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29 Jul 2020
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Rowan Atkinson's madcap, quirky creation Mr Bean is a global phenomenon having been sold to over 200 territories worldwide and has been in continual distribution in many territories for over 20 years. Now available in HD, the show follows Mr Bean as he tries to extricate himself from embarrassing situations but only ends up getting himself in more trouble. Mr Bean has won six awards including the Golden Rose of Montreux and an International EMMY and is written by some of the UK's leading comic talent including Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and A Funeral, Notting Hill) and Ben Elton (Blackadder, The Young Ones).


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  • I'm a Korean comedian, Lee Kyung-sil. Mr. Bean [Rowan Atkinson] I enjoyed watching it when I was young. It's been a long time since I saw you. Stay healthy!!

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