I Ate $100,000 Golden Ice Cream

22 Jan 2021
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I cant believe how insane that ice cream looked at the end
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  • I just saw Chris’s hunter X hunter hoodie I love him even more now

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  • at the end he tells everybody to go splits on it

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  • 0:44 Karl really do look worried about something

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    • I have many ways to give back to people whom deserve it here in washington state if yall ever wanted to come out my way? Plus, I'm a super fan. I created an account just to comment and subscribe to your channel. I'd love to spend a day with you fun guys!

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  • Such an amazing experience. I mean I am a cook. But I dont serve stuff of that type of value at the restaraunt I work at

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  • 0:37 oh

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  • $1.50 icecream is good enough I think

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  • when karl always wears dreamT-T

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  • i feel sorry for ya

  • White party hat

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  • You should brake into random People’s car and leave $10k

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  • The real question is Are they Bussin?!?!?!😳😳😳

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  • And I eat chicken nuggets

  • I wish my dad gets money from u

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  • It's so funny when they keep dropping the ice cream 😂

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  • this is what gold was truly discovered for.

  • Eat first sambar rice

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  • The best dishes in my life were: *Read more*

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  • 2:21 - Darryl from BRAWL STARS

  • Come on Mr.Beast. where's the Jimmy Meets Gordon Ramsay Update At?!

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  • i thought one of them was lactose intolerant

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    • the one eating mac and cheese they made a separate one just for him

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  • Them getting 150k$ and still trying to huddle them to buy more expensive stuff lol

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  • I can't win that because i am form India

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  • Someone could probably make a better ice cream for 15$

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  • Mr beast got scamed, black skinned chickens aren't "rare" half our flock has back skin

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