Build 100 million house with Modern Luxury Bedroom Underground

20 Agu 2020
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Build 100 million house with Modern Luxury Bedroom Underground
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Tube Unique Survival Channel: I'm from the United State Of America (USA). I'm planning to build Underground City in the wild completely from scratch using Primitive Tools. Currently, I found a small Jungle next to the village in South America to building Underground City.
I hope all viewers enjoying and experienced with my hard work contents.
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  • How he knew modern bad room like this and how many moth it will stay ?

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  • I think for colour he used paint not a soil or leafs.

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  • Oiga por favor explique como puede encender fuego solo con un machete y un puntal de madera y como saca tanta cantidad de tierra no creo q solo con las manos ahi si yo de ley necesitaria una pala puedo creer tanta maravilla ....espero su respuesta

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