When 400 Km/H is not enough - World fastest motorcycle: NINJA H2

9 Mar 2018
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#ninja #h2 When your top speed is the fastest ever recorded on a motorcycle but you want more speed... watch these crazy riders and their incredible sportbikes going more than 350Km/H! and even +400Km/H (trueeee!)
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- NINJA H2 392Km/H: idworlds.info/from/tLZzk6q3gJuXg5o/video
- NINJA H2 | Smolder: idworlds.info/from/nsmJo8-lgqNrqrM/video
- NINja H2 407Km/H: idworlds.info/from/yc-GjbKurXaXZM0/video
- MADMAX: idworlds.info/from/sJpjpM3XoaN_hMU/video
- HAYABUSA BERTHA: idworlds.info/from/mstioZqzqad_ltk/video
- AURORA V8: idworlds.info/from/1byLZraZg4eTo9U/video
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  • 407 Km/H!!! WTF....

    Steven CQSteven CQ3 tahun yang lalu
    • 400 this record is been of uhhhhh kawasaki's only but it has a world record poor rider dont have any respect from Guinness world records 😢😢

      NITIN MARKANDNITIN MARKAND4 hari yang lalu
    • @Angel Janceski Chiron SS 300+ - 490 km/h Suzuki Hayabusa Turbocharged - 502 km/h ( RIP Bill Warner ) I am a Car Lover but still this is the truth at present

      Ajinkya GaikwadAjinkya Gaikwad8 hari yang lalu
    • @Loyd Daez cccvccgf

      Michael BellMichael Bell25 hari yang lalu
    • @Loyd Daez cccvccgf

      Michael BellMichael Bell25 hari yang lalu
    • @Loyd Daez ñp

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  • Is he still alive?

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  • Als Biker habe ich kein Verständnis, sry.

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  • Wow

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  • Esse que chegou a 407 km foi o Brasileiro ??

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    • Yes!

      The Speed KingThe Speed King22 jam yang lalu
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  • Brazil 410km/h ninja h2

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  • ligne droite facile !!!

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  • This was in Brazil. The guy looses his bike at court.

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  • Dodge tomahawk is the fastes one

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  • Ci vuole un fisico bestiale sai, tu bestiale sai, anche per fare certe cose sai, certe cose sai!

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  • First one pass by, sounds like Ennis Podracer from Starwars ^^

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  • 390km/h sur une route ouverte. C'est de la folie pure... On croise des obstacles à 260 km/h sur une autoroute ... Une bourrasque de vent et on perd le contrôle ... Et que dire de la capacité des pneus à tenir à une telle vitesse, il peuvent "lâcher" à tout moment car ils n'ont pas été prévu pour encaisser une telle chaleur et une telle pression.

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  • Debe ser un buen masaje para el cuello y la espalda.

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  • I'd rather a turbo Hayabusa than a tuned up H2 any day.

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  • Se passar um cachorro na frente não sobra sem o cheiro

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  • I don't even touch these speeds in Games.

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  • 'Drive Safe, but fast'??? Considering 'safe driving' is seeing 6-travel seconds in front of you, so you can accomodate 1.2-seconds of brain-to-muscle response time to even HIT a brake...this qualifies as 'not safe, too fast'. Ground squirrel? Coffin. Glass bottle? Coffin. Cardboard box? Coffin. Car with family? Everyone dies. While most of these clips here were from closed tracks (which is fine), insanity is knowing some 20-year old '10-ft tall and bulletproof' bike 'hero' is out there on the streets, right now, driving like this in public traffic. I've rode bikes for 50-years...and you see them all the time...and they give bikes and bikers a REALLY BAD NAME! (normally, posthumously)

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