THE BATMAN Trailer (2021)

22 Agu 2020
23 392 504 Ditonton

First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

  • Looks shit

    Chucky killzChucky killz11 menit yang lalu
  • This man won’t kill you but will put you in debt with the injuries who gives you, ima just die

    919KSO19919KSO1940 menit yang lalu
  • Why is this batman remembering me daredevil?

    CronosHibiCronosHibiJam Yang lalu
  • They still haven't answered the question "How did Bruce Wayne's parents die?"

    silverfish imperitrixsilverfish imperitrixJam Yang lalu
  • Needs more lighthouse.

    Thomas HowardThomas HowardJam Yang lalu
  • Seems more like the Crow...

    Dan StankiewiczDan StankiewiczJam Yang lalu
  • LOL, more like SoyMan.

    VandalVandalJam Yang lalu
  • crow looking headass

    GeekyNerd54GeekyNerd542 jam yang lalu
  • Keep reinventing THE BATMAN movies, good job!! Nice touch, let's throw some Cobain music in there too. I'll buy when it comes out on blu ray. I know you will too

    peaceon earthpeaceon earth2 jam yang lalu
  • Absolute Trash. Stop lying to yourselves fanboys

    Stan M.Stan M.2 jam yang lalu
  • First off... Batman isn't a twig. And the dude from twilight; Really!? Seems like a good story line but wrong pick for the 🦇

    call a spade a spadecall a spade a spade3 jam yang lalu
  • Не взлетит

    Serg OberonSerg Oberon3 jam yang lalu
  • Dark isnt the word for this. I fully expect Batman to basically be a serial killer on an Anton Chigur level, this Batman will be a hardcore heroine addict who hates his bastard son and fat ex wife. Im ready for it

    JusMister SullivanJusMister Sullivan3 jam yang lalu
  • Ooooooh I was a cute little vampire drooling, with flowers, vommit, romance for teenagers and bad weredogs with sharp fangs and now I am very pride to destroy your love for the batman franchise. Worst casting ever and I am still content not watching Ben Afleck as Batman.

    Σοφοκλής ΑρχοντάκηςΣοφοκλής Αρχοντάκης3 jam yang lalu
  • Nirvana owww

    Good VibesGood Vibes3 jam yang lalu
  • Oh, you think vengeance is your ally. But you merely adopted vengeance I was born in it, moulded by it.....

    Ray VonRay Von4 jam yang lalu
  • 2:18 eddie!!

    boba beeboba bee4 jam yang lalu
  • Remember when he used to fly on broomsticks? time flies man

    Juan's LabJuan's Lab4 jam yang lalu
  • am bored of batman for real gee bring another superhero HAHAHA

    Dixxie BlackDixxie Black4 jam yang lalu
  • The most Batman thing in this trailer is those last two punches he throws after the thug falls to the ground. He dosent just beat the criminal, he makes them afraid

    James KaeppelJames Kaeppel5 jam yang lalu
  • 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯❤❤❤

    Mrs RecendezMrs Recendez5 jam yang lalu
  • Вероятно самый никчемный бэтмэн всех времен, более сраный разве что про мистера фриза, плющ и прочую ерунду

    Signal LostSignal Lost5 jam yang lalu
  • Robert Pattisons Robin would be any american simp right now

    Sim DeckSim Deck5 jam yang lalu
  • Bob Pattison. Deal with it you plumbs.

    Sim DeckSim Deck5 jam yang lalu
  • This looks.. depressing

    Cesar AxelssonCesar Axelsson6 jam yang lalu
  • glad this is a contained universe cause not sure im going to like this version. One and done please.

    A McDonaldA McDonald6 jam yang lalu
  • The song is so fire 💯

    bruh whybruh why6 jam yang lalu
  • I like how they put.?0?1 because they don't even know the release year lol could be 3031 or 7011 😂

    ready player oneready player one6 jam yang lalu
  • Until 2022 comes around, I’ll be watching this trailer once a week

    K_C KHK_C KH7 jam yang lalu
  • Please DC, please don't fuck up

    Utsav AtreUtsav Atre7 jam yang lalu
  • has anyone found out that this movie is nothing like anyone thought

    Harper SimmonsHarper Simmons7 jam yang lalu
    • Explain

      A ZA Z6 jam yang lalu
  • estas bien galán con tu carita hermosa tipo nightwing....te amo...

    roberto cervantesroberto cervantes7 jam yang lalu
  • que se quite la máscara robert pattinson siento rico al momento que golpea a los malos...wowww

    roberto cervantesroberto cervantes7 jam yang lalu
  • esta muy galán batman (robert pattinson)as batman and green arrow from smalville.

    roberto cervantesroberto cervantes7 jam yang lalu
  • How many batmans is this franchise gonna realise

    Nissi VictoriaNissi Victoria8 jam yang lalu
  • writer: how do we top the previous batman? should we go darker? director: yes

    FatInternetDudeFatInternetDude8 jam yang lalu
  • Batman:im vengeance Me:me no ur batman Batman:IM VENGEANCE! Me:im human....

    mustafa malikmustafa malik8 jam yang lalu
  • Nirvana ❤️

    Robert McNeilRobert McNeil8 jam yang lalu
  • batman without the joker? not fun.

    Ali SafdariAli Safdari8 jam yang lalu
  • Saw the thumbnail and HOPED it was Noel Felding...

    John PetithJohn Petith9 jam yang lalu
  • Love you, Cobain!

    Eka BalinguitEka Balinguit9 jam yang lalu
  • who else got psyched when they heard something in the way

    RoachRoach9 jam yang lalu
  • It's very dark , what's up with the trailer 😠

    layba Benedictlayba Benedict9 jam yang lalu
  • Batman movies are supposed to be gritty and rise above the superhero genre to a new level of crime drama. I like it.

    Rajdeep NathRajdeep Nath9 jam yang lalu
  • TERRIBLE Choice of actors! Especially the MAIN actor!

    QUICK-STARQUICK-STAR9 jam yang lalu
  • DC did a good Job To Destroy Batman Too 😂🤣

    Ballu KickAssBallu KickAss9 jam yang lalu
  • “Im vengance, im robert pattison”

    Макс ЛисицынМакс Лисицын9 jam yang lalu

  • I love the trailer but I miss Bruce Wayne the old Batman he was really good as Batman I definitely played video games on Batman most time before

    FestivegodFestivegod11 jam yang lalu
  • Really? Another Batman who’s only purpose is to violate all human rights existing and to affect the minds of young people, just like those "sons of Batman". The Batman disease is spreading, this is not good for our society.

    Dr. Bartholomew WolperDr. Bartholomew Wolper11 jam yang lalu
    • I must add, this one looks even worse......

      Dr. Bartholomew WolperDr. Bartholomew Wolper11 jam yang lalu
  • Batman is always a baddass

    Lê Đức ThuậnLê Đức Thuận11 jam yang lalu
  • batman is over..u can never achieve what Nolan's had done

    Scott EsfahanScott Esfahan12 jam yang lalu
  • So the baddies.... is the riddler?

    Ahs OeiAhs Oei12 jam yang lalu
  • Man, looking forward to seeing this in 3031.

    Paulhorne SchillingsPaulhorne Schillings13 jam yang lalu
  • Oswald penguin

    Mebanaibor ShabongMebanaibor Shabong13 jam yang lalu
  • Omg Edward- i mean Robert.

    velli chxrrvelli chxrr13 jam yang lalu
  • Yo imagine if Willem Dafoe is the joker in this 😱😱😱

    Levaughn SaundersLevaughn Saunders15 jam yang lalu
  • This Batman too dark

    中國人就是東亞病夫中國人就是東亞病夫15 jam yang lalu
  • For a second, I thought he was saying "Avengers"

    Chibaku TenseiChibaku Tensei15 jam yang lalu
  • All the doubt towards this guy for having the role... But... I think he's got this!

    Joseph WrightJoseph Wright15 jam yang lalu
  • Русские есть?

    Сергей ЗотьевСергей Зотьев16 jam yang lalu
  • If the Riddler isn't played by Jim Carrey again, forget it.

    Erick O'DonnellErick O'Donnell16 jam yang lalu
  • Here Others : story,action ,...stuff Me : pattinson😍🤭

    Shf ShfShf Shf18 jam yang lalu
  • I like that Nirvana use, the trailer was cool. You always get excited for Batman in the cinema.

    Shaun PriceShaun Price18 jam yang lalu
  • Edward finally became a bat. 😁😁😁🦇🦇🦇

    Madame BabyMadame Baby19 jam yang lalu
  • 2005: Wizard 2008-12: Vampire 2015: Photographer 2017: Thief 2018: Cowboy 2019: Lighthouse keeper 2020: Spy 2021: Batman

    XBORG - Pubg MobileXBORG - Pubg Mobile19 jam yang lalu
  • Looks like the worst batman ever created, wtf is wrong with that batmobile, looks like something from the adam west era... what happen to the michael keaton batman, batman begins, and batman vs superman batmobile??? Those combo punches????? How many punches does it take to take one guy with no body or head protection what so ever down??? Felt like spiderman combos from ps4.... fucking trash

    Alejandro RamosAlejandro Ramos19 jam yang lalu
  • Vamos Niuels

    JojodiduJojodidu20 jam yang lalu
  • Feel like this movie is gonna bomb lol

    Ghost FlossyGhost Flossy20 jam yang lalu
  • Ayoooo Nirvana something in the way

    Christian De La PazChristian De La Paz20 jam yang lalu
  • Only in theatres? I hope that is true...

    Mark JonjakMark Jonjak20 jam yang lalu
  • umm... remake... then remake... another remake wait... I forgot to say there's another remake coming

    J TJ T21 jam yang lalu
  • What the fuck?

    Eq 137Eq 13721 jam yang lalu
  • Damn that thug got knocked the fuck out

    SabirSabir21 jam yang lalu

    KYoss68KYoss6821 jam yang lalu
  • rise of the battyman

    ARCARC21 jam yang lalu
  • This completely looks like Batman... the David Fincher version

    Heath WassonHeath Wasson22 jam yang lalu
  • mean to tell me that batman is going to actually beat some ass in a movie? Thank God

    Brendon PatrickBrendon Patrick22 jam yang lalu
  • Nah

    hunter nortonhunter norton22 jam yang lalu
  • I am ... Batman? No Vanman, VanJan...

    Rohail AbbasRohail Abbas22 jam yang lalu
  • I guess Batman has to carry DC like always. Greatest Superhero of all time.

    Daniel ODaniel O23 jam yang lalu
  • plz stop lmfao garbage

    Mike EdwardsMike Edwards23 jam yang lalu
  • They make super hero movies so creepy and dark these days.

    J Cap OneJ Cap One23 jam yang lalu
  • the bruce weyne looks like the joker kkkkk

    Carlos morenoCarlos moreno23 jam yang lalu
  • When Bruce was going through an emo phase

    I love Children Of BodomI love Children Of BodomHari Yang lalu
  • Do I smell another DC flop?

    James BryanJames BryanHari Yang lalu
  • I just hope this will not get pushed to some awkward streaming service and I'll be able to watch in movie theater, like in good old days.

    Kuba KondraciukKuba KondraciukHari Yang lalu
  • One look and Batman is stone . LOL LOL

    GORGONGORGONHari Yang lalu
  • What is DC doing wtf

    Xcept HelixXcept HelixHari Yang lalu
  • Now everyone go fish for likes to nirvana mtv Unplugged something in the way and post all the same comments ”who’s here because of the Batman trailer” “who still listening in 2021” whooo cares”blahblahblah.”

    DjcherrypopperDjcherrypopperHari Yang lalu
  • its a good thing that i could totally see what was going on and it wasn't too dark to tell what was happening

    dakinedakineHari Yang lalu
  • Penguin Riddler falcone And if you want to count catwomam as a sort of enemy.

    Yea SureYea SureHari Yang lalu
  • How many more Batman movies do we really need ?

    Scott EdwardsScott EdwardsHari Yang lalu
  • There is 'something in the way' of this movie release date

    NoxinvaderNoxinvaderHari Yang lalu
  • I Can't Wait For This Movie

    Pixxeluv86Pixxeluv86Hari Yang lalu
  • Movie looks like shit.

    Say TenSay TenHari Yang lalu
  • Who else can’t stop watching this trailer 😂.

    Brian RodriguezBrian RodriguezHari Yang lalu
  • anyone here for robert pattinson

    Ella DiffenderferElla DiffenderferHari Yang lalu
  • 1:35 What I would do if I was the law and catched that dude who was wearing horns in DC Capitol..and pretty much every other one with him 🤣🤣😍

    Wanidi BenzergaWanidi BenzergaHari Yang lalu
  • The darker and creepier it is the better

    Rizwan AzeemRizwan AzeemHari Yang lalu