Flying the Largest Airbus Twin - A350-1000 Qatar Airways

3 Apr 2021
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This is a video with great details on flying the Airbus A350-1000 with footages from the cockpit. I flew on Qatar Airways A350-1000 from Los Angeles to Doha. The flight time was nearly 15 hours with a maximum takeoff weight of 316,000 kgs. The pilots explained in detail about the A350 cockpit, pre-flight, takeoff, landing and what they do during the flight. Watch the exciting 360 camera angles during takeoff and landing.
The A350-1000 is the largest twin-engine aircraft Airbus has made today. It is a rivalry to the Boeing 777X. The list price of A350-1000 is $366 million.
I flew in the luxury Qatar Airways Q Suite. A few passengers with different backgrounds on the same flight share their stories. One Qatar Airways cabin crew was surprised by others to celebrate her birthday onboard. I've encountered nothing but great humanities during my travel.
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  • The real callsign is: Qatar Eight Five Heavy.

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  • For safety reasons why not interview the pilots away from the cockpit? Also, the pilot should be eating his meal at another location, not in the cockpit where he works. I was taught by my employer that you should take your break and eat your meal in the cafeteria or breakroom not where you work. I would not want a bad incident to happen because of pilot error. Be safe!

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