Farming Almonds - by Curiosity Quest

13 Nov 2018
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Curiosity Quest explores how to farm almonds. Learn how almonds are grown, harvested and distributed to the public.

  • Thank u. Now I know why ALMONDS r so expensive... I don't mind to pay for it.

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  • I love almond. I love 21:34 elbow in container 23:05 no gloves used.

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  • Man these Americans don't joke...

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  • Content is really quality, I hope that it will gain stilla a lots of wiev, I go and tell my son about it :)

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  • How many almonds flever you have

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  • Incredible video! Very informant. I am considering planting a little almond farm (30-40 trees) and this videos shows a lot of information and incredible techniques used in almond farming.

    Damyan DimitrovDamyan Dimitrov10 hari yang lalu
  • That was a very informative video, well done to you all.

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  • Perfect. When I become the president of Kenya am coming for you to come do production here on Kenya within our Northern frontiers of Turkana, marsabit and mandera. We can grant your 250 000 acres for almonds at just 2.5% royalties and 8.5% VAT. Start planning sire. Great work you are doing. God Bless you.

    Kago denisKago denis11 hari yang lalu
  • Very informative.. Jim the president is also a very humble person..👍

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  • Hhhmm amandeln sweet love it very much. Blessed Amen

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  • Reporter is kind of dull.

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  • That music is so irritating

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  • Just Amazing.....!! Thank u so much

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  • coconuts? man that boy is not going anywhere

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  • I enjoy watching your video it very interested it help me to understand how it really growing

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  • My local grocery store has fresh almond butter that u make on a machine. Just so delicious. Thank u cal guys

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  • Awesome presentation. Great minds indeed!

    Genie SunflowerGenie Sunflower18 hari yang lalu
  • almonds are horrible for water consumption, California might want to reconsider it's farming practices

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  • almond blooms are verrry beautiful :D

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  • am mond? xD

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  • Eh, pesticides.

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  • simply awsome!!!

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  • wow thats impressive but sad at the same time. All those acres of one type of tree, all the fossil fuel required to do that farming. They even have to import bees probably via plane. Just think if there was no globalism there would be no need for such large farms.

    di brentleydi brentley20 hari yang lalu
  • What do you do with the shells and other waste??? Inform me the quantity you get daily and i will supply you a power generation project using this waste as the fuel. Contact to know more

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  • kesuwen

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  • California LIKE tropical CAN grow ANY kinds

    Salina WhiteSalina White22 hari yang lalu

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  • Enjoyed that. Just to add that the shells are a major ingredient in beauty scrubs - so a good portion goes into the cosmetic industry.

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  • A l m o n d s don’t be so lazy use the L

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  • Great & educational! Enjoyed watching this!

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  • Superb video

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  • Ammon trees? What tha??

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  • Jamaican almonds look different, the leaves are really broad and sometimes colorful, the fruit we eat when it's ripe and when it's dry we get a tiny sweet nut

    Nicky BlackfordNicky Blackford27 hari yang lalu
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  • I think I might have found a cure for California's water shortage.

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  • almond..

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  • I love this show! I've always wanted to know how chocolate covered raisins...or anything chocolate covered doesn't get a flat side while they're sitting somewhere for the chocolate to dry

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  • Do they farm these in November?

    Nick desertNick desertBulan Yang lalu
  • Very interesting overview on this special crop / reposted at

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  • "Tree's can produce 15-20 lbs. of almonds per tree; after, being shaken from the shaker machine".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • "A shake machine shakes as many as 150 tree's an hour to release the almonds from the tree; it is grasped from the bottom of the tree, (with a claw type machine) and the almonds then fall onto the ground and are ready to be picked up after laying on the ground for 5-7 days, to eliminate the green color of the core of the nut".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • 'Ten year to twenty-five year old tree's produce, as well".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • "Almond trees are watered every 7 to 8 days; then after, every 13-15 days".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • "After 7 to 8 years in its full production and maturity".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • "After 3 years the almond tree produces".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • "Bee's pollinate".

    Avoidance TechnologiesAvoidance TechnologiesBulan Yang lalu
  • "California's largest export crop".

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  • I really appreciate your efforts interesting and informative please make some more video's like that on pomegranate dates and pistachios

    Ranasheir TaoniRanasheir TaoniBulan Yang lalu
    • I am happy to work with you in your farm

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  • Very good information like your video's so lovely your voice is amazing ➕ plus your style please make video on dates thanks regards from rana sheir taoni 🇵🇰 Pakistan

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  • I am in Cambodia, can I grow almonds tree or not? I want grow too. can you confirm please? thanks and best regards

    Sithara TopSithara TopBulan Yang lalu
    • Yes, I think Cambodia weather similar CA.

      Happy DancerHappy DancerBulan Yang lalu
  • almond are fruit!?? is my whole life a lie?

    Mysterious NaraMysterious NaraBulan Yang lalu
    • @Matt E wow I'm loss for words

      Mysterious NaraMysterious NaraBulan Yang lalu
    • So are Walnuts, Pecans, and other “nuts” in the Hickory family

      Matt EMatt EBulan Yang lalu
  • That is farming success. Only still a dream for me.

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  • The birds ate all my Almond shoots. Only left a few Almonds on my 1 Almond tree. 😢

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  • Haha totally enjoyed watching this for homework

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  • Very interesting and wonderful, thanks for the video.

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  • Amish ?

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  • THEIR SOIL LOOKS HORRIFIC CALL THEM BACK AND TELL THEM TO USE BLACK GOLD VERMICOMOST AND MULCH. This company wastes precious drinking water when tey can use recycled mulch( paper) to keep the water in the soil!

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  • so they intentionally pronounce the name incorrectly???

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  • I was curious how almonds are harvested. Ended knowing shocking facts like Almonds are fruits. Wow. I subscribed for that information. I just bought almonds. It's the best.

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  • I did not see one black person in this Factory

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  • Did not see one black person in Factory

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  • The constant music in the background really ruins this video

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    • Amazingly, I didn't notice the music until I read your comment tho. 🙊

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  • Ignorant American doesn't know the name of a thing, Trump?

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  • You harvest Almonds, means you have lot of trash in shape of almond shells. If you can spare 1500 Kg of shells every hour 24/7/365, you can have 1000 Watts of power per Hour and you are off-the-grid. Not only power, you can also cook food (Boil rice, vegetables, corn, meat, milk, etc) and heat up the space or hot water for personal hygiene. contact to get more info.

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  • thanks for the best professional presentation, Jim and you.

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  • That was pretty fascinating thank you very much !

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  • all mond not ammond ...........sorry you lose .........

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  • F u k me it has a L in the word Almonds not a H

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  • I was in Dubai 7 years ago, and in a small shop I saw several boxes of almonds from the Campos Bros. farm in Caruthers, Ca. I was surprised, took a picture and sent it to them.

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    • Almond

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  • I just shared this, it's such a great video you made! Nobody eat the kernal of apricots or peaches, toxic...

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  • The name is almonds. Not ahmonds. Grower can’t say the name of his crop.

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    • American + actual thing + Mystical entity of imagination

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  • Great ......

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  • I hope you well Can it be born in the desert?

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  • So the Badam is different from Almond, Not the same?

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  • I literally live in an almond orchard

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    • Lucky you!

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  • Great video... Every questions are answered.. Never knew that ithat its a fruit and then the almond ..

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  • Excellent almonds Farm very educational hope get the chance meet the almonds farm soon.

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  • Thank you for your prezentation! Well DONE.

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  • You have the exact same personality like Mr. Peanut Butter from BoJack Horseman and I love it!

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  • Thanks,Very nice video you made .

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  • When the growers do their harvest, they knock the "L" out of them, which is why they call them "amonds".

    K MK M2 bulan yang lalu
  • Fun fact Edgar Cayce said that if you eat four raw almonds a day you should never get cancer

    ReeseReese2 bulan yang lalu
  • did he say fumigate??? ewww what kinda bugs are on the almonds

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  • Definitely one of the best Dirt to Tongue journeys I've seen on any agricultural product. Great job! I especially liked the clips of the children. Big, big problem in our country; children are raised too far from the field. They are mostly clueless about the food we eat.

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  • good video I like it.

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  • Very annoying, just too loud and hypo background 'music' ruins this video. It's not needed. Or have something softer so you can actually concentrate on what they are saying.

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  • A min's 😉

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  • am curious about macadamia nuts

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  • Good from Mysore.india.

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  • You deserve more subscribers!!

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  • Pronounced all-mund or ammond? I've heard both.

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  • 16:43 - Stone inside these "100" percent pure almonds :D Still cool tho.

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  • Been intensively consuming these as part of my diet to combat endometriosis in me since there's not many food choices I have besides fish, fruits, and all green veggies. Shout out to these farmers, workers, everyone involved in this industry. GBU.

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  • Just mind-blowing package of details.......A-Z about A...L...M...O..N..D

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