What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

18 Peb 2021
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You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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  • Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: idworlds.info/from/vbuCgZqmZWiTjdE/video

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss12 hari yang lalu
    • @Alvaro Adam cool! It took like 10 mins but it reallyworked!

      John ChanceJohn Chance19 jam yang lalu
    • i dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instaportal. Find it on google :)

      Alvaro AdamAlvaro Adam20 jam yang lalu
    • bricks

      TranscendedTranscendedHari Yang lalu
    • its been week plszz upload new videos of review

      Samir KunwarSamir Kunwar4 hari yang lalu
    • @Yen Hua Ang ya I agree with you but I don't care a 8k blablabla I just want a brighter so we can see the phone.

      Arash MukhridzArash Mukhridz4 hari yang lalu
  • Do a Alcatel video man

    Leon EdwardsLeon EdwardsJam Yang lalu
  • Do a Alcatel video man

    Leon EdwardsLeon EdwardsJam Yang lalu
  • The new Apple.

    Ryan CRyan CJam Yang lalu
  • I need to buy the best performing Xiaomi Mobile, please advise.

    Rodgers GasperRodgers Gasper2 jam yang lalu
  • Mr jww was a nice touch😂👍🏻

    Param ShahParam Shah3 jam yang lalu
  • It would be nice if you can put your research links in the description. It will help corroborate what you are saying.

    kamaljeet singhkamaljeet singh4 jam yang lalu
  • Fun Fact: Xiaomi set a new Guinness World Record for giving away the personal Information of Hong Kong Democracy Protesters to the Chinese Government in in 24 hours.

    Rey DelMundoRey DelMundo4 jam yang lalu
  • So its a Chinese rip off of Apple, Got it!

    Rey DelMundoRey DelMundo4 jam yang lalu
  • Please list pounds sterling then dollars.

    Duncan SmithDuncan Smith5 jam yang lalu
  • he frikking rick rolled me

    Daniel BrakenhoffDaniel Brakenhoff5 jam yang lalu
  • Bro can you please do a same type of video for Vivo as well?

    Taha TechTaha Tech5 jam yang lalu
  • Did I just get rickrolled again?

    SirdikusSirdikus6 jam yang lalu
  • Omg i had no idea it was 心 inverted.. mind blown!

    Isaac LimIsaac Lim6 jam yang lalu
  • I will tell you what I know about Xiaomi!!! I know when I added Total Internet Security to my x3 Poco NFC mobile phone, it found an adware in the 'Crazy Juicer' pre-installed game called: Adware.Adware.AgentSmith.A - Descibed as "A dangerous app that can attempt to perform a variety of functions, all with the same purpose: to be intentionally harmful for your data or your device". They probably think because it claims to have a high end security pre installed on their mobiles, people like me won't add their own security to ensure this Chinese made phone is indeed safe. When China produce a high end phone that comes at such an affordable price, you had better believe there is an agenda attached!!! 👀

    KCKC6 jam yang lalu
  • Why is the Chinese flag white??? 2:20

    Aaron HuangAaron Huang7 jam yang lalu
  • honestly i was soooooo surprised with themes.. it's soo good and works so well....my friend are soo envious that their other androids don't have that beautiful of a theme

    Stefania OgunStefania Ogun7 jam yang lalu
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  • Do I got rickroll at 7:30?

    SHAMIRSHAMIR9 jam yang lalu
  • the only problem with xiaomi is their inappropriate ads they show

    sanskar rautsanskar raut9 jam yang lalu
  • Yes, you will reach 10 mil soon

    Snehal RaoSnehal Rao9 jam yang lalu
  • Hello?! Can we not ignore the fact that Mrwhosetheboss almost told us why his name is supposedly spelled wrong? 12:43 Give me your theories right now!

    Fredrik JohansenFredrik Johansen10 jam yang lalu
  • vkawe947.niu

    Tamizh ArasanTamizh Arasan11 jam yang lalu
  • I watch this video with my Xiaomi Mi 10T nice.

    AdamOnline97AdamOnline9711 jam yang lalu
  • Xiomi is supported by comunism CHINA

    Tananga ProgrammingTananga Programming11 jam yang lalu
  • My last to phones been xiaomi. I like em. Value is insane.

    Pure ShrimpPure Shrimp12 jam yang lalu
  • I want to thank Xiaomi for creating a ultra competitive precedence in the Mobile market without compromising in quality. I still own a Redmi note 5 Pro and it’s working like a charm even now. I don’t ever want to switch as it does everything i want and more in some cases. It’s metal back and weight is perfect for me and updates keeps coming.

    John YepthomiJohn Yepthomi12 jam yang lalu
  • i want to thank Xiaomi for creating a ultra competitive precedence in the Mobile market.

    John YepthomiJohn Yepthomi12 jam yang lalu
  • *They made triple folding phone, even though it never released* Because they were dummy😹

    B Lyk uB Lyk u14 jam yang lalu
  • 7:29 kill me please

    Utthej JUtthej J16 jam yang lalu
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  • xue hua piao piao

    Nathaniel YapNathaniel Yap16 jam yang lalu
  • watching this on a Xiaomi laptop on 4k

    Sekh AzizulSekh Azizul16 jam yang lalu
  • miraculous :D

    Khaled NoorKhaled Noor17 jam yang lalu
  • I love XIAOMI

    Benjamin EdmeBenjamin Edme18 jam yang lalu
  • Great video

    Mystic Hr.Mystic Hr.18 jam yang lalu
  • Xiaomi is really good brand. Everything I have bought from them thus far, an Android TV streaming box, a stick vacuum cleaner and most recently an ultrawide 2K monitor, has been high quality, stylish, pleasing to use and great value. It would not surprise me if they eventually become a gigantic brand. Big enough to rival the likes of Apple and Samsung.

    Stephen DaviesStephen Davies18 jam yang lalu
  • That is fact that Xiaomi theme are very good as compared to other os theme bcz other os theme cost per theme but in Xiaomi it was totally free

    Brother YTBrother YT18 jam yang lalu
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    Shift GamingShift Gaming20 jam yang lalu
  • He rickrolled us lmao

    CyberSentientCyberSentient20 jam yang lalu
  • Me who is watching this video on a Xiaomi phone: **nervously sweating in the corner**

    Shanaya ChoudhuryShanaya Choudhury20 jam yang lalu
  • Whoa, two indonesian videos as reference,, this is a feat!!

    Ridwan BagawieRidwan Bagawie21 jam yang lalu
  • As someone who originally comes from Eastern Europe - its not about attachment to Samsung and Apple, it's about Samsung and Apple phones costing much more than in the US, while salaries are ten times lower. Xiomi is just a cheap phone with good hardware thus it sells well in poor countries.

    Haohmaru HLHaohmaru HL23 jam yang lalu
  • "Community focused" Wonder of this has something to do with the brand coming from a country with Communism, hmmm. Can't t wait for another stories of another Chinese big tech ceo guy disappear into thin air..

    Haohmaru HLHaohmaru HL23 jam yang lalu
  • Please dont simplify me!

    LynialityLyniality23 jam yang lalu
  • Can you please recommend me a phone under 300$ with kind of good antenna, camera, free space,.. the more good features the more appreciated

    FewEZ GTFewEZ GT23 jam yang lalu
  • Good content

  • so we arent gonna talk about how we got rick rolled?

    shoutout my mucusshoutout my mucus23 jam yang lalu
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    Nichoas WildsNichoas WildsHari Yang lalu
  • I never heard about Xiaomi until today and Im a tech nerd that likes new tech but seams that company is not good at advertainment in my country even if they have a re-seller store. Also cheaper than apple well looking at the Swedish Re-seller store called mistore. Allot of the phones are almost as expensive as apple maybe just 50-100 bucks cheaper. I would honestly say Huawei and even Sony it self is cheaper than both apple and Xiaomi at least that´s how I see it checking out the Swedish prices. But I will say that I find it interesting that both one plus and Xiaomi manage to fool so damn many consumers in to become loyal cash cows for the company just by pretending to treat them as fans hosting stupid shit having sale just to sell people more stupid shit they don´t need just to get them to buy a new phone every time they release one even if the old phone could be good for at least 3-5 years. So I find it interesting how they manage to manipulate so much people to become loyal consumers they can milk. But it´s just goes to show how easy it is to fool people. And no im not a conspiracy theorist I just now that companies are run by the type of greedy humans that see no value in other humans more than being walking cash cows. They rely don´t give a rats ass about you all they want is for you to become a stupid loyal fan that they can milk till the day you die on stupid shit you don´t rely need like a new phone every year.

    Zero WalkerZero WalkerHari Yang lalu
  • I never noticed the name Type lol mind is blown

    KingKen04KingKen04Hari Yang lalu
  • from the last 2 years i have a feeling that xiaomi will conquer the market one day. tbh i wish xiaomi becomes a main phone leader. i am samsung user and apple hater but i hope one day samsung will also fall because its also shit. i hope only the best for Xiaomi and waiting for their shocking product. hope dies last

    Yin YangYin YangHari Yang lalu
  • Also your meme like format works! lol Its funny I like

    A AndrewA AndrewHari Yang lalu
  • Great video bro! I love Xiaomi!

    A AndrewA AndrewHari Yang lalu
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    Yrisneida PenaYrisneida PenaHari Yang lalu
  • "We are gonna try hit the 2 million mark by end of the year".... currently, ~11 days after the vid was released, that would mean getting rid of 32561subscribers. Take it as may way to say: Granulations!

    undefinedundefinedHari Yang lalu
  • Talk about supporting the ccp and gen0cide of the wygurs too!!!

    Isaac FrancoIsaac FrancoHari Yang lalu
  • How much were you paid for this advertisement?

    A HA HHari Yang lalu
  • I thought they only do mobile phones.

    Technology is AwesomeTechnology is AwesomeHari Yang lalu
  • Yep... China and anything owned by china should be banned. period. China may have some cool stuff but they are the world enemy and Genocide greater than Hitlar. Sense ALL companies in China are Controlled by CCP.... Nuff said. Banned it all.

    olosnah1olosnah1Hari Yang lalu
  • nice video Mr whose the boss

  • But.... who IS the boss?

    Michael MichaelsMichael MichaelsHari Yang lalu
  • the thumbnail be like: xiauple

    07-hassan kassab07-hassan kassabHari Yang lalu
  • 5:15 dude, c'mon! It just because Xiaomi smarphones are good and cheap! That's how they became so relevant, mostly in countries where the average wages are low.

    Michael MichaelsMichael MichaelsHari Yang lalu
  • Xiaomi is actaully the better version of an iPhone no cap bro

  • 7:30 Never gonna give you up

    Epic GamingEpic GamingHari Yang lalu
  • 小米

    Epic GamingEpic GamingHari Yang lalu
  • I'm from Ukraine, and been using Xiaomi phones happily for 5 years now. Currently owning a Poco X3, and it's the "highest" end phone i've ever owned so far

    Szabó ArthurSzabó ArthurHari Yang lalu
  • Say about other brand owned

    Dharanish RDharanish RHari Yang lalu
  • xiaomi x huawei

    mervun29mervun29Hari Yang lalu
  • After buying xiaomi's mi (rechargeable) mouse, became a fan. I've never loved an electronic product like that mouse.

    Darlington OvwemuDarlington OvwemuHari Yang lalu
  • i like ir blaster and side mounted fingerprint in all midrange

    Muhammad AfnanMuhammad AfnanHari Yang lalu
  • Yeah but Xiao Mi is still not pronounced like that haha

    ユノアYunoaユノアYunoaHari Yang lalu
  • As a previous Xiaomi user and currently a Samsung user this video made me love Xiaomi more.

    YoGucci BoiiYoGucci BoiiHari Yang lalu
  • 4:40 Well then he was wrong... Instead of the “sh” sound at the beginning, it’s an “s” sound So it’s “syao mee” instead of “shao mee”

    TheSkiesHFaceTheSkiesHFaceHari Yang lalu
  • Stupid name. Stupid products. Only for homeless people who can't afford an iPhone.

    StarbuckStarbuckHari Yang lalu
  • China virus

    Alfredo BambaAlfredo BambaHari Yang lalu
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    Danny ChungDanny ChungHari Yang lalu
  • These videos are so good, the little things he does, like the floating cable, make the video better

    Juan BarrosJuan BarrosHari Yang lalu
  • They need at least another 20 thousand employees just to make MIUI bearable . MIUI sucks big time , I wouldn't be surprised if the company dog designed it .

    Laith SmadiLaith SmadiHari Yang lalu
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    Conmea AlexConmea AlexHari Yang lalu
  • I bought a note 9 pro not bad but sizeable, tho I'm using a mi 10 t lite..which is a great alrounder 😍 - been looking into Xiaomi and they're certainly an intriguing company like the 10t lite, that's flagship phone specs for under 250, Samsung could never and wouldn't do that, highly interesting company!, you can never know what they're gonna do next

    lee a dorneylee a dorneyHari Yang lalu
  • bloody comies

    Galileo ChiuGalileo ChiuHari Yang lalu
  • Xiaomi phones are all heavy in weight compared to Samsung.

    133713372 hari yang lalu
  • Honestly...I'm in the US and I'm temped to try a Xiaomi phone. I was a Huawei user but after they got blacklisted, I am forced to try other brands. I still have my Huawei from 2018 and it is blazing fast compare to everything else here.

    DjCotes MusikDjCotes Musik2 hari yang lalu
  • Xiaomi changing there website name to Mi.com is like Apple changing there website name ple.com imagine that

    Zesta [GD]Zesta [GD]2 hari yang lalu
  • Mission impossible ? Wait ... thats what I do

    Ethen HuntEthen Hunt2 hari yang lalu
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    Rory VeltmanRory Veltman2 hari yang lalu
  • Some one who I know had a Xaomi phone. Her phone exploded

    Pranav KhemkaPranav Khemka2 hari yang lalu
    • Omg

      Conner WineConner WineHari Yang lalu
  • Nokia and Tampere are two different cities even though they are close to each other. Nokia (Corporation) has its headquarters in Espoo, a neighboring city of Helsinki (and Vantaa that has the Helsinki Airport, or Helsinki-Vantaa Airport as it's known in Finland, within its borders). Also, if someone in Finland should know how to (approximately) pronounce Xiaomi I'd write shaumi because Finnish has no alternative ways to pronounce alphabet. The only exception is when letters N and G are next to each other like in "kenguru" (kangaroo) then those two letters are combined. English is a poor language to try to tell someone how to pronounce something: think of were/wear/ware and possibly where. ;)

    Mika MäntykumpuMika Mäntykumpu2 hari yang lalu
  • I don’t know which phone I will pick

    inhisgrip119inhisgrip1192 hari yang lalu
  • I have known for years that xiaomi sells high quality phones for cheap, that's why I recommended xiaomi to my sister, even though I use iphone.

    megapet777megapet7772 hari yang lalu
    • give your iphone to your sister then. You use xiaomi

      Jessica HydeJessica HydeHari Yang lalu
  • I'm using a xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro. I shit you not. This phone is a monster even in to day standard The price couldn't believe my eyes compare to the specs and build quality.

    Simon SamsonSimon Samson2 hari yang lalu
  • Not personally a fan of Xiaomi phone since I’m already super deep into the Apple ecosystem, but I’ve recently purchased 5 of Xiaomi lamps for all of the rooms. To simply put, they are the best lamps I’ve ever owned.

    ClarityClarity2 hari yang lalu
    • I like Apple the best personally

      inhisgrip119inhisgrip1192 hari yang lalu
  • Steven Wozniak: Likes Xiaomi Me: wait do you still like Apple?!

    inhisgrip119inhisgrip1192 hari yang lalu
  • This is great. I am glad you did this company focused video.

    ruffdraftruffdraft2 hari yang lalu
  • Why Xiaomi has not entered the US market? Bcs Apple will sue the hell out of them for borrowing the ideas, which is right and correct to do.

    Ivan DrangovIvan Drangov2 hari yang lalu
  • we need him to get ten million common guys

    unaiz hussainunaiz hussain2 hari yang lalu
  • since i always disliked apple (*and theyr customers) for theyr *cocky and anti-consumer behavior, and samsung for theyr uninnovative same phone with more problems every year for nearly 1000€ designs, and xiaomi got prices, innovation and performance spot on for me i LOVE xiaomi the most. (not fanboy like but definitely preffered over all those other trash companys. xiaomi got a vast ecosystem like apple BUT without gimping theyr stuff AFTER its sold and without you needing to sell organs to afford them. ) i will happily buy one xiaomi after another until a xiaomi competing company comes around that is moraly acceptable like xiaomi and could be a successor. my own history was samsung galaxy 1 plus (which burned 3 times while charging up (no joke)), samsung galaxy S4, samsung galaxy S6 (still alive but literally Melt´s on HOMESCREEN when turned on (also laggs and crashes like hell) ), pocophone F1 (best thing i bought in my whole life), a rent xiaomi mi note 10 for like 12 months (was for the photo capabilitys), and when my package arrives my xiaomi mi11 256GB will be my next phone for like 8 years or so. (my pocophonbe f1 was an import the first day it released. i saw its capabilitys on its spreadsheet and it was a must have)

    randomclips1511randomclips15112 hari yang lalu