Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR | Full Transformation to a Track Bike

29 Mei 2017
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Kawasaki Racing Team with their 2017 World Superbike Championship Bike Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR. A look behind the scenes at the work that goes into preparing their race machinery.See how all of the individual components come together to build Kawasaki’s 2017 World Superbike.

  • Wow...wow...wow nice video kawasaki💓💓👍

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  • off the shelves Championship bike, what an amazing

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  • Dorna : join to moto GP. Kawasaki : no thanks. 😊

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  • wow wow wow

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  • El video más satisfactorio para mi! 👌👌🏁🏍🏁

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  • respect for the videomakers !

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  • Motorcycle cinematic idworlds.info/from/qbKWq6vGqaNpZ9E/video

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  • Good 💛

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  • Sick as-F

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  • Yeah replace all the part except frame, swingarm and lets call it's race bike transformer 🤣 No wonder zx10rr is the worst when compare to r1m, cbr, v4, s1000rr.... At least they should have make facelift and put lcd dash on it's...

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  • This or BMW HP4 Race ?

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  • i Didn't buy this motor hope my dream come true Wish me everyone???

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  • #MyDreamBike Subscriber from philippines

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  • Everyone who owns a Kawasaki should get free Monster Energy drinks.

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  • Dash on that bike look sick

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  • Sexy video!!!!

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  • Talk about satisfying videos on internet yeah ? This video is the most satisfying I've ever seen

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  • Anyone know which akrapovic exhaust is that?

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  • The way they store the bikes in the haulers will never get old, it is so satisfying

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  • Motor paling keren buat Saia ☺️

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  • This video has been flagged as porn

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  • Great video..Enjoyed every single bit of the clips😍😍😍 expect that if u would have kept the sound that zx10rr speedometer makes when bike is switched on at 2:58 ✌🏻

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  • Love Kawasaki 😍😍

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  • สวยครับผมเล่นเกมส์ออนไลน์ผมจะต้องไปรับรถที่ใหนศูนส่งมาเองครับ

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  • I want this bike to. I love it

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  • May I know the name of bike which is shown at 2.34min

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  • Zx10 factory swing arm is Ugly as fuck

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  • bikebestysite.blogspot.com/2020/04/ktm-rc-200-style-india.html (Nice video 😄😄)

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  • When Will be back to moto GP .man almost twelve YEARS Kawasaki doesnt RUNS

  • Semoga dapat ambil satu buat di rumah :)

  • im i yamaha fan i got one but this video is awesome love it big like 👍👍

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  • I love you ZX10RR.

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  • Jagoan ...wsbk

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  • 4:07 they using Dot 5.1 brake fluid? is it okay?

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    • I thought 4 but idk

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  • annoyig music... wtf...

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  • Great video from beginning to end

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  • Pramin é a melhor moto do mundo que pena eu nao poder ter uma raridade dessas 😥

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  • 👍👍👍

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  • I hope i have that one someday 😊 thats my dream bike 😘😘

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  • The noisy background sound makes me think the audio person was doing lsd. Extremely annoying.

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  • Mind-blowin'!

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  • I didn’t know that Showa had a race division. Do they actually make decent after market stuff?

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  • 王者绝非偶然👍👍👍

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  • kawasaki dominate in SBK but .... no kawasaki in Moto GP ...i hope your return in GP #kawasaki

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  • Gas to moto gp ???

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  • How jumped to the end to see final results

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  • This is like watching a surgeon at work!

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  • This is so elegance

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  • Till thee end didn’t show the bike properly ..assholes

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  • This is a pure motorbike porn, so smooth, montage edit, everything, it's Art 🔥👀

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  • What a satisfying video.

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  • Top level Engineer

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  • Rizoma,samco,akrapovic,gbracing,brembo,ohlins,,,,,,, favourite part

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  • I wonder what would the H2 look like if it was a track bike

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  • Kawasaki is the top of the heap as far as super sport bikes go. I've been a fan for ever!

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  • Mai I Comming...its my dream motogp . cornering racing...ufff ...me & Kawasaki ninja zx10rr ...road fire

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  • Please, does anyone knows what kind/brand is their fuel can? First time at: 04:50 , 8:27.

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  • Hey, join motoGP.

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  • Great production!

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  • Coba dong recruite valentino rossi for moto gp 2020

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  • Nice 👍👍

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  • Song@ 1:04 plz

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  • If i had the ability and someone offered to put me ona bike race team id kinda have to refuse i couldnt chance destroying one of these machines should an accident occur 😥

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  • ZXR7RR-ZX10RR toujours championnes du monde superbike 💚💚💚💚💚

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  • KAWASAKI !!!!!!!!!

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  • eng song

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  • What's left from the original standart bike?

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  • end song ?

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  • I watch this video daily

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  • Awesome but wasn't the zx10rr supposed to be a track or hardcore version of the zx10r? I mean like they changed almost everything except the frame

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  • What a crazy awesome life. Love u Kawasaki. For now I own a ninja 300 but in futura I will definitely buy a ZX10R

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  • Cool

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  • Get in motoGp

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  • Wow

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  • Loved the video but w would have liked it to be slower and more detailed/focused on the bike

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  • That’s what paradise must look to me , but I’m no kawa fan at all, I’ve been riding for 34 years had a ninja 750 87, ZX-7 92, 93, 96,98, a ZX-9 95, 96 a ZX-11 96 a ZX-12 03, 04, a ZX-14 2010,2010 and finally a ZX-14R 2013. ............ damn come to think of it Kawasaki should give me a free H2sx + 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Only thing missing is a tattoo 😂😂

    Claude BaronClaude BaronTahun Yang lalu
  • Can anyone tell me why they put carbon fiber over plastic fairings?

    thlinthlinTahun Yang lalu
    • @Sebastjan Strnad I don't think it is a strength or weight issue. Why would they add carbon fiber to a plastic piece that is already there?

      thlinthlinTahun Yang lalu
    • thlin carbon fiber is a stronger and lighter material, which means less weight and faster results. But carbon fiber is pretty expensive.

      Sebastjan StrnadSebastjan StrnadTahun Yang lalu
  • 8:15 Last time i did that with my zx10R, clutch basket cracked and pieces went between the teeth that turn crankshaft. 1 year online search for reasonably priced replacement parts, i lost nearly $2k and 1 year time for looking for new crankshaft. All used crankshafts were bent, just like mine. The hell with zx10R. They have so much power, their own clutch basket cant handle it. This is stupid !

    Tony NamelessTony NamelessTahun Yang lalu
  • 🏁🏁👌🏁🏁

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  • 5:48 what name???

    Văn MinhzzVăn MinhzzTahun Yang lalu
  • Amazing video. I just want the graphics printer shown partway through the video. What an awesome job to build these bikes.

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  • poetry in motion

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  • What is he brushing on the bike?

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  • I have orgasm watching this video...

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  • So it’s a super super bike!

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