비투비 포유 (BTOB 4U) - 'Show Your Love' Official Music Video

16 Nov 2020
19 187 188 Ditonton

비투비 포유 (BTOB 4U) - 'Show Your Love' Official Music Video
Composed, Arranged by Hyun Sik Lim, EDEN, Ollounder, LEEZ
Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, EDEN, Min Hyuk Lee, Peniel
“우주에서 사랑보다 더 큰 힘은 없습니다. 모두 사랑을 보여줄 때입니다. 함께 사랑으로 이겨냅시다.”
Comment by 임현식
"There is no greater power than love in our universe. It is time to show love. Let us overcome together with love."
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  • 엇 미친 존나 오랜만에 본다 미쳤네 잘생김

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  • 뮤스 팁 -계정 로그아웃한다(시크릿 탭으로 유튜브 접속) -한번 다볼때마다 새로고침하면서 본다 -3번이상 돌리면 봇으로 간주되므로 3번보고 나면 다른영상 한번 봐준다 -인터넷 방문기록 삭제 후(ctrl+shift+del) 다시 반복

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    • 틀릴수도 있어요 ㅜㅜ

      찐13 menit yang lalu
  • 19. 1M

    cessjoy imperialcessjoy imperial13 menit yang lalu
  • Changsub looks like a thug 😂

    Just A Random FanJust A Random Fan21 menit yang lalu
    • lol thank god I am not the only one who thinks that

      Diksha JassiDiksha Jassi16 menit yang lalu
  • 19M in one week !! OMG im so proud

    Salma ArougaSalma Arouga33 menit yang lalu
  • Omg why is youtube showing 14m when we search for the song?!

    Diksha JassiDiksha Jassi44 menit yang lalu
  • First MV to achieved 19M in a week Melody is doing great in showing L0VE for BTOB💙 Lets continue to stre@m melodies💪

    nor mandynor mandy45 menit yang lalu
  • Woahhhh.... nakatulog lang me... 19m na!!!! Sipag anng melody!!! Fighting

    Ching LoredoChing LoredoJam Yang lalu
  • 19.154.393 views, 27.277 comments, 148k likes :D

    Rembulan CahyaningRembulan CahyaningJam Yang lalu

    Jung IlhoonJung IlhoonJam Yang lalu
    • Yessssss

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  • 오늘안에 2000만 가즈아!!

    혜진 정혜진 정Jam Yang lalu
  • Please, anyone, tell me the meaning of kachigoshipo?😭😭

    Moch BieMoch BieJam Yang lalu
    • "I want to be with you"

      Analyn MadelarAnalyn MadelarJam Yang lalu
  • Came because of Soobin,stayed because of 👑𝗧𝗔𝗟𝗘𝗡𝗧👑

    • Thank you for supporting them 💙

      melody girlmelody girlJam Yang lalu
  • Patiently waiting for the Hyunsik, Ilhoon and Sungjae until they can sing this together as a special performance

    Melody yeongwonhiMelody yeongwonhiJam Yang lalu
  • 이 노래는 항상 자존심이 강하고 여자를 좋아하는 여자를 알고 싶지 않지만 결국 여자가 그를 떠나는 남자에게 말하는 것과 같다

    Farah NadhirahFarah NadhirahJam Yang lalu

    Ghautsi Hadaina NashriGhautsi Hadaina NashriJam Yang lalu
  • I am here because of all the good people giving positive comments , helping get million views and the perfect healing song “Show your LOVE”. BTOB Let’s go for 20M and peace to all the fans 💙

    Eve PEve PJam Yang lalu
  • Wow

    Razan EXOLRazan EXOLJam Yang lalu
  • How's everyone doing with the fanchant? I'm trying to learn it but failing miserably loool

    Diksha JassiDiksha JassiJam Yang lalu
  • Real misleading of yt to have this at 14m when I search it up. 900k left on the road to 20m for Minhyuk's bday. Also check in to his YA.

    Smokey McBanditSmokey McBanditJam Yang lalu
    • Saymee

      Padmaja NairPadmaja NairJam Yang lalu
    • Same...

      Aidah Love7Aidah Love7Jam Yang lalu
  • I'm not a fan of BTOB but I really like this song, this song is so good

    Natalia LiuNatalia LiuJam Yang lalu
    • *casting a spell, making her a Melody...*

      Melody yeongwonhiMelody yeongwonhiJam Yang lalu
    • thanks for showing them love! hope you'll check out more songs from them!

      M WM WJam Yang lalu
  • Melody fighting!!! Go! Go! Go!!!

    Elvita SafitriElvita Safitri2 jam yang lalu
  • 28.11.2020

    S DS D2 jam yang lalu
  • 2days left.. hope we can hit 20M before dec 1

    super robsuper rob2 jam yang lalu
  • Melodyy wake up wake up we should stream moree

    Padmaja NairPadmaja Nair2 jam yang lalu
  • 19.04(+565k) Need to bump viewership up for 20m by tomorrow.

    Smokey McBanditSmokey McBandit2 jam yang lalu
  • 19M???????????

    Shark101Shark1012 jam yang lalu
  • People say that melody are too lazy to stream and jealous of the other kpop group with high views in IDworlds. No no no man, what kind of advantages do the other fandom have that we melody don't have frankly?! Best vical, best entertainers, so sociable and kind to everyone, ... In contrary, we melody have much more than the others because we stan artists not just Idol. Maybe we are not well known but we do everything for our oppa. Not starting fanwar though just want to justify the fact that we are not lazy, we do everything we can. And so proud of us to reach 19M in 2 weeks. It's not that big for the others but it means everything to us.

    HARY MaHARY Ma2 jam yang lalu
    • Straight facts!

      eric sencileric sencil38 menit yang lalu
  • Lets go for 20M 🥺🥺💙💙

    Charisse Diane MarfaCharisse Diane Marfa2 jam yang lalu
  • I'm literally smiling right now 😊😊 Melodies and BtoB really makes me happy. Keep streaming. It's now 19. Let's get to 20M 😍

    Melody yeongwonhiMelody yeongwonhi3 jam yang lalu
    • Go go go

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  • aguante =)

    juanjo fabianojuanjo fabiano3 jam yang lalu
  • BTOB

    juanjo fabianojuanjo fabiano3 jam yang lalu
  • 19,024,756

    juanjo fabianojuanjo fabiano3 jam yang lalu
  • 19 millions 🎉🎉😭💙💙💙

    fraise au mielfraise au miel3 jam yang lalu
  • 2000만 가자악

    박굥룡박굥룡3 jam yang lalu
  • 19m!!!! Well done to all melodies who helped us get here!

    Diksha JassiDiksha Jassi3 jam yang lalu
  • wow BTOB 😭😭😭

    Lou iseLou ise3 jam yang lalu
  • I love everything about this song.... But, The lyrics hit me the most. I'm hooked. They never disappointed me 💖

    Inno BlueInno Blue3 jam yang lalu
  • Ĺllll

    Sivan NSivan N3 jam yang lalu
  • 19 millioooon OMG!!! 💙💙💙

    Mary Anne IgnacioMary Anne Ignacio3 jam yang lalu
  • My song of the year♡

    서으네으네빝광서으네으네빝광3 jam yang lalu
  • 19M!!!!!!!

    Jellie GallanoJellie Gallano3 jam yang lalu
  • This year is amazing..first seventeen comeback continue with secret number and now Btob..waah waiting for so long n their comeback has over my expectations.

    ratu irawanratu irawan3 jam yang lalu
  • 14:42 (GMT+7) 19.003.482 views!!! yepppppppppppppppppppp

    BTOB Piece ofBTOB Piece of3 jam yang lalu
  • 19M

    Danica EstrellaDanica Estrella3 jam yang lalu
  • 19M jjang

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  • 19M🎉

    Ni Ni officialNi Ni official4 jam yang lalu
  • Yeay chukaee 19M :)

    triaokta fiyanitriaokta fiyani4 jam yang lalu
  • 20M?

    EsYa HafizanEsYa Hafizan4 jam yang lalu
  • finally 19M we did it melody

    EsYa HafizanEsYa Hafizan4 jam yang lalu
  • 2000만 가자!!! 멜로디여러분들 화이팅!!

    박세빈박세빈4 jam yang lalu
  • Este hermoso grupo también cuenta con Fans de Latinoamérica ¿Verdad? Like si es así. ¿De dónde son? Comenten 👇 Yo soy de Nicaragua y déjenme decirles que estoy tan feliz de haber tenido la oportunidad de conocer a estos bellos idols. BTOB, son los mejores. Sus voces, sus personalidades, el estilo y forma de ser de cada uno de ellos... El ver cómo disfrutan cada momento mientras cantan y cómo son tan unidos... Aahhh Estoy enamorada de cada uno de ellos. 💙💙💙💙

    Majo LeeMajo Lee4 jam yang lalu
    • @Nap Queen Holaa. Ahh que gusto conocer gente latina. Yo por Sungjae después de ver el drama *School 2015*, conocí BTOB y desde entonce me enamore perdidamente de cada uno de ellos. 😍

      Majo LeeMajo Lee3 jam yang lalu
    • ¡Hola! Yo soy de México. Gracias a Thriller me volví seguidora. ¡Saludos hasta Nicaragua!

      Nap QueenNap Queen4 jam yang lalu
  • Im here again for infinite time... i already memorize the first verse lyrics of this song so that i can sing along with them 🤣🤣 minhyuk rap part are the most difficult 😭😭😂 but i will never give up cuz the lyrics are so inspiring tq imhyunsik and the geng

    syerasyera4 jam yang lalu
  • k melos so sweet T_T i'm proud of being melody

    EsYa HafizanEsYa Hafizan4 jam yang lalu
  • Omg the is the fasters views that we got since debut 🥺💛

    Nurul AsyikinNurul Asyikin4 jam yang lalu
    • We are slowly getting better. 💙💪🏻

      Nap QueenNap Queen4 jam yang lalu
  • Can we get 20M before Minhyuk's birthday melodies?

    Ghautsi Hadaina NashriGhautsi Hadaina Nashri5 jam yang lalu
  • They are so amazing,Love it

    Ohmar NooDeeOhmar NooDee5 jam yang lalu
  • 스밍 열심히 해봐요 우리💙💙💙 더 화이팅해요!!!

    정혜성정혜성5 jam yang lalu
  • More 30k lets go We can do it

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  • 53K to go until 19M. Usually we'll get recharge everytime we pass every 1M. We're running a bit slow these days. Fightiing! \^•^/

    Sonia SofyanSonia Sofyan6 jam yang lalu
    • @sona melody Fighting!!!!

      Sonia SofyanSonia Sofyan31 menit yang lalu
    • Fighting

      sona melodysona melody4 jam yang lalu
    • @Irish Paciencia yass we can do it. After that too, we still need to keep on streaming. We need to give them hundreds million of views

      Sonia SofyanSonia Sofyan6 jam yang lalu
    • Fighting ! 20M for eomma Minhyuk birthday Melody 💙

      Irish PacienciaIrish Paciencia6 jam yang lalu
  • idworlds.info/from/sq2ojrqvaqaYlLM/video This is a fan made video of melodies cheering for BTOB 4U Please spread this so lots of melodies can see this!! WE can do this melody!!!

    혜진 정혜진 정6 jam yang lalu
    • OMG 💙

      im swimmingim swimming6 jam yang lalu
  • Cada dia mas me gusta mucho su cancion que temazooooooo!!!

    Araceli CRAraceli CR6 jam yang lalu
  • Let's do it melss. 19.5 M by today

    Shreeya BajracharyaShreeya Bajracharya6 jam yang lalu
    • already 5.9M actually now

      ulfa nurululfa nurul6 jam yang lalu
  • Last night one of my sister stream show your love while doing her module overnight 😭. I slept at 12am bc my body felt too tired. I am an ahjumma lol😁

    us and you you and we BTOB and Melodyus and you you and we BTOB and Melody6 jam yang lalu
  • 역시 비투비😍😍😍

    MrFRANK520MrFRANK5207 jam yang lalu
  • Show Your Love!!! road to 19M!!! Fighting!!!!

    YookSungJae 6CashYookSungJae 6Cash7 jam yang lalu
  • 처음 본 비투비 영상이 음치 마이크라 그런지 적응이 진짜 안된다....ㅋㅋㅋ

    주시연주시연7 jam yang lalu
  • idworlds.info/from/sq2ojrqvaqaYlLM/video 멜로디 분들 '데데는차카야'님이 만드신 멜로디들이 응원법하는 영상이에요!! 오빠들도 볼수있게 널리 공유해주세요!!

    ᄋᄉᄋᄉ7 jam yang lalu
  • Waiting for 19M 😍❤️💙

    Jayadeepika ArigelaJayadeepika Arigela7 jam yang lalu

    Maria Kimberly NortezMaria Kimberly Nortez7 jam yang lalu
  • i miss btob

    EsYa HafizanEsYa Hafizan7 jam yang lalu
  • 20m pls

    Diza CrewDiza Crew8 jam yang lalu
  • Sooooo in loveeee with this song

    tanti intantanti intan8 jam yang lalu
  • not melody but everyday i played this song. because this is sooooooo good!!!! i hope they have 2nd win!

    Tita Nurul STita Nurul S8 jam yang lalu
    • thank you so much for your support. Happy strea3ing

      Shreeya BajracharyaShreeya Bajracharya6 jam yang lalu
    • coba cek lagunya yg lain bagus2 loh

      Melodude TVMelodude TV7 jam yang lalu
    • Thank you for your love and support

      Siti Aisyah KamarulzamanSiti Aisyah Kamarulzaman8 jam yang lalu
  • Keep on str3@ming the vi3ws are running slowly

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  • No dejemos de hacer Stream vamos melodys hagamos que está sea su primera canción en tener más de 20 visitas

    Rosa linda Castañeda arevaloRosa linda Castañeda arevalo8 jam yang lalu
    • Sii en poco tiempo cuando hay otras que llegaron a los 20 M después de años

      _Miss Poison Ivy__Miss Poison Ivy_7 jam yang lalu
  • I know it's not just me who is still here, but the views are running very slowly, I hope today we can reach 19 M views.♡♡♡

    newmelody _6sjnewmelody _6sj9 jam yang lalu
  • We're not done yet melody

    Black DockingBlack Docking9 jam yang lalu
  • while having an online class, lets streaming melodies (LOVE)

    Corina SinarCorina Sinar9 jam yang lalu
  • Good morning Melodies💙hehehe

    Mary Rose HenegabuasMary Rose Henegabuas9 jam yang lalu
    • Good morning melodies (LOVE)

      Corina SinarCorina Sinar9 jam yang lalu
    • Good morning mel :)

      Snm BuzzSnm Buzz9 jam yang lalu
  • My friend listen this song, i asked name'song and now i love it

    Duyên LêDuyên Lê9 jam yang lalu
    • Thank you for the love💙

      us and you you and we BTOB and Melodyus and you you and we BTOB and Melody6 jam yang lalu
    • Thanks for checking this song out

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  • Let's get 20M for Minhyuk's Bday tomorrow

    Melody yeongwonhiMelody yeongwonhi9 jam yang lalu
  • Keep streaming

    Marygrace MenesesMarygrace Meneses9 jam yang lalu
  • 멜로디 화이팅 !! 곧 2000만 찍겠어요

    류9 jam yang lalu
  • 19M++ today please~

    Sonia SofyanSonia Sofyan9 jam yang lalu
  • I love most of their songs. It’s suit my soul

    Norain SahariNorain Sahari10 jam yang lalu
  • 19M?

    EsYa HafizanEsYa Hafizan10 jam yang lalu
  • El temazo más temazo de todos

    majoporti16majoporti1610 jam yang lalu
  • 19M let's gooo! We can do this melorieeess

    majoporti16majoporti1610 jam yang lalu
  • 18.838.344 vamos melodies

    btob 4ubtob 4u10 jam yang lalu
  • temazo

    Mon SMon S10 jam yang lalu
  • Udah 18 jt nih Mels Terget kita bentar lagi 💙 Semangat streamingnya mels 💪

    Noor HasanahNoor Hasanah10 jam yang lalu
  • not BTOB fan but this song stuck in my head SHOW YOUR LOVE..before this the song i still like BEEP BEEP(always my fav.song).. ARMY here

    SunsHineVSunsHineV11 jam yang lalu
    • Army hereeeee

      Lanie DelbigirlLanie Delbigirl17 menit yang lalu
    • @Melodude TV tq..

      SunsHineVSunsHineV6 jam yang lalu
    • Thank you Army for the support and love💙

      us and you you and we BTOB and Melodyus and you you and we BTOB and Melody6 jam yang lalu
    • BTOB Title Track : - Missing You - Only One For Me - Movie - Beatiful Pain - Ill Be Your Man - It's Okey - Way Back Home - The Winter Tales - Beep Beep - Thriller - 2nd Confession - Insane Bside Track : - Friend - The Feeling - Blue Moon - Someday - Climax - Butterfly - Red Lie - Finale Our Concert - Dream - Sorry - Summer Romance - Live Well Yourself - Killing Me - Hello - Monday to Sunday - When I Was Your Man - Star - Na Na Na - Drunk - Never Ending Melody - Yejiapsa - My Lady - Last Day - Miss You - Here Before Flowers - Come and Play BTOB Japan Song : - Brand New Days - Cherry Blossoms Love - L.U.V - Tear Sky - Reapiting Goodbye - Dear Bridge Sub Unit BTOB-BLUE : - Stand By Me - When It Rains Sub Unit BTOB 4U : - Show Your Love - Mirage - Bulls Eye - Alone Solo Member Song : 1. Hyunsik : - Dear Love - Rendez Vouz - Swimming - In Your Heart 2. Eunkwang : - No One Knows - Have a Nice Day - Love Again - One Day 3. Changsub : - Gone - Ever - Shelter - At The And 4. Minhyuk (HUTA) : - Ya - Tonight (With Melody) - Fallin' - Waiting For You 5. Ilhoon : - She's Gone - Always - Spoiler - Fancy Shoes 6. Peniel : - That Girl - Fly 23 - B.O.D - Valentine 7. Sungjae : - Come With The Wind - Hypnotized - Yook - Paradise

      Melodude TVMelodude TV7 jam yang lalu
    • Thank you army for showing your love.

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  • 아름다운사람 은광

    이지연이지연11 jam yang lalu
  • bop bop bop

    MrLOLKuroMrLOLKuro11 jam yang lalu
  • Show your love 💙

    Tria NurainiTria Nuraini11 jam yang lalu
  • No one: My brain: Kachigoshipo

    Rizkia PutriRizkia Putri11 jam yang lalu
  • BTOB 💙💙💙♥️👈💕🎶🎶

    Erika Guillén Q.Erika Guillén Q.12 jam yang lalu
  • Streaming , I love all their songs. BTOB all 7 team members are so talented and charismatic .

    Lyn GamalindaLyn Gamalinda12 jam yang lalu
  • Latinoamérica los ama 🥰💙💙💙💙 Melody Internacional apoyando al mejor grupo BTOB forever !!! C':

    mariana paola cassomariana paola casso12 jam yang lalu