How To Make Tire - Amazing Automatic Line To Manufacture Tire - How To Retread Old Tire

29 Des 2020
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  • Does this company follow global manufacturing standard? The workers do not have protective working gears!

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  • Recapping of tire..

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  • 01:32 Tớ vẫn rất thích cậu, như sin²α+cos²α, trước sau như 1. 🌞

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  • The safety guy in this factory owns the private hospital next door. If you know you know......

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  • Wrong heading.. It is a kind of rebuilding the tyre..

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  • Build so many truck tire at uniroyal plant in city of Commerce at was back in sixty I still dream and smell the rubber .i work from mill room to shipping .mile long plant I'm 75 years old

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  • Just rebuild from old Tyre


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  • In the USA the workers would be wearing ear & eye protection gloves with arm guards and steel toed boots. They would be making 20 dollars or more an hour. That's why so few tires are made in the US.

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    • I retired from tire manufacturing we make more than 20.00 dollars per hour and don't have enough space in the warehouse to store them.

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  • No measuring when he put that new part :D Every day you can see this part of tire on roads, fall off :)

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