Every Heavyweight Champion in UFC History

13 Agu 2020
5 910 819 Ditonton

As of August, 2020, there have been 18 different men that have held UFC heavyweight gold. Mark Coleman became the first heavyweight champ back at UFC 12 in 1997 when he defeated Dan Severn in Dothan, Alabama. The two most recent champions, Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier meet for their trilogy fight at UFC 252.
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  • O pior de todos Junior dos Santos cigano

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  • Brock was champ 3xs and defended it a lot in this video

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  • Doing the throat cut pose is one of the most lame things you can do 😅

    Joel OlssonJoel Olsson18 jam yang lalu
  • is it me or do these fights look fixed? not all but some, especially lesnar

    Gary NewManGary NewManHari Yang lalu
  • Hate Cain Velasquez with a passion.

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  • I started watching when they first came out on vhs its amazing how much its changed money still isn't what boxing is that's the sad part but I'm sure it will get there one day

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  • If jones beats stipe, he becomes the undisputed GOAT, not that he already isn't tho👀🐐

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  • Blachowicz noqueará brutalmente al Nigeriano Adensanya 👊

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  • anybody else think these fights are OBVIOUSLY rigged as fuck? like... all of them.

    James ParkerJames Parker2 hari yang lalu
  • I think that was an early stoppage by mario yamasaki in the brock lesner fight. I think randy couture could’ve ate atleast 5 or 6 more elbows before stopping it smh... jk

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  • Moral of this video is who ever you are there is always someone out there that can beat you

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  • Love when those guys hugged after fighting... Respect is rare nowadays in MMA

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  • Werdum getting carried away with his striking and getting slept by a viscous right from Stipe moving backwards is the type of shit you expect to see from an extremely angry, anxious or inexperienced fighter fighting a pro/capable fighter on the streets

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  • 8:53 Herb Dean lackin got me dead he just didn't know whether to STOP THE FIGHT no pun intended

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    Sotiris KingSotiris King5 hari yang lalu
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  • 2021 - Jon Jones

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