ETIHAD AIRBUS A380 Takeoff Abu Dhabi | Flight Deck GoPro View

20 Sep 2020
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Just Planes has 6 cameras in the cockpit of the ETIHAD AIRWAYS Airbus A380 for a roundtrip from Abu Dhabi to Paris CDG. In this video you can see everything from 1 of those cameras from pushback to taxi to takeoff and climbout.
Just Planes is thrilled to welcome Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, to our Flight in the Cockpit series! For this film we will fly with Captain Sophie and First Officer Shaima on the Airbus A380 roundtrip from Abu Dhabi to Paris CDG. Each of the ladies will operate one of the flights, explain and present all their work, the aircraft they fly and talk about their career and how they ended up on the A380.
The cabin crew will also give you a tour of the absolutely superb cabin including the unique Residence which features a bedroom, the First Apartment, the Bar and more...
+ Cockpit filming using up to 6 cameras!
+ Flight Preparations
+ Cockpit Set-up
+ Briefings
+ Checklists
+ Cockpit Presentation
+ Extermal Walkaround
+ Depature & Arrival Airport Charts
+ Pilot Presentations
+ Cabin Presentation
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  • Flight Sim has come a long way! What has happen to the old joy-stick handlebars ?

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