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17 Okt 2020
726 911 Ditonton

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  • Thanks for watching!! 봐주셔서 감사합니당ㅇㅇ당당ㅇ당당근당근

    SechiSechi2 hari yang lalu
    • sechi 우리가 와서 sechi가 살인자가되게 해주세요

      teemoteemo3 jam yang lalu
    • seu thuigim 세우튀김

      W.rRude위더루드W.rRude위더루드6 jam yang lalu
    • Oi seche eu de amo

      mara ricartemara ricarte12 jam yang lalu
    • Oi sechi

      mara ricartemara ricarte12 jam yang lalu
    • Im maked gift for you Im love your video

      Love CookiesLove Cookies14 jam yang lalu
  • Нет лайк

    vvs197511vvs1975112 menit yang lalu
  • هههههههه

    「 BLUE ツ WOLF 」「 BLUE ツ WOLF 」20 menit yang lalu
  • 1:29 did you see pink killled sechi cat meow

    Amoung us FanAmoung us Fan21 menit yang lalu
    • 2:29 see carefully you can see the rat with his hand

      Amoung us FanAmoung us Fan19 menit yang lalu
  • **gives shrimp to Sechi**

    Allvin DyAllvin Dy32 menit yang lalu
  • i give u shrimp

    Allvin DyAllvin Dy32 menit yang lalu
  • When sechi is the imposter actually it is just a dreamXD

    Nhiên Đình Hạo NguyễnNhiên Đình Hạo Nguyễn38 menit yang lalu
  • Need a 1 hour version of that bgm for real

    Faizan MughalFaizan Mughal45 menit yang lalu
  • The Vent Thats bring me here to this channel

    Jorell JavanaJorell JavanaJam Yang lalu
  • It's not among us it's among sus

    Shounak FFShounak FFJam Yang lalu
  • 🤣🤣🤣 _4:23

    саша гооосаша гоооJam Yang lalu
  • 시체어스

    박지수박지수Jam Yang lalu
  • 4:02 감성추리?

    WA2019CA2WA2019CA2Jam Yang lalu
  • Wait why is say korean I'm say korean like this ¥€£{

    Rg Baylosis TolentinoRg Baylosis TolentinoJam Yang lalu
  • xd

    Armen MARUKYANArmen MARUKYAN3 jam yang lalu
  • sechi 우리가 와서 sechi가 살인자가되게 해주세요

    teemoteemo4 jam yang lalu
  • wait, so those are niples?

    JeffJeff4 jam yang lalu
  • 3:38 bridge worms cosine

    Green Among usGreen Among us5 jam yang lalu
  • Мне жалко секси на 5:26

    MrKrap free fairMrKrap free fair5 jam yang lalu

    Eliza RodriguesEliza Rodrigues8 jam yang lalu
  • BB NÃO

    Eliza RodriguesEliza Rodrigues8 jam yang lalu
  • So sechi can draw hands but they do most things with their nipples? What

    MythiX RealthMythiX Realth9 jam yang lalu
  • Eu odiei que ele sempre vai ser jogado fora e ninguém gosta dele por isso que eu odiei

    Kauê VíctorKauê Víctor9 jam yang lalu
  • More among us animation

    anxsan changesanxsan changes10 jam yang lalu
  • Its kinda sad that there are people that copy his work and claim it as there own...worst part is that people are getting after sechi for "copying" the people that stole his work

    TPlayzzTPlayzz11 jam yang lalu
  • Lmao the walk tho

    GaiGai11 jam yang lalu
  • I lone your's videos of among us/sheci us

    abdel avilaabdel avila11 jam yang lalu
  • “Sechi Us” Yoooo bew amogn ues

    ScorchXVIScorchXVI12 jam yang lalu
  • MORE

    Aidymar BigioAidymar Bigio12 jam yang lalu
  • what are the sound effects this dude uses

    Crappy KidCrappy Kid13 jam yang lalu
  • 4:24 What is this song called?

    Felix FoundFelix Found13 jam yang lalu
  • Ghost go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    DylanConquest on his phoneDylanConquest on his phone14 jam yang lalu
  • Im Maked Gift for you Im love your video

    Love CookiesLove Cookies14 jam yang lalu
  • Guys, sechi is sus

    Space TrashSpace Trash16 jam yang lalu
  • y so funni

    Francisca MorenoFrancisca Moreno16 jam yang lalu
  • 난 임포로 진적이 없다.......왜냐고? 한번도 임포가 안 걸렸기 때문이다 ㅅㅂ

    좀비피그맨좀비피그맨16 jam yang lalu
  • Me on the toilet: 4:15-:4:18

    MakerOfContentMakerOfContent16 jam yang lalu
  • 0:44 did you noticed it saying impoter not impostor

    Natasha SharmaNatasha Sharma17 jam yang lalu

    Rain SevenRain Seven17 jam yang lalu
    • HAPPY

      Rain SevenRain Seven17 jam yang lalu
  • not what we wanted, but needed

    NeemNeem18 jam yang lalu
  • My amongUs resume on Ep 6 "left the game"

    Mateus SampaioMateus Sampaio18 jam yang lalu
  • 괜찮아요👍

    卢紫璇卢紫璇19 jam yang lalu
  • fINALLY the ImPoTEr uwu

    Miyu MiyuMiyu Miyu20 jam yang lalu
  • Which one is 1:39? I mean as a visual task

    HazilHazil20 jam yang lalu
  • 이사람 한국인이지?

    김종원김종원21 jam yang lalu
    • 외국인

      김종원김종원21 jam yang lalu
    • 외국아이

      김종원김종원21 jam yang lalu
  • Red is sus everyday 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Aean Miguel RagoAean Miguel Rago21 jam yang lalu
  • When are you going to put on a Halloween special among us sechi: 3

    josué floresjosué flores21 jam yang lalu
  • 2:08

    Шайдоф МистериШайдоф Мистери21 jam yang lalu
  • 넘무귀엽고 재미잇어욬ㅋㅋ

    이만재이만재22 jam yang lalu
  • 2:08 every one doing task Noobs presses emergency button

    broken torpedo21broken torpedo2122 jam yang lalu
  • Why electrical all the time

    Bruce gamerBruce gamer22 jam yang lalu
  • 5:10 poor sechi

    Qiang WangQiang Wang22 jam yang lalu
  • 왜대채한국없??

    크리치크리치22 jam yang lalu
  • If the nipples were arms in among us

    Lan NguyenLan Nguyen22 jam yang lalu
  • 이정도면 한국인 댓글을 찾으셨군요 라는 뎃을 써도 되지 않을까 (수정)아니네

    평범한인간평범한인간22 jam yang lalu
  • You so cute!!!!!!

    Валерия МанохинаВалерия Манохина23 jam yang lalu
  • nobody gonna notice he wrote " I'm finally Impotor ! " in ep 2 ?

    NiitsumahNiitsumah23 jam yang lalu
  • hahahah I like your cartoon because it 's funny 🤣 I'm from Malaysia✌🏻

    No NameNo NameHari Yang lalu
  • 왜 한국인 없냐 아니면 한국인 아닌 척 한느 거냐

    jhshjh1004jhshjh1004Hari Yang lalu
  • Why even suit has nipples

    KakashiKakashiHari Yang lalu
  • Que ruim esse vedeo terrível

    Gabriel SantosGabriel SantosHari Yang lalu
  • 5:18 i feel that...

    nathaniel Gonzalesnathaniel GonzalesHari Yang lalu
  • 모음집은 모음이라고도 하고 "날먹" 이라고도 한다

    철뚜띠철뚜띠Hari Yang lalu
  • tr işgalciler :D

    Klavye Var Mı DarkKlavye Var Mı DarkHari Yang lalu
    • cCcCcCcCc

      Klavye Var Mı DarkKlavye Var Mı DarkHari Yang lalu
  • 11111111111111111111ANDREI you like dead

    Ionela PetrisorIonela PetrisorHari Yang lalu
  • 댓글이 외국인밖에;

    플리.플리.Hari Yang lalu
  • 나 요기서 제일긴 애니메이션 만든다는 생각함

    이린이이린이Hari Yang lalu
  • its a laugh🤣🤣😂😂

    Некит showНекит showHari Yang lalu
  • 9:11

    Abdul MobinzaiAbdul MobinzaiHari Yang lalu
  • I was playing a game of among us, during the first animation, when white self reported, someone reported a body in my game at the same time lol

    Pixel Pickle2456Pixel Pickle2456Hari Yang lalu
  • Nice

    Kian MangobaKian MangobaHari Yang lalu
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어거밖에 할말이 없다.......

    김명숙김명숙Hari Yang lalu
  • nice monster animaton

    Daniel Raven BolanioDaniel Raven BolanioHari Yang lalu
  • 꾸준하고 좋은

    sanggam lumbantoruansanggam lumbantoruanHari Yang lalu
  • 0:32 word sharpest knife

    MoontonMoontonHari Yang lalu
  • ITS all good tesks

    Kiev Sharlyf ImanKiev Sharlyf ImanHari Yang lalu
  • I would love to know the song name from when the duck appears

    AH0T3RAH0T3RHari Yang lalu
  • HAHAHAHAH 2:41

    charmaine love damascocharmaine love damascoHari Yang lalu
  • I din't know that white is key..

    Andreo PerezAndreo PerezHari Yang lalu
  • 오늘도너러러러러러럴러럶러러러럼꿀젬인영상찡이이이이잉

    최은미최은미Hari Yang lalu
  • Wooooooooow eyes 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Ярослав ГоршковЯрослав ГоршковHari Yang lalu
  • meow? meowwwwwww??? meow :3

    ifthatGaming ChannelifthatGaming ChannelHari Yang lalu
  • Omg so cute

    Майн Крафт Наше ВсёМайн Крафт Наше ВсёHari Yang lalu
  • Some could smash the emergency button right now. Becuase the emergency button is for subscribing

    Davz MontojoDavz MontojoHari Yang lalu
  • Episode 6 was so funny 😂🤣🤣🤣

    aryan dengrearyan dengreHari Yang lalu
  • Minecraft ¤☆fkbvsdu👀

    miguel dos santos matheus mirassol uhuulmiguel dos santos matheus mirassol uhuulHari Yang lalu
  • 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

    aryan dengrearyan dengreHari Yang lalu
  • the unluckiest among us player

    haru naiharu naiHari Yang lalu
  • From ep 2, are you gonna ingore the blood on white?!

    Shadows Glitch -0-0-0Shadows Glitch -0-0-0Hari Yang lalu

    Pierson DaughertyPierson DaughertyHari Yang lalu
  • Ok.. but this is one of the best animations I’ve seen from sechi. Even the backgrounds are accurate:)

    Chiara Dal ColChiara Dal ColHari Yang lalu
  • Haha this is me.. always chasing the imposter that killed me

    Chiara Dal ColChiara Dal ColHari Yang lalu
  • 아니 임포가 아무겄도안하고 그냥 퇴출..

    inkinkHari Yang lalu
  • 1:10 when i was an imposter 2:08

    Lorenzo MontesaLorenzo MontesaHari Yang lalu
  • 3:49 The key to saving your life is the emergency button LOL

    Mia - Yijia MaMia - Yijia MaHari Yang lalu
  • Ik Sechi’s Friend name: Key

    chilly aka. Alychilly aka. AlyHari Yang lalu
  • Using nipples as hands....

    William PaucarWilliam PaucarHari Yang lalu
  • i want to play with him just got the game

    Kaiden BeemanKaiden BeemanHari Yang lalu
  • Fun fact: the among us characters are only about 3’ 6”

    PlayGamesAllDayPlayGamesAllDayHari Yang lalu
  • Can someone explain the visual tasks one? Was orange the imposter or white?

    Paritosh JainParitosh JainHari Yang lalu