Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Loving You Is A Losing Game (Live On The Today Show)

25 Mar 2021
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Duncan Laurence live on the Today Show!
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A broken heart is all that’s left
I’m still fixing all the cracks
Lost a couple of pieces when
I carried it carried it carried it home
I’m afraid of all I am
My mind feels like a foreign land
Silence ringing inside my head
Please carry me carry me carry me home
I’ve spent all of the love I saved
We were always a losing game
Small town boy in a big arcade
I got addicted to a losing game
Oh, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
How many pennies in the slot
Giving us up didn’t take a lot
I saw the end ‘for it begun
Still I carried I carried, I carry on
Oh, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
Oh, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
I don’t need your games, game over
Get me off this rollercoaster
Oh, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
Oh, oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
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  • 이거 한국에서 떼창으로 듣고 싶다... 바이러스 사태 끝나면 꼭 내한공욘 오시길...ㅠ

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  • Когда он победил на Евровидении я не понимала, как эта песня могла выиграть, а со временем она мне начала так нравиться😍😍

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  • Eu viciei nessa música meu Deusssss 😍

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  • Тут есть русские? 😅 Классная песня я даже прослезился

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  • Thank you very much for this performance Duncan, I'm following you since Eurovision and I'm really happy that you finally have the reconnaissance that you deserve ! I actually love this version much more that Fletcher's version, it's more emotionnal and I have the feeling that I can feel the pain that you endured Thanks really, I cried at your Eurovision performance and I'm still crying at this performance

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  • what a lovely voice......I can't believe

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  • I am from india Duncan pls reply me 😥

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  • Check its cover on my channel...you will love it

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  • people who searched "loving you is a losing game " really mean it. it includes me too.

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  • ARCADE! Loved it from the moment I heard it on Eurovision 2019! I prefer that older version, too!

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  • Amei❤😍

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  • first 30 secs i thought it was someone else, then he sound exactly like recording voice. i love it so much

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  • i'm proud to know this song from eurovision and not from tiktok

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  • can we please talk about how perfect he delivered his song l i v e ? ?

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    • Perfect!

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  • It's so clean bro your voice is so good i love it.

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  • Why does he look like Adam Levine

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  • I don't know about you guys but there was an Heaven and Earth Tea advertisements playing after the video, continuing the Ooooooo at the end of the song. Both coincidental and uncanny.

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  • Tiktok, reels, youtube shorts, landed here. 😂

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This man deserved world attention.

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  • My new girl friend sent me this because she thinks it's a good song. Should I dump her?

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  • I am from Brazil. I have knew him by Eurovision Songs Contests through some years. I love it at first time I heard that.

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  • who thinks this is an a emotional song

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  • all i know, all i know .. and then overthinking in the middle night

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  • I LOVE THE WAY HE SING "ALL I KNOOOW:) (especially the second tune🖤🖤🖤🖤

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  • 2021 BR 😍

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  • I think Duncan have to make duet with Billy Eilish , would be brilliant and successful song !

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  • Biggest Eurovision contest hit ever. Duncan, your voice sublime. :)

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  • Beautiful Deep one disserved the Win brother. Eurovision

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  • S A H U U U U U U R ... 😁

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  • I'm obsessed with his voice

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  • Proud to be from The Netherlands.

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  • I'm Korean. I'm just looking for a song,and I heard your song, Arcade,and I love it.

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  • I love this song

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  • Knowing this song when I knew (weeks before eurovision) that it was gonna win the contest

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  • Aot song😁😎

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  • This performance tells that in original song he didn't use any autotune 😮

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    • autotune is not allowed in Eurovision. Edit, voice enhacments are technically allowed in recorded version, but up to 2021 ALL of the song had to be performed live.

      PandatrixPandatrix4 hari yang lalu

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  • if you see this comment, just know that I’m proud of you. even though we haven’t met, i think you’re such a special person :)

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  • This song makes me feel alive 🥺💖

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  • How about Duncan Laurence enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #100 this week? That's so amazing and so well deserved for this talented young man! Hopefully he'll reach a high peak position, that would be such a great achievement! In any case, you did it Duncan Laurence! We're sure gonna hear more of you, no doubt about it! Keep on doing what you're good at and make us enjoy your enchanting voice over and over again! We ❤ you and your music!

    Connie CoomenConnie Coomen6 hari yang lalu
  • I've been listening this song for hundreds times. And it makes me cry each and every time. It reminds me everything I lost and I'm so sorry for that. I can't turn time back, it's too late.

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  • Dean Lewis's live performance of Falling up broght me here ❤

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  • All I know is loving you is loosing game

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