NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - March 2nd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

2 Mar 2021
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Biden says there will be enough Covid vaccine doses for every adult by end of May, FBI Director Wray testifies in Senate hearing on Capitol attack, and six Dr. Seuss books pulled after criticism for racist images.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:17 Biden: Enough Vaccine For Every Adult By End Of May
03:41 Vaccinations Picking Up But Still Not Enough Supply
04:24 25 Million Americans Fully Vaccinated Against Covid
04:47 Texas & Mississippi Lift Mask Mandates, Capacity Limits
05:37 CDC Warns Against States Lifting Covid Restrictions
06:19 800 People In Colorado Test Positive For Covid Twice
06:55 SUV & Semitruck Collision Kills At Least 13 In California
08:29 Third Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Unwanted Advantages
09:03 Cuomo Faces Calls To Resign Amid Harassment Claims
10:24 FBI Chief Defends Intelligence Ahead Of Capitol Riot
10:54 FBI Chief: Capitol Attack Was 'Domestic Terrorism'
11:19 FBI Chief: No Evidence Antifa Involved In Capitol Riot
11:36 White House Withdraws Neera Tanden Nomination
12:15 New Evacuations After Dam Breached In Kentucky
12:20 Over 200,000 Still Without Clean Water In Texas
12:41 Child In NFL Coach Crash May Have 'Permanent Brain Damage'
14:12 'Long Haul' Covid Symptoms Impacting Children
16:11 Six Dr. Seuss Books Pulled Over 'Hurtful' Images

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - March 2nd, 2021 | NBC Nightly News

  • They are getting the vaccine shots out there faster than they are the stimulus checks

    Lady D 1love JonesLady D 1love Jones12 hari yang lalu

    CristinaCristina16 hari yang lalu
  • good video

    1M Creative1M Creative20 hari yang lalu
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    Rose StefRose Stef21 hari yang lalu
  • How to improve your life. 1. Stop watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and Fox News channels. 2. Anytime you hear a news channel or talk channel vilify a person, group or country, stop watching it because they are not a news channel but a propaganda channel. 3. Go to church. 4. Spend time with your family or friends. 5. Limit to 2 hours of TV or computer time a day. 6. If you find you become board, then that is good, find a hobby that you enjoy and love life.

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    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or27 hari yang lalu

    Jeffrey KidderJeffrey Kidder28 hari yang lalu
  • Absolute insanity. Yall are just asking for the GAS.

    David ThomasDavid Thomas28 hari yang lalu
  • 25 people in a SUV built for 8. Joe Biden boarder plan for ya.

    StormWreckedStormWreckedBulan Yang lalu
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    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-OrBulan Yang lalu
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh.... long 'covid'. Ya. Ok.. All the symptoms you are listing is equal to radiation .. equivalent to WiFi, smart meters etc.

    Cuba BoundCuba BoundBulan Yang lalu
  • lester holt your my favorite

    nakia curleynakia curleyBulan Yang lalu
  • More lies from the media. What a surprise

    Mr. HallmanMr. HallmanBulan Yang lalu
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  • Where is President Biden, hiding in the basement. He still can't talk to people and his speaker has a hard time talking to people. I see total failure

    David LansdowneDavid LansdowneBulan Yang lalu
  • idworlds.info/from/3b-LZ6fYsmZljbs/video

    Mr NervousMr NervousBulan Yang lalu
  • The Dr Suess story is going to be a laughingstock for history. Hey Dr Suess foundation who made this ridiculous decision! So why are you publishing any of his books now that you've declared he's a racist? Why are you running a foundation for a racist?

    V1deo.Hunter.DV1deo.Hunter.DBulan Yang lalu
  • Covid extension. Not long covid. Smh.

    Marcus E RobinsonMarcus E RobinsonBulan Yang lalu
  • DUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Under arrest and no bail, he was under the influence. Enough of these guys getting away with DRUNK/DRUG DRIVING

    depressed progressivedepressed progressiveBulan Yang lalu
  • Hello seems to me that 3rd chick whether that's even true was asked permission first that's not harassment

    Amanda WesselAmanda WesselBulan Yang lalu
  • Evil right wingers will believe in lizard people and flat earth but don't believe in Covid.

    Kent ClarkKent ClarkBulan Yang lalu
  • Good letter by v

    Marietta AgustinMarietta AgustinBulan Yang lalu
  • Only real complaint is nursing home covid deaths. Not the fishy complaints by these woman

    Sleeping BeautySleeping BeautyBulan Yang lalu
  • idworlds.info/from/0L2AmKvMn5afhNU/video

    Brush Brothers PaintingBrush Brothers PaintingBulan Yang lalu
  • STOP Watching the lies of the mainstream media they are fear mongering dividers - people in China think we are nuts for listening to this crap

    Kiki MKiki MBulan Yang lalu
  • CDC is a private co and funded by self interest vaccine groups - we should not be listening to the CDC

    Kiki MKiki MBulan Yang lalu
  • Over 900 people have recently died from the vaccine! 100% TRUE!

    The Last Rebel ShowThe Last Rebel ShowBulan Yang lalu
  • Cancel culture - wimpy people that think everything under the sun is racist and can’t handle history or except those were different times. Pathetic!

    The Last Rebel ShowThe Last Rebel ShowBulan Yang lalu
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    Ron SkinnerRon SkinnerBulan Yang lalu
  • Andrew Q. Does not need to resign. Things happen. Even severely bad things. Life gets us when we least expect it. No one except for Republicans need to lose their jobs because of trump

    Shanan AlexanderShanan AlexanderBulan Yang lalu
    • I’m behind Quomo because trump made such a 4 year mess. People died because of this SOB. Quomo. Doesn’t deserve to lose his job because of this Hitler. F him.

      Shanan AlexanderShanan AlexanderBulan Yang lalu
  • bs

    dave goldfarpdave goldfarpBulan Yang lalu
  • How come you are not covering the border crossings and the positive civid illegals

    Karmen LugoKarmen LugoBulan Yang lalu
  • Screw CDC and FDA and their holding back cancer and diabetics medication cures for 40 years

    Gordon LynchinGordon LynchinBulan Yang lalu
  • Of course bidens hurrying up the vacine money making scam ,omg people may start refusing because things are back to normal.bill gates was rubbing his hands togeather now he will be woried,lol

    Vickie MorganVickie MorganBulan Yang lalu
  • Your full of stincky

    basil clarkbasil clarkBulan Yang lalu
  • It was antifa

    Crickit TorresCrickit TorresBulan Yang lalu

    Shame my only wish is he become king of iran PearsShame my only wish is he become king of iran PearsBulan Yang lalu
  • I don't get it that Coumo is being criticized for hitting on Woman as being the reason to throw him out of office but purposefully sending infected Covid patients to elderly nursing homes causing Thousands of death as just a administration defect is what's outrageous !!

    D SeasonD SeasonBulan Yang lalu
  • This is what happens when you let liberals, Neoliberals, radical Leftists, Democrats, feminist and pseudo educated (Talented 10TH) black people run your children’s education. Now I want everyone to go back a look up the black guys career history. This so called “math professors” resume is padded, there is not one credible piece of honest work to his name and most importantly you can’t track him to any truly credible self employment, firm, or educational institution! I would like to know why this country and ESPECIALLY THE COUNTRY’S MAIN MEDIA OUTLETS are following templates created by the propaganda schools of Benito Mussolini, Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler? And you - IDworlds, you are not exempt from this criticism. You, IDworlds are just as much involved. Your “Community Guidelines” system says it all. This next four years is going to be like a nightmare from the Twilight Zone. I guess that will be banned here in the near future also. This is what happens when the children of YUPPIE’s and BUPPIE’s come out of their planned walled covenant communities and run stuff. The US is going to full around and end up being run by a Joseph Stalin!

    Travis PayneTravis PayneBulan Yang lalu
  • When I walked out my front door this morning I thought I saw Joe Biden standing in my front yard but it turns out it was just a pile of used condoms and dirty syringes.

    kbformekbformeBulan Yang lalu
    • double dayum!

      D. AdamsonD. Adamson25 hari yang lalu
  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    John AltrazJohn AltrazBulan Yang lalu
    • I got like 10 bit coins 12 years ago and i cant get into get them now . You are selling the down FALL of our country . We will be graded on our service to our government and our freedoms and privileges will be put on a card or chip bit coin . A BOOK WRITTEN IN 1200 BC TALKS ABOUT IT THE BOOK WAS THEN REVISED IN 33AD THEY BOTH SAY BASICALLY THE SAME THING . But like all the films of " Venezuela And how socialism has effected life there" it's text book to what's going in here ... word for word and people just ignore it. That bit coin will be our down FALL the warning signs are in your face and you are ignoring it .

      Willis GreenWillis Green28 hari yang lalu
    • Just read China about to attack bitcoin.

      Vickie MorganVickie MorganBulan Yang lalu
    • @Prosper Kalio okay, thanks 😊

      Basil AustinBasil AustinBulan Yang lalu
    • Expert Esther Landry is a certified broker I have worked with her for years

      Izabella AmanIzabella AmanBulan Yang lalu
    • That’s her tele gram user name 👆🏽

      Prosper KalioProsper KalioBulan Yang lalu
  • Your wasting your money on vaccines if you are gonna have it for every American... I am not taking a vaccination developed I 1 year when the average vaccination takes 12 years to make it to production

    John WagzJohn WagzBulan Yang lalu
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    mayerzyifymayerzyifyBulan Yang lalu
  • As a mixed woman I used to so look up to you Lester, NOW, I am so disappointed and ashamed 😭🙅🏽‍♀️how could you?? Why would you?? Our people need to be encouraged by those in positions like yours, to help each other and especially our children not bow to these child killers and abusers.

    Dekanogi Ulogilv StaplesDekanogi Ulogilv StaplesBulan Yang lalu
  • Good mask was a dumb plan

    samurai sorrowsamurai sorrowBulan Yang lalu

    SunState Jon;SunState Jon;Bulan Yang lalu
  • Leave it!!

    Lawrence HolstLawrence HolstBulan Yang lalu
  • Nothing good comes from alcohol

    G ElderG ElderBulan Yang lalu
  • Now, I know why trump wants that WALL badly.

    QS CQS CBulan Yang lalu
  • We are on the right direction, after that dark 2020. Do your part right for protecting the country and other people.

    QS CQS CBulan Yang lalu
  • This is leftist propaganda look up anything they're talking about for yourself and you will see they're lying about everything

    Eyes OnlyEyes OnlyBulan Yang lalu
  • Bs on the dr Seuss bs on the me too cuomo... o and bs on tx opening

    MsC StarzMsC StarzBulan Yang lalu
  • these folks better stop wording their reports that they will inject us against our will

    Wayne WilliamsWayne WilliamsBulan Yang lalu
  • if you try to sick a needle in my arm ill break your nose

    Wayne WilliamsWayne WilliamsBulan Yang lalu
  • So art cannot portray Chinese people with a certain eyes because they should be ashamed of their eyes???? People from Africa should be ashamed that once upon a time, people there, dressed like that? Should every culture be ashamed unique characteristics that belong to them? So certain headdresses should never be drawn? What about kilts? Can those NEVER be drawn? WHO EXACTLY is injecting racism?

    tama yeager gibsontama yeager gibsonBulan Yang lalu
  • Well let's do away with all school books, crayons, ink pens, all pictures, all movies, all tv shows, all drinks, all food. Just do away with EVERYTHING.

    Brenda MotleyBrenda MotleyBulan Yang lalu
  • Everyone needs to grow up and quit being so sensitive!!!!!

    Frank HetzelFrank HetzelBulan Yang lalu
  • What about all the Disney movies? A lot of those have characters that supposedly represent their countries. If you’re going to bed one you got a Bandan mall. Let’s just cancel the world

    Northfork Fishing12Northfork Fishing12Bulan Yang lalu
  • What happened to children can’t get Covid? Didn’t Joe Biden looked an eight-year-old little girl in her face last month and tell her that children can’t get Covid?

    Northfork Fishing12Northfork Fishing12Bulan Yang lalu
  • in hawaii only 65 and up are getting the shots

    Clinton CoronelClinton CoronelBulan Yang lalu
  • Abolish our alleged wars on crime, drugs, and terror; they are no longer needed if right wingers are brave enough to go maskless during a pandemic!

    danielpalosdanielpalosBulan Yang lalu
  • Those symptoms sound like side effects for many Autoimmune diseases... Look back at shots maybe... But My Hashimotos is like that, Books should not be banned, its part of our History, people need to stop being so sensative. And get on and move past this nonsense. It's Governments and News channels that won't let this nonsense stop.

    Sharon HennisSharon HennisBulan Yang lalu
  • He's not your president. He'll even china Joe knows that

    Taco BellTaco BellBulan Yang lalu
  • Zombie starter fluid

    Michael BlitzerMichael BlitzerBulan Yang lalu
  • Fake news

    William IversonWilliam IversonBulan Yang lalu
  • Bull get a better job give us that really work the one that make ur life easy something not a stupid server they could of gotten a real job a career chumps

    Savage life personal trainerSavage life personal trainerBulan Yang lalu
  • Hey public, you are being played.

    Jim KingJim KingBulan Yang lalu
  • What about the BLM riots? Ever going to cover those you biased idiots?

    T BeckT BeckBulan Yang lalu
  • Thanks Trump for giving us a vaccine before anyone thought was possible. A million on his last day.

    Shane TowneShane TowneBulan Yang lalu
  • The horrible scarecrow developmentally decorate because eye naturalistically sneeze beneath a tender tense earth. domineering, abandoned passbook

    Alice FulcherAlice FulcherBulan Yang lalu
  • I still love Cuomo. Although no one is perfect I think there is politics involved in these allegations

    Fatimah Abdul BasirFatimah Abdul BasirBulan Yang lalu
  • It's not the 9000 deaths he may have caused during the worst days of the pandemic,it's this that will get him out.

    Susan DanielsSusan DanielsBulan Yang lalu
  • 😂😂🤪

    Sam RedhaSam RedhaBulan Yang lalu
  • Fake News

    Elynn NielsenElynn NielsenBulan Yang lalu
  • I never like Dr. Seuss but kids school always celebrate his birthday ... new I know why I don’t like his books.

    David HoDavid HoBulan Yang lalu
  • There's a place in heaven for those that give needlessly!

    Ralph BarthRalph BarthBulan Yang lalu
  • Why would Cuomo resign???? They are also making him to be the worst person in the world. Did trumpturd resign???? There was over 500,000 deaths under his watch. Also. Am a woman but am wondering if they are investigating everything about Cuomo accusers???? Why is it that every time someone or something good comes out. There always has to be some kind of (made up) scandal. Didn’t trumpturd and his posse hate him. Bc Cuomo was doing awesome controlling the pandemic. As well as having a daily briefing for what was going on. I wouldn’t pass that he’s being set up. But this is just me (my thoughts) also why do all women who come out to try and get money as well as get their political career over or whatever other career. So many months, years even pass and no one ever says anything. Until the person is something big and you know that even if it’s a lie. They will settle just to put it behind them. And god forbid but if I was ever in a similar situation. I would not only bring it out in the public as well as go down fighting to get that person in jail. For many years. Money would be the last thing a true victim would have even think about Again these are my thoughts please don’t come for me

    frank ennsfrank ennsBulan Yang lalu
  • I know this is a tirreble tragic event so are they going to blame joe Biden for this happenings since they blamed Donald J Trump for the coronavirus. now the table has turned and Joe biden is at fault for opening the wall and telling all this people to come on over .

    Ruben PenaRuben PenaBulan Yang lalu
  • He's holding back something he's not telling the truth about everything it's obvious if you listen to him speak is there

    Patricia MathewsPatricia MathewsBulan Yang lalu
  • How can you ask Como it's a step down you didn't ask Trump to step down come on who's behind all this and why now why you didn't start a long time ago I believe somebody's behind it and they need to be investigated to their accuser needs to be in that state all three of them this is a setup I can see it find the person who got who's behind all this

    Patricia MathewsPatricia MathewsBulan Yang lalu
  • Have you been bummed out by the news today?

    Vance BandermanVance BandermanBulan Yang lalu
  • A normal working, positive president is what we desperately need now.

    Annie TangAnnie TangBulan Yang lalu
  • Good job texas

    matt bennettmatt bennettBulan Yang lalu
  • Your biased reporting disgusts me

    Eric ThorfinnsonEric ThorfinnsonBulan Yang lalu
  • 【美國思想領袖】余茂春(上):分清中國和中共,嚇壞北京!中國有豐富歷史文化,中共是西來的獨裁政權,中國人民渴望自由;中共大打美國牌的三大因素;如何分清中國共產黨和中國人民之間的差別?|@/%E5%A4%A7%E7%B4%80%E5%85%83%E6%96%B0%E8%81%9E%E7%B6%B2 欧美的伪科学体制暂时地静默,就是在等待着中台伪科学家及文化思想圣人们如此地去挽救? 李辉林评论:蒋介石的不许蒋经国打老虎“和为贵”是要牺牲国家保护小家(家天下)。胡锦涛的“与伪科学和谐的社会发展观”是牺牲中共合法统治性,潜规则地保护封建统治文化奴才个体与体制!这又是为了(牺牲主子救奴才的天下)哪般? 李光耀1992年在香港大学演讲. 彭定康借机问李光耀新加坡一人一票的民主经验对于香港今后民主进程有什么借鉴. 李光耀识破彭定康伎俩, 当面批评港督和港英政府本身就是个独裁者【fasion stopper看新加坡】 李辉林评论:中国传统文化人几乎全都是数千年遗传性地只相信个人封建专制,而不肯承认“人与人都是平等的”,就象猴王都应该占有整个猴群一样。就不承认猴王是靠实力公平竞争服众获得的,而人类也必须要靠真才实学服众,而不是靠的是创建权贵利益集团,不择手段、阴谋诡计、欺骗、强盗,不公平地竞争获取领导权。如此李光耀在新加坡实行“民主政治”也只是被迫、身不由己,因为自身实力不济,没有公平竞争的能力、又只想出人头地、不能屈居人下而不得已所为的?所以多年来他都是代表新加坡的科学、文化、政治制度拒绝我的“宇宙客观真理”,而积极接受采纳郑有年的“中央集权制”,并高聘厚待为自己的国师。 文革史记 | 丁凯文:毛泽东重新启用邓小平,许世友、杨得志、韩先楚险遭灭顶之灾(20180726 第48期)【明镜电视台】 李辉林评论:毛泽东发动文化大革命就是对于中共变质不放心,打倒后又一定要重新启用邓小平,真实原因当然是中共无合适的接班人才。4.5天安门太子党的表演,使毛泽东对于中国共产党整体几乎彻底的失去了希望,知道中共再也没有任何力量能够抑制一直在中共党内占主导地位的周邓旅欧派的真实政治目的,又没有时间重新在党内调整布阵了。才再一次将邓小平打倒,并保留一条党ji的wb。就是基本不报希望地表达。在自己死后让中共集体去表演出一个客观结果来证明不是自己的主观所为。稍微有一点历史认识论及唯物主义认识论,都会明白这个问题。否则就应该明确指定接班人,让其不好公开全盘否定自己而另搞一套、还将自己套牢。邓共就以为更高明的指定又f除、再指定了几代接班人。确实起码都是表示效忠于邓小平的。所以邓小平也就如此被牢牢地钉死在中共反中国人民的叛徒不可动摇地历史事实上。 李辉林评论:真的是如你所说“习毛一致”了?这不过是对“毛邓习一致性”矛盾混乱思想理论提法的一种加工改版。“毛邓”就是一对客观全球公开的“统治制度矛盾”,在“党为人民”?还是“人民为党”?在客观的“政治思想”与主观的“思想政治”意识形态上就是几乎不留余地的“彻底批判”与“全盘否定”地相互否定、颠覆、敌对化了。所以任何第三者还硬要将其重新统一起来,是不是如同要创新烹饪一道“米饭炒大粪”地社会主义?那么如果“习毛一致性”就必须是坚持“毛泽东的人民大于政党”的基本正确性(形式上已经经历了初建政权的被反对力量联合以不同形式地攻击、颠覆,在政权巩固后就应该象毛泽东一样还政于民。而不是用“党的国家”绑架人民民主。),明确反对“邓小平的‘枪指挥党、党大于人民’地‘挂社会主义羊头、卖封建权贵垄断资本主义狗肉’的‘标准真理理论’”。中共可以任意随时随地地从“人民的政党”摇身一变,成为了“专治、奴役、霸道人民”,为中共从此可任意创新真理理论,还可以来回随随便便地如此地在封建强盗与文明骗子之间变换角色?做强盗科学、强盗人民、强盗人类、强盗真理、直至强盗宇宙!?或者就是支持邓小平的伪真理,反对毛泽东的政治思想。是被当事人在本质上就定了性:是不可调和的一对矛盾。 中央研究院Academia Sinica 3.27万位订阅者 108年知識饗宴-蔡元培院長科普講座 主講人:盧志遠院士(旺宏電子科技總監及總經理、欣銓科技董事長) 中央研究院Academia Sinica 3.27万位订阅者 108年知識饗宴-蔡元培院長科普講座 主講人:盧志遠院士(旺宏電子科技總監及總經理、欣銓科技董事長) #院士 #旺宏電子股份有限公司 #欣銓科技股份有限公司 半導體奇妙的旅程-從原子結構的量子探索到人工智慧的開花結果|盧志遠院士 248,156次观看•直播开始日期:2019年1月8日 半導體奇妙的旅程-從原子結構的量子探索到人工智慧的開花結果|盧志遠院士 248,156次观看•直播开始日期:2019年1月8日 李辉林评论:具有人类近代基础科学发展史的美国科学家们都在对于“量子力学”在重新思考了,就剩下这些数千年只会玩弄权术的中华文明精英、台湾海峡两岸伪科学的巨骗们还在想依托杨振宁与总书记的伪科学影响力和政治势力,作自我打气、自我挽救。或者是欧美的伪科学体制暂时地静默,就是在等待着中台伪科学家们如此地去挽救? 上面最后一条评论的针对性对相标题不能移植,一移植就会被将这整篇文章删除。 怎么有30来个我的评论被网络隐藏了起来?连我这个网页页主都无权查看了?

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  • 到底都是谁需要伪科学,封杀揭发伪科学的客观自然科学? 从昨天下午开始我的计算机上就有关于量子学和天体物理的英文节目出现。我的这篇为主的文章上网评论仅仅十几个小时,就统一被封杀了。(Subscribe for regular science videos: @t​ for DAILY videos: @t 18个量子比特纠缠是什么?量子计算机为何如此强大?李永乐老师讲量子的纠缠态与叠加态 738,479次观看•2018年7月6日 (量子力学被推翻了?并没有!量子跃迁需要时间吗? 89,161次观看•2019年6月17日) (耶鲁科学家验证量子跃迁确属连续过程,并成功开发量子跃迁 ...@t › ... Translate this page Jun 15, 2019 - 在研究中,研究人员通过特制的高速监测系统,成功捕捉到了量子跃迁将要发生的起始时间,并以此在量子跃迁进行到一半的时候人为逆转量子态 ...)李辉林注:这是我的论文“动力学基础理论的提出及应用原理示意”发表9年后;“宇宙物质结构动力学”网络公开(国内7年、国外5年)后,看到的第一篇国际论证“物质非能量转化”地足以推翻杨振宁“量子伪科学”为封建专制服务,及抢劫、剽窃“宇宙客观真理”否定欧美文明地权威佐证报道。 李辉林评论:总书记高呼“要发展量子科学”。就将几年前被我驳斥得体无完肤的陈词滥调又都重新放于网上。上Google网上去查看原文,却只有标题没有内容了。看来都是被那些科学巨骗们忽悠的(大陆伪科学的癞蛤蟆们一叫,台湾的伪科学癞蛤蟆们也都跟着一起叫。当然首要的不是为了某个政治人物。而是只有维护文化精神领袖,才能巩固不劳而获靠嘴巴成就生存“真理”的伪科学、文化、知识垃圾精英的荣誉、地位、利益。)!想用“电子光”物理作用,人为地设计一个“量子”伪物理概念替代 [本来想用“电子跃迁存在不连续的突变”来解释存在“物质与能量交换的量子过度现象”。被耶鲁大学的科学实验证明“电子跃迁是连续的”而破碎:薛定谔的“猫”从来就是鲜活的“电子”,是被人类所谓的科学精英们自己始终坚持近百年装死制造出地幻觉“量子”彻底死了。就想干脆用“量子跃迁”混淆、取代占有“电子跃迁”回避掉其“物质变能量地不连续性”。]。设计出“量子”的原始定义是“物质与能量地相互转化”。那么它不论作为物质还是作为能量都应该是可以实际收集储存(存在)的。可它与“光”一样只是在电子的“得”或“失”时地物质结构力地一种反应现象,电子平衡时“光”就没有了踪影(此时的元素没有电子成对地一入一出,而“量子兔成对出现就纠缠无踪影”了?),所以是不可收集储存与直接使用的臆造物质与盗窃物理现象,仅仅只是将“控制储存的基本物质电子运动,引起物质结构能量反应出的光现象及利用其物理特性,进行比特(状态)再分解(光的路径、偏振、角速度还可以做若干地分劈)获取更多的计算机运算、存储的开关单元。但是最终必须还是要还原成电子物质才能进行有效的存放。”。如“有光”(1)与“无光”(0)的计算机存储,只能靠电子的“得电”(1)与“失电”(0)来实现的。其讲解中除了将“量子”当做佛祖的名号供奉于神坛,就没有介绍出任何其具体有地实际作为。所以其“量子”没有任何实际意义,只是盗取、占有了“电子与光的物质结构与能量变化反应”的关系地“伪科学概念”。如果没有电子运动,“光”就不可能存在,“量子”更完全是垃圾科学家们脑袋里多余的“狗屎”。以你们的这种“科学理论思维”:高锟先生的“光纤技术理论”,还有“光碟信息技术理论”就都应该脱离“以电子为基础技术理论”而归依你们臆造的“正统”,作为“量子计算机的辅助材料理论”叫“量子科学技术理论体系”了?如果再对计算机追根寻源,其人类发明的第一台计算机就是使用“电子管”靠其发光运行计算、存储的,不就已经是你们这种欺骗逻辑的“量子计算机”了吗?逻辑理论上就是“挂伪真理的狗头,卖科学的羊肉。”,盗用一些成功的实用科学手段,去“证明伪真理”主观意志。将自然科学主观复杂诡异化,成为被主观封建专治说教控制地典型教义。(国内外都统一地封杀我的个人网页上的科学论文、评论、《证据》,只允许我做些时事评论,不允许做揭露伪科学的评论与论述。预示着“人类社会的专制与“民主”从意识形态上正在接受、效仿伪基础科学欺骗性地思想认识方法,用主观搞乱客观而趋于统一去专制、奴役人类!”。2020年12月7日) 牛顿第二定律,当加速度等于0时,物体要保持原来的运动不变,就必须要克服其物体继续运动的阻力反加速度,平衡这个反加速度的一个相等的加速度存在。爱因斯坦的“能量”也只是抄袭了工程力学缺失了阻力能量、极不准确的:“E(能量)等于m(质量)乘以c(速度)的平方”地物体做功公式,以为这个物体运动公式产生出的不等式,是因为“能量与质量可以互相转化”!所以就假设其中间存在一个转化媒介“量子”使其能够“被平衡”?完整的能量公式应该是“E等于M平方乘以C平方”。质量可以影响速度,速度影响不到质量。能量“消耗”的只是物质地结构(如分子结构、原子结构),没有消耗任何基本物质(电子、质子、中子,“能量”只是在改变这三种基本物质的排列组合时地“结构动态反应”动力现象。)。自然中不存在量子,宇宙不是产生于大爆炸。这不是质疑大师们的数学能力,而是其眼界和思想广度与深度的客观逻辑性地积累没有达到能够包罗宇宙所有事物。 F=ma 0=m0 ? (加速度等于零时,物体运动不需要动力?) F=mv=-a'm=F' (物体做匀速运动时,加速度等于阻力加速度。) 我在国内(包括网络上)如此讲了十多年,又在国际网络上讲了五年。没有一个专业科技人员肯公开出来讨论,甚至辩论。其一些被我点名的中国国家权威们面对他们的虚伪、欺骗、抢劫,也全都始终选择保持静默?而不是被诽谤?名誉受到攻击?却只能动用权势,在国际网络上对我提出的“国家伪统治体制事实”进行全面封杀!认为我在此种情况下(得罪了东西方文明,遭国内外共同封杀。)不敢回国去。可是我还是于2019年9月至12月回国呆了3个月,有惊无险地回来了。因为我说的是纯粹的自然科学与客观经历、无党无派独往独来,他们不敢轻举妄动并不会是害怕李辉林,而是害怕其潜规则强盗科学与真理在全世界曝光?或者在欧美的态度与其一致的情况下,他们仍然还不坦然地害怕? ​【爱因斯坦晚年信精神,怀疑物质!】那是因为爱因斯坦只知道宇宙中的所有物质都是在“相对性”地不断变化,由存在到“消失”的。却不知道他们全都是由“绝对性、客观真理似的”不可被消灭或创造的基本物质:电子、质子、中子地相互关系(只存在万有引力与万有斥力地物质结构能量关系,。)与排列组合(能量只是改变物质分子结构或者原子结构所产生出的,并没有消耗任何基本物质。)而成的。以至于整个宇宙地不断变化却又永存地存在。如果爱因斯坦还健在,他看了我的“论证”,他还能如此为自己提出的“能量与物质相互转化!(并引起人类基础科学界半个多世纪虚假地猜想、臆造、欺骗。)”而迷茫吗?或者也会像整个中国的科学、文化、知识分子们及那几位华人诺贝尔物理学奖获得者那样地不敢面对,却又觊觎将其中拆零分散而获得一个个“重大科学突破”立可见成效的客观事实? 上帝从来不现身于人类,只是为人类创造了一个“三基本物质”组成的客观世界,出了一道“客观宇宙”题,如果人类还不能正确认识、解释这道客观题的结构与运算,怎么有文化、资格谈论与见到上帝?靠什么去描绘、解读上帝?难道上帝也是个希望见到什么都不会表达,只会编造花言巧语吹捧他,表示愿意为他做奴才的那种人类?人类有史以来只是我首先提出了“宇宙客观真理及关系”,就是基本物质电子、质子、中子地性质、结构、运动、变化关系组成了整个宇宙。宇宙中所有的事物,包括人类自身的物质结构与运动变化,及思想、意识、行为都是这种基本物质地运动变化所产生的。在这宇宙整体客观真理面前,人类所有的先知先觉、文化圣人们,所有所谓的科学、文化、知识都只能算是其中主观臆造或者片面客观的认识;所有的自然科学家、劳动生产创造者的知识成就都只是其构成中的沙粒、砖瓦、基石。其区别仅仅只是存在阶段、局部、相对性地优劣。人类所有科技、文化、知识累积到现在,都连面对、探讨这个客观真理的知识能力,甚至态度都还基本不具备。

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  • No it ain't racist .no everything ain't racist

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  • National suicide mission.

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  • If you're supporting banning a beloved children's author who's books have been out for 80 years without issue until the insanity of woke culture, you're a deranged lunatic and you deserve horrible things to happen to you.

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  • The only bad thing about raising minimum wage is everything going to go up the food going to go up the gas going to go up the Rams going to go up everything's going to go up are you going to support that are you going to help people out then before going to starve

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  • BIDEN is a FRAUD - not the Real POTUS

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  • Comparing Cuomo and Democrat to Trump and the GOP. GOP support Trump 100% no matter what he had done whereas Democrat demands Cuomo to resign. Democrat should be ashamed of themselves.

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