Disney Gays Reacting to Secret Number x Tangled "I See The Light" (Dita & Denise SLAY!!)

21 Agu 2020
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Ok, so we are huge Disney fans. We love Secrete Number. Which means we were so excited to react to Dita and Denise singing the duet "I See The Light" from Disney's TANGLED! This is from SECRET FUN EP.05 from their IDworlds Channel. Make sure to check out the links below to support Secret Number and subscribe to their channel!
PS: Denise, girl if you see this, swing by next time you're in Texas and we'll barbecue!! Yass!
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DITA & DENISE - "I See The Light" Rapunzel (Tangled) Disney Cover
+Rapunzel princess dubbing
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  • This duo is back!! I hope you reaction secret fun ep.6

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    • We recorded it last night!!!! We will post it today! Omg it was sooo good!!! Dita and Denise = QUEENS! -Jeremy

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  • *mind blowing from Dita & Denise*

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  • In the reality she is also princess in bali, indonesia

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  • Halo Jeremy! Halo Austin!

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  • Dita (Indonesia) & Denise (Korean+America) their voices were truly extraordinary.

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  • Next secret number got that boom🤗

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  • Denise needs to tone down her voice bc she was portraying Flynn. ( Male Voice)

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  • Thnks for reaction secret number bro, Im from indonesia stan SN

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  • I cried too...

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    • Thank you! I don't feel so alone now! :) -Jeremy

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  • My favorite is Jinny and soodam in Secret Number but i love all of them

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  • I THOUGHT IM THE ONLY ONE CRYINGGGGG LOL YES JEREMY I FEEL I U. secret number truly nail it. And totaly agree, Dita should be one of those disney princess

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    • Thank you tor understanding!! It was just so beautiful! -Jeremy ❤️❤️❤️

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  • thank you for reacting Secret Fun ep.05, hope you often upload content about Secret Number, I will definitely watch it 😉❤️

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    • We have fallen in love with Secret Number so there will be much more content! I promise!!! -Jeremy, SYKU!

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  • Thank you Austin and Jeremy!! Your sincere reaction is lovely and made my day!! You both are soo precious, i became a fan!! Thank you for supporting SN! Love you guys so much!!

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  • U guys will be more surprise if you know dita actually has a deep voice

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  • Nice

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  • I dunno why but I find your reaction is as amusing as their singing. Wait, maybe I also made that kind of face when I saw it for the first time?

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  • Netx dita dance one melion

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    • We need it for our shelves! :) -Jeremy, SYKU!

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  • FYI, Dita is a descendant of the Balinese kingdom. her real name is Anak Agung Ayu Puspa Aditya Karang

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    • Her real name (her:dia perempuan bukan his) perlu d edit lg bro

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  • You guys wanted to know a secret. Dita is a real princess from karang asem old kingdom in BALI. Dita is a royal blood. If you want to know it you can wantch fack in star at you tube about secret number.

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    • OMG WHAT!? Okay we gotta do some research on this.

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  • Real princess singing princess animation... Dita watches the movie like thousands time, that's her favorite Disney Princess

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  • Wow Secret Number Rookie of the year ❤️

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  • Dita went to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy New York. Before auditioning for kpop, dita auditioned for musicals in Broadway. Due to the lack of demands in Asian characters in Broadway, she didn't even get type casted.

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  • Those are some classic Disney voices. Full, pure and storytelling.

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  • BooooMm.. Many Korean idol make this cover song But Honestly just Dita and Deniese from Secret Number Have a Clear Pronounciasion english and amazing Unique beauty Voices. Not Because i Stan for SN but this the true Fact,Singing English Song not just only have Good Voices but Must Have Good English Pronounsiacion as well... Because Secret Number Talent thats the reason i must,i want and i will Stan For this Girl Group... And i hope someday Secret Number can Conquer the World of Kpop Industry Music. "Give Your Love For The World and Then The World will Love You".

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  • yes, it was a princess performance singing a disney princess song. Dita is the voice of an angel and Dennise is a voice full of talent. dita in real life is a princess, dita is a descendant of the king of bali, indonesia. dita is the main dancer in the secret number. if you like you can see his talent before debut. idworlds.info/from/0bWMoMuksmx-iZo/video idworlds.info/from/wLl3k9C2iG56m6M/video idworlds.info/from/0tafocrYiK6UfqM/video idworlds.info/from/tql_h9e5b2pkibs/video

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  • when real princess do some act as Disney princess

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  • Thankyou for reaction secret number

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