Epic Cycling on Ice

10 Peb 2021
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Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com

  • I like your editing skills.

    JoJo BrunoJoJo Bruno5 menit yang lalu
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Imagine your butt slipping off the seat

    Emily ChambersEmily Chambers9 menit yang lalu

    ΕιρηνηΕιρηνη12 menit yang lalu
  • For christ sake...Put some fenders on that thing man..Before you slice your legs off ...or split your butt crack.

    MIIMII13 menit yang lalu
  • Um

    9ensiw8wns Hebdbehwusb9ensiw8wns Hebdbehwusb15 menit yang lalu
  • Dislikers be like "someone's gonna hurt theirselves"

    Mika LehtinenMika Lehtinen19 menit yang lalu
  • confinded this is so epic

    Hadi RazaHadi Raza19 menit yang lalu
  • Wowwwww

    Hadi RazaHadi Raza19 menit yang lalu

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  • I liked it very epic

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  • camera man 😳

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  • What if you slip while driving and the weels hit you

    • t r a i t o r •• t r a i t o r •45 menit yang lalu
  • Why don't you use .... wheels?

    Artem OvchynnikovArtem Ovchynnikov49 menit yang lalu
  • just wait till it hits the bottom of your foot

    Genesis SkaggsGenesis Skaggs53 menit yang lalu
  • Seems an overcomplicated way of losing a foot .

    deadly jozdeadly joz55 menit yang lalu
  • first shoot the front wheel was in wrong side i thought was in purpose then after upgrade he changed it, maybe i still miss something

    anthony chenuelanthony chenuel57 menit yang lalu
  • 4:55 what you actually came for... thank me later

    Perch GrenadePerch Grenade58 menit yang lalu
  • what happens when you fall on it :flushed:

    Who?Who?59 menit yang lalu
  • Se cair da bike já era!😅

    Renato MeirelesRenato MeirelesJam Yang lalu
  • N'importe quoi c trop risquer

    Hamza SekelliHamza SekelliJam Yang lalu
  • Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice more like cuttin ur leg off

    mono polomono poloJam Yang lalu
  • Когда тебе яйца мешают,и делать нехер.Иди покатайся.

    ягд терьер.ягд терьер.Jam Yang lalu
  • А я все время думал нахуя козе баян, а оказывается вон что😅

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  • Представьте, что он едет на вас на максимальной скорости

    Василий КрыльевВасилий КрыльевJam Yang lalu
  • Наебнулся отлитела голова что делать?

    SubZero FFSubZero FFJam Yang lalu
  • Everybody gangsta till’ the ice breaks :)

    『Vash W』『Vash W』Jam Yang lalu
  • IDworlds recommended: *saw bike*

    Justin HernandezJustin HernandezJam Yang lalu
  • So we find the man who shaped the continents

  • 😅😄😂😂😂Super final

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  • Cool

    Joe MasonJoe MasonJam Yang lalu
  • so... is it an icicle?

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  • aqui viendo este video para volverlo a ver en un poco de todo xd

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  • why were blades thrown at him when he was drawing and he just acted normal?

    Dash Van DykDash Van DykJam Yang lalu
  • 👍

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  • Also todays fun fact: Webcams were invented because some computer scientists were too lazy to get up to check if their coffee was done.

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    • @Nameless Youth 00

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    • 1st reply

      Nameless YouthNameless YouthJam Yang lalu
  • Figure it out yet?

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  • The Z

    X-BladeX-Blade2 jam yang lalu
  • The Y

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  • The X

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  • The W

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  • The V

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  • The U

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  • The T

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  • The S

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  • The R

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  • Very nice

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  • very epic

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  • I gonna draw this but apocalypse like.

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  • Ooommgff

    Marian VasilacheMarian Vasilache2 jam yang lalu
  • Omg

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  • O bisikletten düşsen ne olcak

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  • Imagination at its best

    xx2 jam yang lalu
  • Why?????? Cannibals

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  • No foot

    I don'tI don't2 jam yang lalu
  • Stonks demais slk mano!!

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  • 4:29🤐 4:57🤐

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  • Переднее колесо стоит не правильно нужно зубья направить в другую сторону

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  • É muito lecau

    Aldo TerezaAldo Tereza2 jam yang lalu
  • What about removing the tire rubber, then wrapping chain around the rim and welding it on?

    Kevin O'BrienKevin O'Brien2 jam yang lalu
  • 3u achei muito cu

    João DerziJoão Derzi3 jam yang lalu
  • Próximamente en un poco de todo xd


    Ron MitchellRon Mitchell3 jam yang lalu
  • А еслив падать с него

    Алексей ГладкихАлексей Гладких3 jam yang lalu
  • I swear officer I didn't see that pedestrian.

    Anthony RomanoAnthony Romano3 jam yang lalu
  • Keep the carbide side down.

    Anthony RomanoAnthony Romano3 jam yang lalu
  • Messing up such a nice bike

  • You wouldn't want to fall off of that bike seat .

    Richard KoehlerRichard Koehler3 jam yang lalu
  • If you fall you ganna hoi your ball sack

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  • You have disk brakes right

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  • Imagine riding this cycle in Bermuda triangle.

    no worriesno worries3 jam yang lalu
  • Its an Icecle

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  • 2:12 My mom told me if I saw that, I was going to stay ciega._.

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  • Aqui está o comentário brasileiro que vc procurava

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  • Useless

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  • Epik

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  • if you slip of your cycle's seat then ur ded bro

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  • wow It's amazing :)

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  • انا العربي الحيد

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  • Perfect!

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  • Tranquilo acá está tu comentario en español

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  • How many hours did this take

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  • The music is all over the place

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  • Que bien video!!!! 👍 Saludos desde San José del Cabo Baja California Sur México 🇲🇽

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  • POV you are only hir for the results

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  • amazing

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  • Woa is recomended

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  • So this is the guy who was on the cover of Judas Priests Painkiller...

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  • Run people over

    Damali WilliamsDamali Williams4 jam yang lalu
  • Just make sure you dont fall...

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  • Essa bike perfeita no rio de janeiro kkkkkkk

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  • Pack some finger sandwiches 🥪

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  • imagina si te toca frenar las llantas con los pies

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