A New Flagship Challenger Emerges... 🚀

21 Peb 2021
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Is this the flagship smartphone package you've been waiting for?
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  • Leave a comment here with your Twitter handle for a chance to win one of 11 Xiaomi Mi 11

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    • OH Snap! I've been waiting for this one to come through...that intro got me all excited. @csatram1

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  • just like the realme 7 pro under a different name

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  • @TDSVD_ flagship killer!

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  • More click bait headlines Lou...running yourself down man

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  • Xiaomi is getting things hyped up @NileshR11589729

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  • One of the best flagship phones...@CharranHarish

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  • @KleenLS on Twitter... I have a Redmi Note 9 Pro, could really use this upgrade brother! 😬👍

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  • Camera 📸👌👌👌♥️ to good

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  • @Naik_Aviraj42 Comment;Xiaomi 11

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  • nice phone

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  • Is it just me or the camera photo has no Xiaomi Ads? Coz if it doesn't, this would be something to look forward to.

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  • I have no idea what’s going on! But I want it! @jfin5

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  • Punch hole in the corner is a better choice then the punch hole in the middle. Twitter:- vicky sewahyia @sewahyia

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  • Anyone else hear the audio swapping from left to right when he was testing the 4k 60fps recording? I hope that wasn't the phone.

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  • @Alekosthegreat good luck everyone

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  • @castanho_alex Don't know if people outside the us get a chance to win but here I am

  • Egg is fruit @Purussia

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  • What's the point of the video?

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  • No twitter but that phone would make me switch from my Samsung s21 ultra

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  • The best flagship of the year Xiaomi! @eriickmejia

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  • @AnzeK6 Came for the phone review, left with excitement for the AMG scooter :)

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  • Love this flagship....@pramorao

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  • it will be a monster with a custom rom . @mohmedalsaid3

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  • "The fastest charging smartphone in the world " In this title u uploaded oppo 65 w charger mobile phone last yr Tis yr 2 days before realme launch it 125w charging mobile phone realme GT When will u review it we r waiting for it🙏❤️

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  • Bro remember unbox therapy use to be the fastest at everything?? Now his only holding mi11 where the fk is your mi11 ultra???????

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  • A comment here @lucien23097534

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  • Why we cant get that phone in Boston

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  • Intriguing hmm.. by @KhaSayef

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  • Oh I would love to have 1 I wish I could win...

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  • My phone is broken. Broken front screen, broken back plate and broken LCD Hoping to win Twitter: GodlyFortzz

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  • Mi 11 is the 1st smartphone which is comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC.. and Mi 11 has best AMOLED display with 120Hz display hope to win this beauty.. @UnboxTherapy

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  • Good but still no match for others. Liked voice done by you

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  • The color is so nice I love it

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  • An incredible phone! @andycono

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  • Very gorgeous phone and super fast charge! Really like curved edge display, awesome.

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  • Con la esperanza de ganar, buena suerte a todos pero espero ser uno, saludos Unbox Therapy de parte de @daniT90

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  • Even rhe music background said it's a funny phone

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  • @joejarus love the video❤️❤️

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  • yeah cool phone but that scooter? 45 clicks per charge? where do i throw my money?

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  • looks eggcellent!!! @InridCold

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  • Gl

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  • Looking premium ❤️

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  • I'm using redmi note 5 and i dont have budget to buy this phone but i need it 🙏🏽 @Kkathi9

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  • Biggest mystery of the world : Is his Studio Infinite?

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  • Xiaomi never disappoints @jeromeeeee15

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  • I want the scooter

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  • i bought my iphone 12 pro max a week back. It was okay till yesterday and today i face the problem on my camera, it isnt working like it should Wide lens isnt working (only on video and camera but works perfectly on time lapse, slowmo,and other option) can anyone tell me if its the software issue or what i cant find any solutions on the internet.

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  • Tbh I the cams hardware and software might be really GOOD but the look is something I dont buy

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  • for mobile photographer like me this is the best phone to take picture 😍 im hoping that i will get to used this phone ❤ Twitter: kvnclb_

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  • Nice phone looking phone! @mixermt

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  • @dan_teodorescu what can I say, it's a pretty interesting device

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  • He does the 4k test... My screen only does 1080p ;-;

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  • Hope I win, I wanna give this to my wife and I can't afford any. Been trying to comment for almost a week now and because of some error I couldn't. 😩 @eeshwar_chandra

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    • Stop being a begger

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  • Its a good phone but the charger needs to be longee

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  • Stop promoting garbage tv's for a pay cheque.......

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  • I really want to buy this phone but I hate everything about MiUi.

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    • Flash a custom ROM, Unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi device won't void your warranty. Check twitter for reference.

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