Couples Spend A Year Trying To Rescue A Stray Dog...Then This Happens | The Dodo Faith = Restored

19 Nov 2020
2 397 031 Ditonton

Watch this stray dog walk into his forever home for the first time!
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  • The couple is well meaning. But that dog is no Starving stray. These folks just inadvertently 'stole' a dog. Maybe they should have tried finding out if he had owners.

    Rick M14Rick M145 menit yang lalu
  • God bless those people and people like them 🙏 This is how people should be. Love conquers all 😘

    A BC D EF G VibesA BC D EF G Vibes15 menit yang lalu
  • These people are angels & have the patience of a Saint. THANK YOU for CARING & TEACHING & SHOWING us HOW it is done:)💖

    A MichaelsA Michaels45 menit yang lalu

    Antonio NexusAntonio NexusJam Yang lalu
  • This is fantastic. You truly warmed my heart and put a smile on my face. Who on earth would give a thumbs down to this video?

    Mister DrummingsMister DrummingsJam Yang lalu
  • The bumpy cactus laterally help because cockroach lamentably reproduce against a billowy laugh. ten, painful sheet

    Jake StewartJake StewartJam Yang lalu
  • Not only does this video prove that animals are smarter than most people who 'watch' videos, it proves also that most animals are more altruistic than people who 'make' videos.

    Tim SkeldonTim Skeldon2 jam yang lalu
  • Dont know if the dog was abused or not or a stray or not. Point is if you want to keep your dog keep it in your yard, your home, or on a leash. Letting dogs run free in neighborhoods or fields is a quick way to lose your pet to well meaning people or to a car running it over.

    CreativeGuyCreativeGuy2 jam yang lalu
  • Discovering these people. Marla and Joe seem like great people. Beautiful property that they share with animals. Such a heart warming video. Thank you! Truly.

    FreedomForce100FreedomForce1002 jam yang lalu
  • U guys are amazing really ,I did this with a cat and it took 10 months

    Yousef RizkallahYousef Rizkallah3 jam yang lalu
  • The neighbors are still searching for their dog ...

    XX3 jam yang lalu
  • Shame they stole some poor families dog obviously by his fantastic health.

    wiskycoowiskycoo4 jam yang lalu
  • The dog you see now is not the dog they encountered back then. What your seeing is a healthy dog now. Just find it hmm that the dog was gone all winter. Beautiful dog

    Dom HDom H4 jam yang lalu
  • Thanks to giving this creature a loving environment to experience on this earth, let us treat all creatures, including each other with loving experiences. Bless you.

    TeeTee5 jam yang lalu
  • Man he looked strong and well fed the whole time...wonder what he was eating? Maybe he had a home and he just came to visit and eventually adopted dem?

    playNowplayNow6 jam yang lalu
  • I’m sure if he was microchipped the vet would of picked it up and called the owners.

    shawtyshawty9 jam yang lalu
  • In the future make your size half the dog size by squiting down , he'll Feil less threatened ok it is easy when you know Ben 🌹

    Benjamin WhyteBenjamin Whyte10 jam yang lalu
  • How to low-key steal someone else's dog

    Titan CMDTitan CMD11 jam yang lalu
  • ❤ his Ears 😍

    Selz LamzSelz Lamz11 jam yang lalu
  • He's beautiful, looks like a Lyon! God Bless you guys.

    Alex AAlex A12 jam yang lalu
  • Dog: *hears sound* Ears: 👉👉

  • He is very beautyfull

    Spasquicky modtSpasquicky modt13 jam yang lalu
  • Isn't it possible it was born outside if its around 18mnth old mayb a pregnant female got dumped. He looked like a dog seeing a home for the first time. Plus he didn't look that bad even at the beginning. A healthy diet of coyote mayb. What a winner of a story its awesome to see pittbulls painted in their natural light.

    Asif IfasAsif Ifas13 jam yang lalu
  • His ears are so cute!

    MM13 jam yang lalu
  • He looked well fed and healthy

    Teresa ThomasTeresa Thomas14 jam yang lalu
  • That house, though.

    Robert WrightRobert Wright17 jam yang lalu
  • Well he looked like he was eating just fine that whole time 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Logos LogicLogos Logic18 jam yang lalu
  • Heart warming story in these dark days Well done for saving a soul!

    Angus PetersAngus Peters20 jam yang lalu
  • What a great dog to find a great family! Love those ears 😀

    Shiela JarvisShiela Jarvis22 jam yang lalu
  • Were the barking graphics really necessary?

    Moogan StookerMoogan Stooker22 jam yang lalu
  • Maybe the dog would have trusted a woman...

    Elizabeth M.C.Elizabeth M.C.22 jam yang lalu
  • He lived elsewhere with a doggie door where he can go in and out of the house. He was just checking his vacation resort. He looks great as if he's been bathed. He's been playing them like a fiddle. He wanted to see if they got something better to offer. What dont make sense is if this dog has been lost and you have been trying to help him throughout rainy winter and all seasons why didn't you put a trap like cage with food in it rather than wait a year to get him. Doesn't make sense. If you truly wanted to catch him it doesn't take this long. Why did you let the dog go through all that if you knew he was lost. Something dont add up. He doesn't look like he's starving, distressed or any indication of suffering. That's someone's dog.

    Rubix QRubix Q23 jam yang lalu
  • Thank you for the great intention.... no owner deserves a dog when letting him or her run without collar or microchip.

    Angel EspinozaAngel EspinozaHari Yang lalu
  • Those ears are so adorable 🥰

    Angel EspinozaAngel EspinozaHari Yang lalu
  • I find a lot of animals fear humans ..

    C.S. LewisC.S. LewisHari Yang lalu
  • The dog had no collar on. There's no way to know if he belongs to anyone. Starving or not these people genuinely care about the dog. Other people may be feeding him too. It happens here where I live all of the time.

    D. Y.D. Y.Hari Yang lalu
  • Animal's know who "good people" just have to prove it to them before they trust you, especially if they have been abused.

    Tosca TattertailTosca TattertailHari Yang lalu
  • So cute

    Rudy StelzerRudy StelzerHari Yang lalu
  • These shitbags just stole someone's dog to make a video. All for the almighty internet view. I hope karma comes hard.

    Monkey JunctionMonkey JunctionHari Yang lalu
  • That's call stealing someone's dog. That dog was not starving he was well fed.

    Don RamonDon RamonHari Yang lalu
  • These people are idiots.

    Thirza EmberThirza EmberHari Yang lalu
  • Good save. Scooby is a keeper

    robert Allenrobert AllenHari Yang lalu
  • Ich hasse Hunde immer noch. Deswegen habe ich keinen.

    DunkeltierDunkeltierHari Yang lalu
  • Ljs0d

    GIM JOHNGIM JOHNHari Yang lalu
  • Mstsisdqr

    GIM JOHNGIM JOHNHari Yang lalu

    Dr Chunky BiscuitDr Chunky BiscuitHari Yang lalu
    • They are doing the right thing by taking care of the dog. I'm sure if they saw fliers posted everywhere they would return him. If the original owners cared that dog would at least have a collar on.

      D. Y.D. Y.Hari Yang lalu
    • They probably would if the dog had a collar on like he should've or a chip or tattoo.

      D. Y.D. Y.Hari Yang lalu
  • I truly believe that the dog already has owners. That's why you didn't see him all winter & came out looking well fed.

    Dr Chunky BiscuitDr Chunky BiscuitHari Yang lalu
  • 🥰❤👍

    Maria VirginiaMaria VirginiaHari Yang lalu
  • He has ears of a Kelpie and rest is am staff Pitbull...?

    Mn OnMn OnHari Yang lalu
  • 💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕

    Fabiola CarrilloFabiola CarrilloHari Yang lalu
  • Which one look more like stray dog?

    Makui Mack mackMakui Mack mackHari Yang lalu
  • I don't why people abused dogs like that and abused dogs like that and trump abused dogs is a felony I hope joe Biden does not stop that felonies on animals

    Elizabeth LarsonElizabeth LarsonHari Yang lalu
  • I hate people that crop ears like that I love big dog and I love pit bull to not I don't like people do thay do that ? I believe that dirt and dust are cropped like that good ear infection

    Elizabeth LarsonElizabeth LarsonHari Yang lalu
  • Patience is a virtue and Scooby needed that in the new 'parents'! I salute and congratulate you both!

    pat comerfordpat comerfordHari Yang lalu
  • He was audition humans to see who he was going to pick ;)

    DofkaTubeChannelDofkaTubeChannelHari Yang lalu
  • Awwww I love these stories ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ewanda ThompsonEwanda ThompsonHari Yang lalu
  • Yes that's right everyone they stole the dog and then thought it would be a good idea to put on IDworlds...

    Sunny McCoySunny McCoyHari Yang lalu
    • Who did they take him from exactly? Because i do kinda believe its a bit sus he looks that good for a stray/abused dog

      嗨Water Visuals嗨Water Visuals15 jam yang lalu
  • Since its name is scooby the should of said "scooby dooby doo where are yo"♡

    Popping BobaPopping BobaHari Yang lalu
  • His ears omg! Definitely not starving tho

    Amelia OAmelia OHari Yang lalu
  • That was a beautiful story and I hope you two keep Scooby forever. God Bless you and your loved ones.

    The Elegant BeautyThe Elegant BeautyHari Yang lalu
  • That dogs jacked. Hes been eatin the garbage behind Planet Fitness

    Bk BkBk BkHari Yang lalu
  • 🔥👍 !🔥

    ULF BERHT 69ULF BERHT 69Hari Yang lalu
  • Very impressive story and touching!

    bori malebori maleHari Yang lalu
  • he/she looks like a beautiful Dingo

    Tracey EzellTracey EzellHari Yang lalu
  • Starving must have a different meaning in your part of the World. Why are you stealing somebody's dog ?

    John SavageJohn SavageHari Yang lalu
  • That was 100 percent someone's farm dog that they stole lol. That's so messed up

    john walljohn wallHari Yang lalu
    • I know 😂

      DBZ JrDBZ Jr12 jam yang lalu
  • 😭😍

    unicorn princessunicorn princessHari Yang lalu
  • They have a really big house

    BLACK 2009BLACK 2009Hari Yang lalu
  • Awwwwww I love that so much ❤❤❤

    HiHiHari Yang lalu
  • It was all a promo for his album coming out soon . Catch it on iTunes . Scobby doody do

    Art MenchacaArt MenchacaHari Yang lalu
  • What type of dog is that?

    Levi WilsonLevi WilsonHari Yang lalu
  • You are great and animal loving guys - but this story is fake. Starving? Never!

    joe22589joe22589Hari Yang lalu
  • Dog chooses rich ppl over current owners is what this should be called. There's no way he wouldve stayed in that good of health if someone else wasnt look after him

    tim sharretttim sharrettHari Yang lalu
  • Love those ears...

    George DonnellanGeorge DonnellanHari Yang lalu
  • Sweet doggy...

    George DonnellanGeorge DonnellanHari Yang lalu
  • Rich Family

    Sabel LSabel L2 hari yang lalu
  • Maybe he tried the nomad life style

    elaine santanaelaine santana2 hari yang lalu
  • I just love doggo stories with happy endings.

    Midlife Crisis IncarnateMidlife Crisis Incarnate2 hari yang lalu
  • Those ears!!!

    koda koalakoda koala2 hari yang lalu
  • When they yelled "Scooooby!" my heart just melted 😭

    JosiahXsims819JosiahXsims8192 hari yang lalu
  • 💛🧡💖💛🧡💖💛🧡💖

    Małgorzata KarolakMałgorzata Karolak2 hari yang lalu
  • You need to give your neighbor back his dog

    pacasoboss bosspacasoboss boss2 hari yang lalu
  • Where'd the dog go for the winter?? The Bahamas??

    Halibut 1Halibut 12 hari yang lalu
  • I see he's chosen the people that he's going to eat this winter.

    RogerborgRogerborg2 hari yang lalu
  • That dogs looks too healthy . This video sound like some bullshit.

    Jeremy EdenJeremy Eden2 hari yang lalu
  • Obviously a dog in the best condition.

    User -User -2 hari yang lalu
  • All winter outside? The dog looks like he has always been well fed LoL no mange no fleas it doesn't look mistreated what a shame this is

    Michael AnthonyMichael Anthony2 hari yang lalu

    Kaylee KnutsonKaylee Knutson2 hari yang lalu
  • This happened to me....the dog lived in the yard of a vacant house across the street from me...all summer, no one could catch him. In the fall, I took a handful of treets and one of my other dogs over where he could watch us playing. When I threw the ball toward him, he decided that he was all in! The dog guarded me for the rest of his dog ever!

    Robert ApplegateRobert Applegate2 hari yang lalu
  • I love how his ears come together.

    Noemi SanchezNoemi Sanchez2 hari yang lalu
  • The house looks like a resort. This dog knew what he was doing.

    Nichole HollandNichole Holland2 hari yang lalu
  • Thanks! That was wonderful.

    Jim LyonsJim Lyons2 hari yang lalu
  • That dogs name ain’t Scooby, it’s George Jefferson. He moved on up to the east side!

    Shakes itoffShakes itoff2 hari yang lalu
  • My favorite kind of pit bull is a dead one.

    nh8181983nh81819832 hari yang lalu
  • ❤❤❤

    Shooting sports TransparencyShooting sports Transparency2 hari yang lalu
  • Stand offish gold digger, you!!

    Robert HalfRobert Half2 hari yang lalu
  • Hosem down

    Daniel Bradley at FSS Future Star SportsDaniel Bradley at FSS Future Star Sports2 hari yang lalu
  • He's just in it for the Scooby snacks!

    ted Davisted Davis2 hari yang lalu
  • Your dog litterally just said “yo wanna come in our house my owner is super nice u should trust her”

    Taco caTTaco caT2 hari yang lalu
  • Fair play to the both taking Scrooby in your home

    Jennifer LoveJennifer Love2 hari yang lalu