Most Memorable Events in 60.000 kilometers of Motorcycling the World

24 Apr 2020
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My journey towards Alaska came to an abrupt halt because of the world wide crisis at the moment. Time to sit down and look back at the most memorable events of the past 60.000 kilometers of riding around the world.
I am riding solo around the world on my Royal Enfield Himalayan 'Dhanno'!
Tools, gear & equipment I use:
Modifications & accessories on my Royal Enfield Himalayan:
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  • Love Iranian people they are very friendly.

    thekopnuttthekopnutt49 menit yang lalu
  • You are amazing .Thanks for showing me all those countries and nice places You are a brave and nice person .

    Pius BayoPius BayoJam Yang lalu
  • Wow amazing trip!

    Vikeca LifestyleVikeca Lifestyle2 jam yang lalu
  • Dhanno which bike is that is it a Royal Enfield?

    RT JJRT JJ9 jam yang lalu
  • Literally made me cry to see how good people are, and how good you are to people! Congratulations on an amazing journey and such an extraordinary spirit!

    Arturo ZorrillaArturo Zorrilla11 jam yang lalu
  • Lovely video. Truly motivating. Love from collecting Souvenir

    Collecting SouvenirCollecting Souvenir18 jam yang lalu
  • geweldig, geweldig....wat een geweldige moedige meid ben je...ik reis ook graag alleen maar dit slaat alles...!

    Hans van den BerghHans van den Bergh20 jam yang lalu
  • Just a word wow

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  • Omg.... That was a fabulous video 🤗 Tnx for this warm and good experience ❤️

    Michael KroghMichael KroghHari Yang lalu
  • Echt super! Als je langs Seattle komt geef maar een gil, fan rijden we een stukje mee

    Bart MasseeBart MasseeHari Yang lalu
  • Great to see the people of Iran as they really are, not like the Western media portrays them

    EmailEmailHari Yang lalu
  • This video touched my heart immensely as you managed to also show off the best part of humanity. You seem like such a very special person and I am really gratefull for you sharing all this footage. Best regards from a South African living in Italy.

    Mana BoomMana BoomHari Yang lalu
  • I have the same bike as you, and your video made me cry, wonderful. Love from Italy. Thanks Max

    TheMaxx HOLY SHiRETheMaxx HOLY SHiREHari Yang lalu
  • Ich liebe dich hast eine e mail

    Ziya CoulbachZiya CoulbachHari Yang lalu
  • Noraly du bist bestens

    Ziya CoulbachZiya CoulbachHari Yang lalu
  • i am watching video on youtube for a long time,and i never give dhumbs up,but you desirve it

    SANDZ#1SANDZ#1Hari Yang lalu
  • Noraly you are fantastic!!!!!

    alberto maccialberto macciHari Yang lalu
  • these Muslim people are always very kind and welcoming

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  • Wow, zodra je verder gaat, zal ik hier zijn. Wat een lef en wat een reis! Two thumbs up!

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  • Shows that Iran and mid Asia are unique.. Simply The silk road should be on every adventurer top list.

    SoloRide ZXSoloRide ZXHari Yang lalu
  • 1:06 going down the middle was a bad choice.

    josh moorejosh moore2 hari yang lalu
  • I am 49 years old and live in Scotland, and am not so sure I would let my 2 daughters do that trip , but there’s the beauty in this , both hands up , and all us from uk can’t speak foreign language, 10 out of 10 lass

    Graeme BeattieGraeme Beattie2 hari yang lalu
  • You are so crazy , but life is one , you have no fear , love your look on life , I will keep watching your videos , jeezo

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  • A lifetime experience in 20 minutes. You're a wonderful woman.

    kispe82kispe822 hari yang lalu
  • Hi Itchy Boots.. I hope you get back up and running again. Love your video. We are on the way to Alaska. Give a heads up if you are getting close? Can perhaps help plan your route a little. I ride a Honda Goldwing. I have had adventure tours in the past. I dont fall off as well anymore. All the best.

    Daniel BoydDaniel Boyd2 hari yang lalu
  • MIsschien een gekke vraag, ik vind je kanaal en videos echt geweldig, ik vraag mij af, wat kost nou zo iets, een tour van deze omvang?

    RobinRobin2 hari yang lalu
  • U r an amazing woman Noraly. So inspiring for all of us who wants to live our dreams.

    Sven NilssonSven Nilsson2 hari yang lalu
  • HELLO NORALY, what a video, I love the way the kids got around you with such innocence, they were offering you pure love, also got touched by people who were giving you what they have, no matter what country you were in, humans beens are the same everywhere, love is one word but the resault is the same. I hope to see you back in America, and I will like to meet you in person. I live in Chula Vista California just 10 minutes away from the border to Mèxico. Gracias por compartir, te esperamos con amor, un abrazo con mucho cariño.🏍🏍🏍

    Hector AlejandroHector Alejandro2 hari yang lalu
  • Itchy Boots almost half of the world in one video, mean while Indian bike ride vlogger in 20 min of video they ll show only road and usless talking Itchy boots amazing...

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  • enfield should pay you for making such a documentry.... its adds to marketing of this brand..

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  • You are very courageous, adventurous and incredible woman. Stay safe at all time, take care....

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  • What a cool trip!!!

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  • All those happy kids playing in the streets, no mobiles or PS4. Awesome childhood.

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  • Welcome to Malaysia sis

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  • Which bike you were using just after basanti?

    Remith PayyanurRemith Payyanur3 hari yang lalu
    • @Sergey Kurdakov And now in Europa a Honda CBX500 named Ronin

      Dutch WayfarerDutch WayfarerHari Yang lalu
    • RE Himalayan named Dhanno

      Sergey KurdakovSergey Kurdakov3 hari yang lalu
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  • very enjoyable to watch your video, which brings me to many places I never been.

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  • Salaam Noraly 💕 Greetings to you from New Jersey USA 🇺🇸. Love your journey. New sub here 👍

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  • Thanks for this adorable time noraly. It shows that the world is not always so dangerous but you can share rare moments with normal people

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  • what an amazing tour!

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