well.

    Changji JiChangji Ji3 jam yang lalu
  • The member with a mix of sohyeon from G-idle and Olivia hye from LOOΠ∆, who is she?

    Banban MidoriBanban Midori3 jam yang lalu
    • @loonatheuniverse Thankss

      Banban MidoriBanban MidoriJam Yang lalu
    • Hyunbin

      loonatheuniverseloonatheuniverse2 jam yang lalu
  • BABYS❤❤❤❤❤

    Rose KimRose Kim3 jam yang lalu
  • the lyrics: this is me, everybody says that I'm rude, keep barking puppy haters: *this song is about the Illuminati*

    Iris sofeaIris sofea3 jam yang lalu
    • Further proof that haters can't read.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon3 jam yang lalu

    alice noriakialice noriaki3 jam yang lalu
  • Comments: they're putting up the Illuminati sign Me: I didn't know putting up the triangle meant you're selling your soul to the Illuminati and Last time I remember a triangle is a shape that is almost everywhere and it doesn't matter if they're putting a triangle up Mabey you should take your time and look at what the song is really about and translate the lyrics and stop worrying about the dance :) and btw if you didn't notice the font they used made their B a triangle it's literally their sign. Itzy's sign a Z. They shouldn't have to put a letter to you guys out that the triangle literally means nothing you should have use context clues or comprehended it before you said something but you need to go back to ELA class if you didn't comprehend the song.

    K-pop dances mirroredK-pop dances mirrored4 jam yang lalu
  • Such a great song!!!

    Adrian PeachyAdrian Peachy4 jam yang lalu
  • Gran debut, me emcanto la canción UwU

    Rafael VillaRafael Villa4 jam yang lalu
  • UMG?

    ttaehyoung앋ttaehyoung앋4 jam yang lalu
  • Esse começo pareceu muito algo brasileiro manoo

    Laylla AlvesLaylla Alves4 jam yang lalu
  • vida loka 💕

    Erick RamoosErick Ramoos5 jam yang lalu
  • SALAM kepada umat muslim jauhkanlah daripada group kpop ini, kerana dalam ini banyak macam symbol illuminati...... 各位穆斯林兄弟姐妹们,请远离这个kpop群体,因为在这个群体中有许多三角形照明符号…… Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please stay away from this kpop group, because there are many triangular lighting symbols in this group...

    Wendi MaWendi Ma5 jam yang lalu
    • Yes, please take your angry , destructive troll kin brothers and sisters and leave.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon4 jam yang lalu
  • Iluminati!

    Louis Oscar satriaLouis Oscar satria5 jam yang lalu
    • Twitter troll.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon3 jam yang lalu
  • Can someone please tell who's the girl on 02:00?

    셀리in neverland셀리in neverland5 jam yang lalu
    • Hyunbin

      Calvin CCalvin CJam Yang lalu
  • I know tri is from triangle and be as a verb but I would gladly become a member of their tribe anytime fighting ❤️💪

    Another HumanAnother Human5 jam yang lalu
  • 22k dislikes?!!! Wtf is wrong with these people!! This song and dance is soo good!!!🔥 and the members are 🤩🤩🤩

    Nathan MoralesNathan Morales5 jam yang lalu
  • This video is sponsored by the triangle, and this made me feel strange and no one would understand what the meaning of the triangles in the video is, and I think that this will be strange to you.

    aya mettaiaya mettai5 jam yang lalu
  • ini taktik marketing tolol. bukan iluminati

    REEZAA.REEZAA.6 jam yang lalu
    • More like concept si

      Calvin CCalvin CJam Yang lalu
  • 2nd to 2ne1 feauture kpop super stars...there voice is wow and also the dance skills is 100% legit trained💗💗💗😉👍 Unlike the other kpop girl group,yes they can sing but they can't dance like this..proper moves and have atittude on dance floorGood job.. 💗💗💗💗

    DIEGA REACTDIEGA REACT6 jam yang lalu
  • Um grupo com ritmo de funk!!!! O Brasil ainda vai dominar o mundo

    Patricia SilvaPatricia Silva6 jam yang lalu
  • EXID’s LE and Shinsadong Tiger worked together as joint producers on the debut album. TRI.BE’s leader Songsun is a cousin of Yuri from Girls Generation.

    G PG P8 jam yang lalu

  • if i ignore THAT plagiarism, the most confusing thing is the disgusting location (0:47) with the corpses of animals as trophies and a gun. Hunting is the most fucked-up hobby, it's the fact. Secondly-the Illuminati, why shove them everywhere lol, it looks so absurd and inappropriate. And the girls themselves radiate unpleasant atmosphere. I feel uncomfortable watching this... But the song is not that bad

    Homu HomuHomu Homu8 jam yang lalu
    • the way you are reaching 🙄🙄🙄🙄

      quineverequinevere6 jam yang lalu
    • You don't like it? Then you have NO reason to ever comment again. If you do, we will know you are trolling. Goodbye.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon6 jam yang lalu
  • cant believe ppl getting offended over a triangle i’m-

    kylarkylar8 jam yang lalu
  • Guys that not how iluminati work😂

    Azim HaikalAzim Haikal8 jam yang lalu
    • They don't care. They are just trolls.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon6 jam yang lalu
  • Kalian kemakan teknik marketing mereka wkwk

    Jotaro Giorno GiovannaJotaro Giorno Giovanna8 jam yang lalu
  • Me after watching this mv: 👁️👄👁️

    Riryuu ctlyRiryuu ctly8 jam yang lalu
  • Almost 2 weeks and this song is so stuck in my head and hyunbin and mire Killin me so much 😭

    Juan AlonzoJuan Alonzo9 jam yang lalu
    • @Juan Alonzo I know, right? Even if their part is short, they all get to shine.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon6 jam yang lalu
    • What I also love is that they all have lines ❤

      Juan AlonzoJuan Alonzo8 jam yang lalu
  • them asking to use marks tiger

    Jazzmyne SchultzJazzmyne Schultz9 jam yang lalu

    Mack & RoxxyMack & Roxxy9 jam yang lalu
  • ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌💔💔

    Aqilah IsaAqilah Isa9 jam yang lalu
  • affe??????? //gostei delas, vou procurar saber mais kkk

    o país tá quebrado akakakako país tá quebrado akakakak9 jam yang lalu
  • The thumbnail reminds me DDD of EXID T_T

    tabhtabh9 jam yang lalu
    • And LE EXID producing this song👀

      Calvin CCalvin CJam Yang lalu

    Bulli-anBulli-an9 jam yang lalu
  • The situation with illuminati is just ridiculous. How can people be so dumb?

    Angelina A.Angelina A.9 jam yang lalu
    • Barbarians seek to destroy anything that is beautiful.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon6 jam yang lalu
    • They need something to hate this group bcoz these queens are threat to their personal faves..

      Letsgo MagicaLetsgo Magica9 jam yang lalu
  • That main rapper with an attitude 🔥

    pretty boypretty boy10 jam yang lalu
  • Im obsessed already😩

    oo10 jam yang lalu
  • Bad song bad debut😚

    Wahyu Danua PratamaWahyu Danua Pratama10 jam yang lalu
    • @Wahyu Danua Pratama Illuminati are not real. They are a fairy tale made up to frighten the easily influenced.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon5 jam yang lalu
    • @Patrick Kenyon Ya intine koyo ngono kui loh💪 Yen kowe perek cocote kowe pen tak cocog anggo gantar😥 Tribe✅✅

      Wahyu Danua PratamaWahyu Danua Pratama5 jam yang lalu
    • @Patrick Kenyon Everything is production fault, that's right?😚 They just sing and dance

      Wahyu Danua PratamaWahyu Danua Pratama5 jam yang lalu
    • @Patrick Kenyon I just said "bad song" not "hate the girl, i mean tribe😚

      Wahyu Danua PratamaWahyu Danua Pratama5 jam yang lalu
    • @Wahyu Danua Pratama You can call me names in whatever language you like. A hater is a hater. You hate young girls for daring to be more talented than you. Does that make your mother proud?

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon5 jam yang lalu
  • Let's get this to 5 million views

    Nadre Vitoriano Dos SantosNadre Vitoriano Dos Santos10 jam yang lalu
  • barbz are here to stream purr

    Nicki Minaj x BiniNicki Minaj x Bini10 jam yang lalu
    • YES TY QUEENS 💖💖

      quineverequinevere6 jam yang lalu
    • Not barbz finding this comeback laced with Illuminati

      Cotton mouthCotton mouth7 jam yang lalu
  • Delen mucho amor a se lo merece

    gugudan officialgugudan official10 jam yang lalu

    Anna RebecaAnna Rebeca10 jam yang lalu

    Dellion AstDellion Ast10 jam yang lalu
  • Siento que este grupo se va desintegrar por culpa de la gente idiota que cree en eso de Iluminati 😐 espero que eso no pase

    Arenita MejillasArenita Mejillas10 jam yang lalu
  • buen debut, me encantó todo 20 de 10

    RemolachaKunRemolachaKun10 jam yang lalu
  • Aku dtg dari tik tok ok bye

    Muhammad akmalMuhammad akmal11 jam yang lalu
  • And I saw the comment @kpop haters he gave emotes to this "💩👎🐉Dll" You know people like that will be the target of kpop idols to be made into fans. One day Karma will come to you Idiot haters !! The Korean wave will continue.

    SAMYANG_HITSAMYANG_HIT11 jam yang lalu

    Tiara MeitaTiara Meita11 jam yang lalu
  • honnestly great song

    BTS x ARMYBTS x ARMY11 jam yang lalu
  • its 2021 and you people still believe in this illumanity or selling soul things 😂😂 some animals are way smarter than some humains

    BTS x ARMYBTS x ARMY11 jam yang lalu
  • I don't care about iluminati or something?! This Song how nice to be greeted with their symbol names! it's so creative! Good music, Beautiful pretty member, I thought it was just a strategy for people to see their music video but it was really good In fact, I am willing to be a witness to their struggle and now I know the names of the member! GOODJOB GIRLS YOU SO TALEND!!✨💕

    K-Pop ThingsK-Pop Things11 jam yang lalu
  • the fact that im older than most of these girls makes me feel like an actual rock.

    celeste cceleste c11 jam yang lalu
    • It doesn't take much to be older than some of these girls. Maknae line is, like, all of them.

      Patrick KenyonPatrick Kenyon6 jam yang lalu

    EITA KOOKEITA KOOK11 jam yang lalu
  • My fav part TwT 2:33 👂👁️👃👁️👂✨✨ 👄 Blessed

  • banned

    amirul ridzwanamirul ridzwan11 jam yang lalu
  • Istg -_- the comment section...

  • illuminati or not fuck it im gonna stan. but i really think it has nothing to do with that bullshit

    harriz isymeerharriz isymeer12 jam yang lalu
    • @Army BTS good if u r so embarrassed so plz leave this cment section, leave the mv and dnt beg others to dislike these queens..

      Letsgo MagicaLetsgo Magica31 menit yang lalu
    • @Letsgo Magica I'm relieved that you're not muslim because if you are, then my religion is already condemned. And I want the other muslims to stay away from this kpop group because my religion taught us to fight the illuminati not support. I feel sad when they become traitors. So, don't interfere when you don't know nothing. You gives me secondhand embarrassment right now

      Army BTSArmy BTS37 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS same goes for you.. If u hv problm with a triangle..dnt fcking come here again and again comment.

      Letsgo MagicaLetsgo Magica57 menit yang lalu
    • @Nicki Minaj x Bini Not gonna talk with nicki minaj fans

      Army BTSArmy BTSJam Yang lalu
    • @Letsgo Magica don't know the relationship btwn islam and illuminati = don't respond

      Army BTSArmy BTSJam Yang lalu
  • Your voices are beautiful 💜😘

    Rawan {B}Rawan {B}12 jam yang lalu
  • Baik tngk blacpink lol iluminati

    Muizzuddin DinnMuizzuddin Dinn12 jam yang lalu
  • Iluminati lol

    Muizzuddin DinnMuizzuddin Dinn12 jam yang lalu
    • Iiuminatl lol

      Nicki Minaj x BiniNicki Minaj x Bini10 jam yang lalu
  • nice >

    Trang NguyễnTrang Nguyễn12 jam yang lalu
  • Tribe

    IU LoveIU Love12 jam yang lalu
  • Da loca

    IU LoveIU Love12 jam yang lalu
  • Me after watching this mv vida loca.... doom doom ta doom doom ta......

    oak kieoak kie12 jam yang lalu
  • vida loka

    Isys TheodoraIsys Theodora12 jam yang lalu
  • Tôi ở đây vì LE - EXID

    OriOri12 jam yang lalu
  • 데뷔 막부터 K-Pop 그룹을 따라가는 것도 신난다💛💛💛

    qfellaysqfellays13 jam yang lalu
  • mv penuh ndn segi tiga

    Alifah_ SofiyaAlifah_ Sofiya13 jam yang lalu
  • I love that girl beside the TIGER and the girl looks like JENNIE BLACKPINK

    KHUMAOKHUMAO13 jam yang lalu
    • Thats jia(visual and sub vocalist)

      Letsgo MagicaLetsgo Magica12 jam yang lalu
  • This songs bridge gets better every listen, it's the best bridge I've heard in a long time.

    Ginger The cute DogGinger The cute Dog13 jam yang lalu
  • Their rapper is dope, love her

    Ginger The cute DogGinger The cute Dog13 jam yang lalu
  • Iconic debut

    Ginger The cute DogGinger The cute Dog13 jam yang lalu

    MULTI FANDOMMULTI FANDOM13 jam yang lalu
    • Makes no since but okay

      Nicki Minaj x BiniNicki Minaj x Bini10 jam yang lalu
  • Dunia adalah syurga bagi orang kafir

    lalalalisalalalalisa14 jam yang lalu
    • Dahtu lisa bukn kafir ke lol

  • Allah tuhanku Islam agamaku Nabi Muhammad rasullul ku Kaabah kiblat

    lalalalisalalalalisa14 jam yang lalu
  • Mungkin ramai yang minat group ni, tapi bukan aq laa

    lalalalisalalalalisa14 jam yang lalu
    • Why not kita dislike je MV ni aku pon tak suka group ni. Kita report MV ni jom

      Ahmad Fa'iq Ahmad SyauqieAhmad Fa'iq Ahmad SyauqieJam Yang lalu
  • Illuminati is not real. The real illuminati is the muslims themselves so don't interact and report them.

    loonatheuniverseloonatheuniverse14 jam yang lalu
    • Cie orang kafir hina agama sendiri ketahuan deh aibnya 🔪

      Rendra AnggareksaRendra Anggareksa39 menit yang lalu
    • @Arenita Mejillas 😐😐😐😐😐😐

      Ahmad Fa'iq Ahmad SyauqieAhmad Fa'iq Ahmad Syauqie58 menit yang lalu
    • The real illuminati isn't muslim but actually YOU. You know your attitude just same like 'dajei suka pedajei org'

      Ahmad Fa'iq Ahmad SyauqieAhmad Fa'iq Ahmad Syauqie58 menit yang lalu
    • Lho kok hina agama sendiri hayolo awas akhir kiamat kau gak bakal ditolong in Allah tau apa yang bakal ada dia akhir kiamat kau yang tidak tau diam aja ada Dajjal baru tau rasa Dajjal gak kelihatan dan Dajjal sudah ada dari dulu cuma gak kelihatan hanya orang beriman yang bisa liat kau atheis ya pantesan

      Rendra AnggareksaRendra Anggareksa5 jam yang lalu
    • @Mohd Hilman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Arenita MejillasArenita Mejillas10 jam yang lalu
  • This song are so good to hear...I eventually became a stan for this group

    Koro SenseiKoro Sensei14 jam yang lalu
  • maaf, yakali mau ngestan

    my treasure effectmy treasure effect14 jam yang lalu
  • I hope Muslim don't Stan them. Just mengingatkan

    BLUEBOY [Gaming YT]BLUEBOY [Gaming YT]14 jam yang lalu
    • Illuminati has nothing to the with Muslims. Christian People and muslims Are the Target of Illuminati. Please research before you spreading false informations

      ღ Kim Twice are Nations Queen Group ღღ Kim Twice are Nations Queen Group ღ10 jam yang lalu
    • @Nicki Minaj x Bini So, if random people who have the same religion as yours shamed your religion, are you just laughing? Lmao

      Army BTSArmy BTS13 jam yang lalu
    • you are missing out on the talent~

      stray frecklesstray freckles13 jam yang lalu
    • Girl byyyyeee you can’t tell Muslim people what to do

      Nicki Minaj x BiniNicki Minaj x Bini14 jam yang lalu
  • We appreciate triangle queens *talent* but not the *concept!* Even the yt channel have drop the official statement regarding the illuminati controversy, a lot of people randomly come and drop nasty comment by using their religion as main reason. Can we stop with this kind of behaviour? Being ignorant and throw hate without read the official statement.

    ONCE !ONCE !14 jam yang lalu
    • @ONCE ! You can come back to my religion if you are not being a traitor anymore😊

      Army BTSArmy BTS2 menit yang lalu
    • @ONCE ! Now, I know that *certain* onces are weak in faiths. Just *certain*

      Army BTSArmy BTS2 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS Nvm. Faham dah judgemental person macamni simply assumed and menghukum orang. Go on sis. Nak stan cara kau berfikir pulak 😂. Puas dah explain *appreciate the talent and group but not the concept* pun susah juga nak faham. Berapa kali sebut pun tak faham juga susahlah macamni. Ya lah sis, ya lah. Penat dah 😂

      ONCE !ONCE !4 menit yang lalu
    • @ONCE ! Muslims are allowed to stan all talentsbut not talents covered with the illuminati. It's like some people choose to eat their spoilt burger when there are still many fresh burgers out there. I'm not being rude but you're being a disgrace to my religion. The worst part is. You even proud yourself when you are stanning this group. I'm sorry, former muslim but you're cancelled

      Army BTSArmy BTS6 menit yang lalu
    • @Army BTS Kalau ni lah cara kau implikasikan kehidupan Islam dalam diri kau dengan "meng-unislam-kan" orang hanya sebab aku ni tak berniat nak membenci group ni tapi appreciate talent dia orang. Go on sis. Lepas ni, kau nampak mana mana cikgu ke member kau lukis segi tiga dalam kelas seni atau apa apa subjeklah kau buatlah benda sama ya. If dah kerja kau nampak any unsur segi tiga, ha pergi dekat department tu then bersedialah nak cakap "Dont call urself as Islam sebab segi tiga ni merata dah ni". Dah tu cara kau faham Islam tu macam mana kan? Cara kau suruh aku jangan mengaku diri aku Islam tu. Tak apa lah sis 😂. Macam aku cakap, tu lah cara kau apply keindahan Islam dalam kehidupan kau. Jadi rude. Sepanjang aku terangkan opinion aku, pendapat kau lebih menjurus kepada "I'm muslim, this group is involve with illuminati, i can't stan them." Okay, kau dah ada keputusan total dan 100% valid dalam diri kau. Bagus dah tu. Tapi influence orang untuk sama sama ada buah pemikiran macam kau tak boleh rasanya. Lagi-lagi jangan mengaku diri ni Islam or un-Islam-kan je diri bila pendapat tak seiring dan sehaluan. regarding illuminati issue ni, official statement dah keluar pun tak faham bahasa lagi nak baca. Tengok english alhamdulillah boleh faham komen aku even english entah apa apa. Nvm. Terbukti rupanya *certain* army selalunya judgemental and problematic. Again *certain* je.

      ONCE !ONCE !11 menit yang lalu
  • eu estou tão orgulhosa de vocês, minhas meninas. vocês batalharam por isso, e merecem demais tudo o que estão conquistando! ilysm, 내 사자 소녀들. ♡

    beatriz.beatriz.14 jam yang lalu
  • 👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🐉🐉🐉🐉💩💩💩🐉🐉🐉👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    kpop haterskpop haters14 jam yang lalu
    • examples of idiot haters are what kpop idols target to become fans, hate being love, beware !! Kpop idols spying on you idiot haters !! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

      SAMYANG_HITSAMYANG_HIT11 jam yang lalu
    • In your way like this won't see your stupid comments. Losers!💩💩

      SAMYANG_HITSAMYANG_HIT11 jam yang lalu
    • Got no times for haters -everglow 2020

    • LMAO 😭

      Nicki Minaj x BiniNicki Minaj x Bini14 jam yang lalu
  • Hati-hati jika berjumpa kpop yang Islam tidak suka

    BlackBurn GamerBlackBurn Gamer15 jam yang lalu
  • Kepada umat islam berhati ii lh ya memilih group kpop, terlalu banyak simbol ii x sepatutnya . Semoga selalu dilindungi Allah 😘.

    Nsh AzmiNsh Azmi15 jam yang lalu
  • I'm a fan

    Neeru MalviyaNeeru Malviya15 jam yang lalu
  • 1:21 her name???!??!!

    EveEve16 jam yang lalu
    • JIA

      Nicki Minaj x BiniNicki Minaj x Bini14 jam yang lalu
    • Jia I think

      VishalVishal15 jam yang lalu

    • Banyak2 group group ni je yg ketandusan idea dok meniru gaya arab

      Ahmad Fa'iq Ahmad SyauqieAhmad Fa'iq Ahmad Syauqie55 menit yang lalu
    • 👏👏👏 tapi aku terhibur bila kau sebut piramid makanan🤣🤣

      Alya FaheemaAlya Faheema13 jam yang lalu
    • 👏👏👏

      Army BTSArmy BTS15 jam yang lalu