GoPro on a Motorcycle | How do you get EPIC footage?

10 Sep 2018
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How do you get great footage when mounting your GoPro to a Motorcycle? In this video I explain everything you need to know, from the ground up.Covering vibrations, mounting positions, contrast, audio quality, shutter speeds, frame rates, color profiles, Pro tune, ND filters, LUTs, microphones & gimbals.

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    • Lovely. Thank you. You should check my channel., someday I will use all u shared. Thank you again. very helpful video..

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    • @Krane that's not rudeness krane.. it's the swag which you can't understand 😁🤣

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    • Yeah, a big thumbs down for that rudeness. jk. It was a great tutorial. An easy thumb up!

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  • Low sharpness is not necessarily good. I used to think that too but the difference when sharpening in camera is that the sharpness is applied before the file is saved and compressed. When you add sharpening in post you're going to sharpen the compressed video with all its artifacts. You're never going to get that sharpness back. Sharpening the video in camera is good, just don't set it to high or anything like that.

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  • I modified a car dashcam to fit my helmet. Why? They loop record, so you don't run out when the card is full, they can be wired to the electrics so you don't run out of battery power. They are also much cheaper to buy, €140 v €350. I tried the Mio MiVue 760D (€315) front and rear camera motorcycle dashcam, but the quality was terrible if it was mounted on the fairing, vibration. Dashcams are not waterproof though and have a cable to power them.

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  • Awesome video!

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  • Goodday sir,may you have a blessed day. I am a beefarmer and I want to take sometimes a photo or video from what is happening for instance in my beehive(close up) or when I am catching a swarm. I am using a small olight headlight which clip onto the front side of my beehat. My beehat has git a wide rim,so I must have a camera that clip on alongside my olight. Afterwords I want to send these footage to my SamsungA30S cellphone for storage.It must bee honey or waterproof because I have to keep it clean afterwards. Can you suggest a Gopro camera/videocam to use? I thank you,Cobus🐬 The trouble is my hands, They were in gloves and sometimes full of honey.

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  • Check out the Action Camera Extension Arm Kit from JCW Imports Ltd on eBay:

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  • TY this will help my setup immensely

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  • Interesting you choose 60fps. I want 4K minimum footage so that means I need to up my budget to get a 7 instead of a 6 I think coz 6 only does 4K 30 I think

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  • Hi. Great vid. Thanks I learned a can’t wait for the weekend for a family enduro session!! One Q: What software would people recommend for editing the actual video for a beginner.. :-)

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  • So informative!!! Thanks !!

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  • "EPIC" !!! Oh get him .......bless

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  • Awesome! Thank you

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  • Hello everyone you can visit my channel I have made a video ,best mic for motovlog it may useful

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  • Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

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  • Great video. I’d like to see one on editing software. How to simply cut and past clips together.

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  • Awesome tips, I'm new to this stuff so this is extremely helpful, Cheers bruv!

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  • Hi Mike I am a total newby on this stuff but have purchased 2 x SJCAM 10Pro 😬🤷‍♂️ I also just bought 2 Bluetooth helmet thingy’s to communicate with my pillon rider or for connecting with a group. So i have several questions please... I had in mind to use the helmet chin mount, plus handle bar mount. Unfortunately I ride a KTM 200 Duke and the vibrations are ..well 😬🙄, so how can I best utilize the 2 cameras for simultaneous recording and how to best set it up with my voice recording? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you can do a similar video specifically for such a setup? 🤷‍♂️ I really learned a lot from this video tutorial so a big thank you for explaining the basics 👍👏👏

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  • Probably worth worrying about is the sound quality when you have a Harley Davidson and a beautiful Vance Hines exhaust. 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

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  • GoPro 7-9 can help you.

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  • Love it 😍

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  • I'm learning....

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  • Can someone please tell me his editing program pleaseeeee

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  • What's the editing application you used? Great info

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  • I’m starting to think you and David Manning live in the same neighbourhood 😂

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  • Did you consider using a 360 cam? With this option, you get a full surround view and produce the actual film in a quite simple postproduction workflow where you can pan the cam as needed, e.g. to look into a turn, even before you reach it. You can pan on an other motorcycle you are just passing. You can view the landscape or keep buildings in focus, and you can zoom in and out a little. I tried my Insta360 by just pasting it on the tank of my FZS1000 and was very astonished about the footage. It was Q&D, so without external micro, but you'll know what I mean when you see it.

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  • This is a absolutely great video for me. I learned a lot and plan to apply it. Thanks Mike on Bikes

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  • Brilliant video, thanks Mike

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  • I watched a lot of IDworlds videos on the Sena 10c Evo, however my personal views on this unit is pretty low. Just to point out the negatives; 1. Poor phone signal. 2. Poor sound quality through the Mic. 3. Poor sound quality through head speaker 4. Poor after sales service and tech support 5. Most Annoying part is the constantly repeated message which I can’t shut off is “intercoms failed, try again in a minute” Can anyone help as I am getting no help at all from Sena. My email is; Regards, Jim

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  • That transition in the very beginning is purely awesome.

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  • Is a chest mount ok for a sportbike? The body position is very leaned forward, laying on the fuel tank, especially accellarating in the straights and leaning in corners. Any suggestions for track day filming?

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  • Well damn... Alot more to getting great footage than I previously thought lol

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  • GoPro CEO is mesmerised with your explanation.

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  • This not at all a biker perspective video, it's a pro level videography lecture. Awesome lessons in one video. Thank you brother.

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  • Soo detailed 🔥🔥🔥👍

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  • What editor do you use

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  • Wow, a lot to learn.. Thanks for the tips.

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  • Great!!!!! Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I have a Sony AS100 with excellent image stabilization but mounting it on the SHOEI NXR helmet at a good angle for high speed is a nightmare. especially when the microphone port on the camera is closed behind the lid ... even in GoPro, the engineers do not exactly understand motorbikers or surfers.

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  • thank you

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  • *hello there.. what do you use for a gimbal at: min. **6:05** in your video at your tank..!?? and what for a mou* nt for it..!???please give me feedback. better was a direct link for it! THX

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  • Thank you 👍🏻 helps a lot 💯💯💯❤️

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  • this tutorial epic footage is a big big help to me, great footage quality as a new in motovlog. now im using a local sport camera. GoPro, great quality of video in motovlog. i wish i have to! thanks for sharing this tutorial setup... new friend here...

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  • Thanks, after several videos I have seen this is the most comprehensive video with advanced settings on GoPro I can directly apply for my upcoming videos on my motorbike. Liked and subscribed.

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  • Only applies for gopro? 😔 im only using sjcam.. will it work?

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  • How do I add an microphone for GoPro Hero8 on the handlebar on Royal Enfield Himalayan to produce a good footage and sound quality?

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  • Yikes !!! So much work is required !! ... I will just watch... (^_^).... Thank you for the content....

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  • Good job bro...more power

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  • is that tascam or zoom ? and what type, thank you

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  • Great video!

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  • Made my first video with your advice thanks so much!

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  • First let me buy a GoPro. Wait and a bike too😀

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  • Great ideas

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  • buy the daVideo Camera Sunglasses instead

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  • Which editing software you use bro plz 🤔🤔

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  • That microphone adapter is almost as large as the gopro, ridiculous. Great video btw.

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  • Thanks for the tips. I will put some to use tomorrow.

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  • What program do you use to edit your videos . In 15.20?

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  • Awesome videos. Very I formative as always

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  • Still a dream for a bike and go pro

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  • How do you get EPIC footage? you hire a professional ! ho do you get good enough footage ?try to learn but most of us are in for the ride, footage can be good enough or even bad

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  • Screw you too, I'm gonna ride an try new settings!

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  • What is the editing software you're using?

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  • Bro at 2.07 u really look like the legend Johnny sins😂😂😂

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  • Awesome 👏 What software di you use for post production?

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  • After purchasing all these things with gopro, I'll be a begger oneday 😏

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  • Hey mike, what model GoPro do you use?

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  • just seen this video and.............. would like to say a serious thank you to you as the planning, time and effort behind this video needs to appreciated highly. top quality.

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  • What is batiog and zegtam...?

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  • Perfect comparison video. Having the details in the corner is super useful. Really appreciate the multiple options using just a GoPro. Gonna definitely use these tips for my future videos :)

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  • Useful video, but it would help the heavy if you showed how to get to those settings. Ta

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  • ...I thought I was a Lvl 1....apparently I’m at 4 cause I bought the EVO SS And an USWE chest mount that attaches to my cross chest water bag. Now I just need filters.

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  • nice. Earned my sub because you actually care about the camera production quality. Too many cycle channels just run their Sena helmet camera or whatever and just deal with mediocre footage.

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  • What software are you using for postproduction in this video?

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  • Great tutorial, but may I ask what video program are you using to edit?

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  • Excellent content. Being a rookie, I just need smaller chunks of info. So, i can absorb and experiment a bit...

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  • A great idea to install gopro on motorcycles.

  • Hi how did u get those sound for the intro video while sliding can u pls tell me about it

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  • I like your voice. It is clear and easy to listen for me.

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  • Great video, Mike. And a touch of humour and twinkle of the eye works wonders. I learned a lot these past few minutes and look forward to finding more of the your stuff!

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  • Great video dream camera for my dream motor.

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  • Where do you place the lavalier mic and dead cat, so that the mic doesn't pick up your breathing?

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  • CHEAP LIFE HACK: I would record the audio separately on my phone with the voice memo app, and to block out wind noise, I covered my phone with an ankle sock. Works like a charm.

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