SECRET NUMBER (DITA & DENISE) 'I See The Light' REACTION | 'Tangled' Cover

20 Agu 2020
16 341 Ditonton

Hey everyone!
Thank you so much to those who requested Secret Number (Dita & Denise) “I See The Light” cover. We love this song from the movie Tangled so much, and they did an awesome job!
Watch Secret Number (Dita & Denise) “I See The Light” cover here:
I hope you enjoyed this video as much as we did making it!
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  • This duo is back!! I hope you reaction secret fun ep.6 Thanks ❤

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  • Dita From Indonesia 👍 thanks for you reaction

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    • I really really waiting for it🥺

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  • Dita so talented . Dancing, singing, dubbing. I love it

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  • Nice Reaction Smart reaction Beautiful reactor Stay healthy Please react Lyodra -/Berkibarlah bendera negeriku Lyodra lead over than 20 talented singer

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  • Denise when she's talk, her voice is deep. But when she's singing mostly she use high note. Thats why many people shock when watch their cover on this song 😂

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    Crisna [*****]Crisna [*****]6 bulan yang lalu
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  • All members of SN is main visual,, but dita main visual main vocal ofcourse main dancer.

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  • I feel like this is the best reaction of secret number videos that i've seen from your youtube channel . because there are lots of "shock reaction" in this video. And it's a lot of fun ❤❤

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    • Thank you!

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  • Secret number love

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  • Thanks 👍👍👍,,,,

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  • Actually, in the real life, Dita is a real princess. She has a noble title "Anak Agung Ayu" from her family emperor from Bali. So, her name is Anak Agung Ayu Puspa Aditya Karang.

    • Bali Indonesia

      **5 bulan yang lalu
  • please reaction Denise Secret Number

    bongkar channelbongkar channel6 bulan yang lalu
  • It was Denise's voice. It was not a deep voice, or voice that was made up. Denise was singing on a low note, which is why her voice sounded foreign, because this is the first time we hear her sing from a low note.

    Musik JalananMusik Jalanan6 bulan yang lalu
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  • They need songs that exploit their singing talent better, not just for Dita and Denise but also Jinny, Soodam and Lea. I know they can sing well.

    Rigel ArkRigel Ark6 bulan yang lalu
  • Nice for reaction..

    ADIT JrADIT Jr6 bulan yang lalu
  • Dita is a great idol who can dub and has a good voice even though I play a secret number dancer Denise is cute at acting and naturally takes a low note on the cover because she plays the secret number vocalist

    Abdul SalamAbdul Salam6 bulan yang lalu
  • Thank you for the reaction. Don't forget vote guys, we really need you :')

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  • New song by DENISE check it out

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    • New song by DENISE check it out

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  • Thanks for rection secret number

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  • Its Her Real Dubbing Voice's 🤗

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  • I love her voice and I love you guys for reactions SN fun episode 5...but don't forget to vote SN at TTA guys ❤️ u

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  • It's dubbing disney version real dita

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  • Ikr!! They were switching! Dita doing highvoice like Denise in who dis, and Denise doing low like Dita in who dis!♥️

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  • Your hair is like Dita. Prettyy...

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  • cover songs and voice actors original voices of Dita and Denish!

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  • She is dubing rapunzel voice

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  • Yes, that's ditas voice.she did the voice acting for rapunzel and denise act as flynn rider. Their voices so soothing. And it's give me goosebumps everytime i hear it, especially when their doing harmonizing. Please help these girl win the first trophy by voting at Top Ten Awards here

    Ananda PribadiAnanda Pribadi6 bulan yang lalu
  • it's the real voice cause Dita graduation in AMDA hehehe

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    • Just compare with original one. Its different voice.. thats dita voice..

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    • Thank you for your reaction ❤️

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    • Number 1 - BOA dance practice

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    • Fighting

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    • Everybody have their own style of reaction so you do what you feel comfortable with. I appreciate it. 👍

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