This Is Why Real Madrid Fans Love Fede Valverde - Reaction

14 Jan 2020
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  • He doesn’t have the best traits on any position but he excels everywhere thats his best trait.

    Cnieol7Cnieol75 bulan yang lalu
  • Who is here after they won la liga?

    Fkfkdk FkkfkdFkfkdk Fkkfkd7 bulan yang lalu
  • He is Box to Box so he can play anywhere good tackle nice passing skilly super fast good at attack and can even play at RW

    INDARKMENTINDARKMENT8 bulan yang lalu
  • Real Madrid fans always expect trophies every season, especially the CL, since we are the kings of the competition. That’s the reason for the big trophy room.

    SERJiCALSERJiCAL9 bulan yang lalu
    • ​@real barcafan we won 6 CL since 1998. STFU.

      SERJiCALSERJiCAL8 bulan yang lalu
  • Fede Valverde the best player on fire

    Ignacio MenezesIgnacio Menezes11 bulan yang lalu
  • 21 yeas old

    Marcelo FernandezMarcelo FernandezTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde is amazing recovering the ball and cutting passes. But he's also very physical in his game and he's able to push his team forward constantly, putting a lot of pressure on the other team. To top it off, he's got a killer long-distance shot. Very complete player.

    HombrequemiralalunaHombrequemiralalunaTahun Yang lalu
  • You're making a video of him and dont know his position and age? Come on !

    Martin PolleriMartin PolleriTahun Yang lalu
  • James Rodríguez has left the chat

    ElRifle24 24ElRifle24 24Tahun Yang lalu
  • His name is FEDERICO (Fede) Valverde, 21 years old! ✌ he is not a forward player but a midfielder.

    a7xgunslingera7xgunslingerTahun Yang lalu
  • He missed the assist to modric

    Ramon AbdyoRamon AbdyoTahun Yang lalu
  • Can you please react to Mateo Kovaciç ?

    Jefer CartagenaJefer CartagenaTahun Yang lalu
  • Fede Valverde is quite a strange player actually, in the best way possible. Like, he's very similar to Casemiro, cause he has that physical strength, good positioning and intensity, but at the same time he has that "explosive quality" (as we say in Spain) when he runs and a very remarkable hability with the ball. Very very VERY interesting player, if he continues this progression, he can easily become a central piece in the team. If he's not already, lol.

    Mirror ReaperMirror ReaperTahun Yang lalu
  • A video on mendy who be nice, in just a couple months he took the 1st choice spot for lb

    Gaming BugGaming BugTahun Yang lalu
  • Fede is box to box ,probably one of the best itw right now if not the best , always breaks rhythm great passing great dribbling ability great vision always there at the right moment, you can see the difference he makes when he's playing and when he's not. I watched every Real Madrid game and when he's not playing reminds me of last season which was terrible . I love the guy one of our best players this season

    xBoDDy 7xBoDDy 7Tahun Yang lalu
  • Tks : he is really young guy.. Fede : hold my baby (after 9 months)

    Gaming with AJGaming with AJTahun Yang lalu
    • That sounds kinda gay

      Ali GediAli GediTahun Yang lalu
  • React to '20 times vinicius jr impressed' . C'mon you got this. xD

    Backpacking wizardBackpacking wizardTahun Yang lalu
  • He is like an offspring of a threesome between Kroos, Casemiro, Modric. His long legs gives him extra pace, can defend, shoot, pass, and gives this Real side an energy which lifts all of the player. You watch the match and you'll see him running throughout the 90mins.

    Backpacking wizardBackpacking wizardTahun Yang lalu
  • Hisham ZyoudHisham ZyoudTahun Yang lalu
  • Federico valverde

    David RamosDavid RamosTahun Yang lalu
  • His name is Federico Valverde, Is from Uruguay and is 21 YO

    Andrés PeñateAndrés PeñateTahun Yang lalu
  • it is difficult to real madrid is in a transition era...mixing and ensambling get a winner team in 2 or 3 years...but probably real madrid is the only club in the world that are capable to win leagues or tittles like champions in the depends of hazard and benzema staying healthy ...bale is in another world missingso he is not usable.. ......with isco implicated in the midfield..we have one of the best 3 squads in the world and one of the top 5 teams too in my opinion...the only weak(and important) part in real madrid right now is a killer 9...waiting for jovic....the rest are a deep top class squad in all lines...

    XTCyMANXTCyMANTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde passes the ball. TKS: he is a beast

    BladyBladyTahun Yang lalu
  • He’s just 21

    Omar KamalOmar KamalTahun Yang lalu
  • Uruguayo bro

    Mateo RochaMateo RochaTahun Yang lalu
  • He’s only 21

    George OscarGeorge OscarTahun Yang lalu
  • 100% bettet than frenkie de jong

    RIETZRIETZTahun Yang lalu
  • check this one out, new first team promoted player by the new Barca coach, almost the first thing he did when he joined! ''7 Minutes Of Riqui Puig Being An Unstoppable & Very Talented Midfielder'' watch?v=4BTkvCeFzXw

    Hank StormHank StormTahun Yang lalu

    DavidDavidTahun Yang lalu
  • Thanks so much ....good job

    Seedy TouraySeedy TourayTahun Yang lalu
  • You shouldnt make videos on players you’ve never even seen play.

    hiadolphanhiadolphanTahun Yang lalu
  • I think we might win La liga , and make semi finals in the ucl

    Ayyub HortonAyyub HortonTahun Yang lalu
  • fede isnt a cam hes the perfect example is of an box to box midfielder

    Maxi 9Maxi 9Tahun Yang lalu
  • he is 21

    Edgardo MárquezEdgardo MárquezTahun Yang lalu
  • Real Madrid is synonymous with champions league...

    harsh sakreharsh sakreTahun Yang lalu
  • La reencarnacion de Gerrard. Fantastico... promete, ojala siga asi

    mabcmabcTahun Yang lalu
  • There's nothing he can't do. He also clocked the highest speed in the league

    Manahil MaryamManahil MaryamTahun Yang lalu
  • I like that modric assists valverde and valverde assists modric whole time

    luka lukaluka lukaTahun Yang lalu
    • They have a good connection

      Ali GediAli GediTahun Yang lalu
  • Federico/Fede

    luka lukaluka lukaTahun Yang lalu
  • The reason they love valverde is mostly because of that dangerous tackle, I can imagine him getting insulted badly if he tackled Ronaldo or Messi, Just some biased fangirls

    Anonymous Boiii_69Anonymous Boiii_69Tahun Yang lalu
  • Wudo co zrobił XDD

    Dawid WybraniecDawid WybraniecTahun Yang lalu
  • Fed eh Rick oh = Federico

    Iván VelardeIván VelardeTahun Yang lalu
  • He's going to be something special.

    MonkeyMonkeyTahun Yang lalu
  • Varvelde took one for the team

  • Think Steven Gerrard, he can do it all in the midfield, but a cracking 8

    Dellasus2011Dellasus2011Tahun Yang lalu
  • He is a Kante type player a hybrid DM!

    nahid ahmednahid ahmedTahun Yang lalu
  • He is 1.82 meter And 22 years old

    Nudelnklicker hdNudelnklicker hdTahun Yang lalu
  • Real Madrid has the potential to win the champions league!

  • Fede is a beast, box to box, 21 and now they dont even want Pogba and he only cost 5m, Zidane loves giving youth a chance.... you forgot Isco, so its Kroos Modric, Casemiro, Isco and Valverde for 3 spots in the middle but he played the 5 of them against Valencia and Atleti in the Super Copa recently, once Hazard comes back then he is straight back in but Valverde wont lose he place he is the heart and soul of the team ATM, Modric and James will be gone next year and Van der Beek will be bought and Odegaard returning making there team even stronger again... oh yeah dont forget Mpabbe who could possible join, and Hakimi coming back from Dortmund the future is bright for Real Madrid.

    Billy MinofBilly MinofTahun Yang lalu
  • shooting and passing of kroos , modrics dribbling ,casemiros defence he is all in one

  • Federico Valverde is Madrid’s present AND future. So glad he’s gaining lots of confidence and playing time

    JasonB07JasonB07Tahun Yang lalu
  • Make a video on lautaro martinez please

    Angelo TanasieAngelo TanasieTahun Yang lalu
  • Fede Valverde is Kroos when u put a Engine chem style on him in FIFA He is mostly CDM or CM but it feels like a CAM cuz he loves to sometimes take the ball with into the final third and create a chance And the real reason why we love him is because he is doing all the running for Kroos and Modric who are not in their prime anymore and makes them better Also u forgot to mention Isco and James when u were talking about Real Madrid's midfielders

    Safet HuskicSafet HuskicTahun Yang lalu
  • OZIL is also one of those kind who passes unselfishly for others to create a better chance

  • He's the next GUTI

  • He made me fan of him, he and mendy both are playing very good

  • Can you react to Lionel Messi one of a kind the movie

    Astrid CarranzaAstrid CarranzaTahun Yang lalu
  • React to dybala pls

    Fadi KastounFadi KastounTahun Yang lalu
  • Man i feel like if valverde continues to shine more and more he will be to us like CR7 was for madrid and how messi is for barcelona... the GUY

    Yusif RadyYusif RadyTahun Yang lalu
  • It's the most complete midfielder I saw from Uruguay in the last 20years.

    Giorgio PaulettiGiorgio PaulettiTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde, Ødegaard and Casemiro :)))

    Jonathan HelmersenJonathan HelmersenTahun Yang lalu
  • Madrid with zidane . They give much more in champions leahlgue than laliga . So i think they will win champions.

    Naresh KhatiwadaNaresh KhatiwadaTahun Yang lalu
  • the best Valverde 👏💪💪💪👍🏾❤

    Angel CastroAngel CastroTahun Yang lalu
  • He's a box to box CM

    Nitish SaxenaNitish SaxenaTahun Yang lalu
  • Fede is that kind of player that glues the team together. He sticks to you on defense and it is very annoying to play against him. His ability to drive the ball up the field is awesome. He's very fast and strong and likes to play FOR the team. Very smart with the ball and has proved everyone wrong

    Alvaro AlonsoAlvaro AlonsoTahun Yang lalu
  • Rodrygo next

    Mustafa YilmazMustafa YilmazTahun Yang lalu
  • He seems decent and probably will grow into a good player but from this video, I am not really seeing anything special.

    KristofferreaKristofferreaTahun Yang lalu
  • He’s a central midfielder, but if you have his drive and workrate, you can be in two places at once :P

    DillaryHuffDillaryHuffTahun Yang lalu
  • That Valverde tackle should show up whenever someone googles «taking one for the team». It completely turned the game in Real Madrid’s favor. Iconic moment.

    DillaryHuffDillaryHuffTahun Yang lalu
  • Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme, Juan Roman Riquelme

    bako makobako makoTahun Yang lalu
  • They gonna give impact on Champions league but Juventus will win

    Rahul RouthRahul RouthTahun Yang lalu
  • I am a real madrid fan Fede valverde is 21 in age and He is the beaten heart in the middlefiled of madrid He is very important because He balances between the attacking and deffinsive tasks with all the spirit and sacrifaice for the team

    مالك القطيفمالك القطيفTahun Yang lalu
  • Valverde is a "Box to Box Midfielder", which means he can do it all offensively and defensively.

    prince imedprince imedTahun Yang lalu
  • plus he has also established himself as one of the best counter pressing agents in the world :)

    shlok kalashlok kalaTahun Yang lalu
  • He is a center mid

    Garrick De CubaGarrick De CubaTahun Yang lalu
  • He is 22

    Garrick De CubaGarrick De CubaTahun Yang lalu
  • He’s literally the Uruguayan Kante. Top class player idc what anyone says. He’s a unique player, no doubt about it. He’s so energetic and he brings a lot of positivity to the team. Hope Madrid can win some trophies this year. Hala Madrid ❤️

    Jovanni AlejandreJovanni AlejandreTahun Yang lalu
  • React to Rivaldo

    HS RuDeeHS RuDeeTahun Yang lalu
  • I’ve gotta be the only person here who doesn’t rate Valverde, I think he’s ridiculously average

    Robert DurstRobert DurstTahun Yang lalu
    • Open your eyes

      Mr. JackMr. JackTahun Yang lalu
  • He's 20 yrs old

    RMA HDRMA HDTahun Yang lalu
  • Real Madrid for champions league

    XCruz107XCruz107Tahun Yang lalu
  • I think we r the favourites for la liga and in the ucl we will make semi finals and I'm not expecting a ucl win but I don't count it out

    Noah ManciniNoah ManciniTahun Yang lalu
  • fede plays box to box with so much energy and pace that on the ball he's a CAM and off the ball he either presses super high or he's a CDM

    Noah ManciniNoah ManciniTahun Yang lalu
  • Tks just doesn’t see how impressive is going from one side of the pitch to the other, making the hole team go to the other pitch, he can’t attack and defend

    marcosscottmarcosscottTahun Yang lalu
  • We love him because you can see him in attack as you can see him in defense. He plays with spirit besides talents and smart play🔥🔥❤️❤️. He’s a midfielder.

    Ahmed EnglishAhmed EnglishTahun Yang lalu
  • Pls react to Roberto Carlos legendary speed and dribbling

    Nandahari D SNandahari D STahun Yang lalu
  • IMO,He is the best CM in the world ATM,He is pretty much the complete CM

    Shaked SharabeeShaked SharabeeTahun Yang lalu
  • React to when modric used magic in football

  • He is 21 years old And is a box to box midfielder.. Has got a great sense of game, great passing, interceptions and surprisingly fast too. so pretty amazing

    Anish DahalAnish DahalTahun Yang lalu
  • Cristiano Ronaldo callando bocas

    Nelson MartinezNelson MartinezTahun Yang lalu
  • Video cristiano Ronaldo la remontada épica

    Nelson MartinezNelson MartinezTahun Yang lalu
  • Video Cristiano Ronaldo MEGA retrata al barcelonismo

    Nelson MartinezNelson MartinezTahun Yang lalu
  • He didn't expect too much tackles huh? It's from Uruguay dude...

    León B.León B.Tahun Yang lalu
  • His presence on the field cannot be seen in youtube videos. He is absolutely beast and tireless midfield who can play at every position.

    Upash KatwalUpash KatwalTahun Yang lalu
  • This man has intensity and integrity for the Real Madrid badge, which is what the team needed.

    Rahul UpadhyayRahul UpadhyayTahun Yang lalu
  • Liverpool / man city / barca / / juventus ... on of em will be the champion this year

    Sam AmSam AmTahun Yang lalu
  • 6:42 my guy said good tackle🙄🤔

    El Calzoncillo 831El Calzoncillo 831Tahun Yang lalu
  • React to Manuel Neuer vs Algeria

    I don't have a nameI don't have a nameTahun Yang lalu
  • he's not a highlight maker but rather a match winner!

    David JDavid JTahun Yang lalu
  • React to Jari Litmanen! One of the best players on ajax history

    Miro HirvonenMiro HirvonenTahun Yang lalu